World of Warships – Kiev Tier 8 0.6.2

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on Trap moves out to support the assault on A point with a couple friendlies. I force off a enemy and range down enemies near B point. The team is fighting around B, I join after A is secured. I also try the speed boost module to see how it works out on a destroyer. Hope you enjoy the game and have a wonderful day!

Tier VIII Destroyer Kiev Replay


  1. I liked it before the patch and now I love it

  2. I think you are underestimating the Ognevoi.

  3. Does somebody know, when there’s the next sale for modules (upgrades)? D:

  4. I’m so glad that I got the Udaloi before the release .. 😀

  5. Kiev dose not have 2ndary anymore… at least my dosnt… turned into an AA mount.

  6. i already sold my trash…….tashkent. it was crappy to me and it still is, not even the heal can help me play better.

  7. gosh now i have to suffer through the trashkent in t9 …………

  8. well I wasted 30k free xp on the tashkent B hull before patch. it transitioned to the new Kiev and I have a stock Tashkent … Had I known that, I’d have kept my free xp …

    other than that, I am very happy about the patch … got 4 premium camo ships (t6, t7, 2xt8) for the price of one t6 and one t7 🙂

  9. *writes down new sekrit russhun deedee dokumints for Fletcher hunting techniques*
    -Yes, Fletcher hungers…

  10. I only got 3.150.000 credits … but then again I now have 74mil so.. 😀

  11. Good match. It’s always nice to see someone do good in a ship that I have also. It’s interesting, to me, that my exact same ship configuration does not match Notsers. For example, my torps are still only 4km, and my turrets don’t rotate at the same rate as the ship shown here. Other than the reward from the ranked play, I wonder if there is something else that gives Notser a super Kiev, because I can’r get mine to configure like he does.

  12. Ognevoi is absolutely terrible stock, and surprisingly impressive fully upgraded. Khab guns (with 14.2km range fully upgraded) and 2×5 10km Khab torps on a ship with a 6.1km concealment (CE + module) is pretty fun.

  13. dhanushka sachintha

    I love the hatsu…5.4 detection..Ninja

  14. A tip when opponent behind island and you want to see his angle is to tap M twice

  15. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    Does it still have the secondary gun?

  16. 9:47 enemy frenchie XDXD too bad he got a fantasic salvo on you almost died in one volley there Notser

  17. Kiev has secondary. Really interesting.

  18. Really enjoying the double videos. Thanks Notser!

  19. No interest i sold this ship instantly.

  20. When the patch hit, my Kiev was fully upgraded so decided to play it more. I went with maneuverability and dodge shots in the upgrades.

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