World of Warships – Killing Spree

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Q. How many kills can you get in a single battle in the USS Annapolis?
A. Yes.

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  1. Is your voice still obtainable by chance mr Jingles? Btw love your vids keep up the great work good sir 😀

    • Try code JINGLEALLTHEWAY but it may not be available anymore as I believe he handed back CC partner with them over the Little white Mouse debacle a while back.

    • I started a 5th acct so I could get one more Capt. Jingles to put on the British submarines I knew they would bring out and have an HMS Undine with Jingles at the helm, thinking about the look on his face when he knows the hatch is dogged down and will be covered with sea water will be one for the photo album, LOL.

  2. Annapolis is basically 133% of a Des Moines, on steroids.

  3. Geoffrey Richardson

    Always enjoy you vids old boy, even the old stuff

  4. There are 2 memes that pop in to my head. The one where Obelix wants all the romans for himself and the seagulls from finding nemo… MINE MINE MINE MINE! 😀

  5. Turkey shoot now and then is fun too. Thanks for the content.

  6. 253k damage, 9 kills, 12 fires, literally tore his way through the enemy team and basically stopped them from being able to push any of the caps. And he still ended with 500 less Base XP than that Sub from a few videos back that got less than half the kills and damage. And people say subs aren’t favoured by WG.

    • If superships have the same xp modifiers as regular ships, they’ll earn less xp because they’re shooting down a tier.

    • Adam Marcinkowski

      253k dmg in T11 battle is not so impressive ! , I must say I am annoyed by that battle , I have send several batter battles that that one and nope Jingles did not chose that one , 336k 8 kills on Musashi in t11 battle , nope , but that one yes , I give up I dunno how to get in … and to be honnest I will be quiting wows when 12.8 is comming so I need quit watching Jingles video too , as I am addicted to wows and if I will watch wows videos wont stop playing game .

    • @Adam Marcinkowski
      what is the problem with 12.8?

    • Tore through a down tier enemy in a supership. Yeah.

    • @Adam Marcinkowski dude, there could be so many different reasons why you don’t get featured, from not doing a good enough attention grabbing email (dude probably gets a large number of emails each week) to many of the reasons he has said before in his videos, the main one is that high damage or kills doesn’t guarantee a feature, there needs to be something different, such as a balls deep aggressive Annapolis as featured in this video. Don’t take it personally, it’s just the nature of doing YouTube like his channel, only so many videos he can do each week.

  7. I had no idea they nerfed Kremlin. She used to have 18″ guns.

  8. The enemy force at A had the Jaeger and the Yamagiri on their flanks, forcing them to show broadside to the dodge the torpedo crossfire and get massacred.

  9. let”s not forget the other eye opener. a supership game that DIDN’T lose credits, and gave him 1.2 million in profit. One can figure he’s probably using the red credits bonus, but still.

    • At the end you can see how much the boosters helped.
      And you can also see that he’d made a profit even without modifiers

  10. Love my Annapolis, Almost never go out in her. Being PVE only first time I went out and did well (It’s always a freeding frenzy on PVE) I was happy until I realised there was a 410,000 service cost, I then didn’t play again for a month.
    So it’ll bankrupt you fast if you use it allot, Definitely a “I’ve grinded some cash now I’m going to treat myself” kinda ship.

    For the judgemental “why not PVP” bros.. I play PVE because I left WOT after being sick of carrying teams composed of 30% bots and 30% idiots against an enemy who knows every weakspot on all 600 tanks and pentration value of every gun, I actually have a life.
    PVP pays twice as much but a game is ~15 minutes while PVP is <5 so the $/Hour is about the same or better. Get to sail in some shooty boats and even if my whole team dies I still have a small chance of winning (more XP for me).
    Despite the Jingles videos the chance of you carrying 1v5 in PVP is slim and the chance of doing it *every game you play* is practically zero, meanwhile on PVE if you're smart and bide your time you can carry a dead team while being 1v5 and still win.

  11. The only Killing Spree I remember that was more Killing from Jingles from recent memory is that video where the starred player killed the entire enemy team in ranked. Yes, it’s 6 kills but it’s 6 kills from 6 enemies.

  12. Nicely balanced ship 🙂

  13. Enemy team at game start: So we’ve chosen death!

  14. Is that another Jingles moment, or has Kremlin been taken down a notch?

    I wouldnt know, as I haven’t played in ages

  15. I noticed how Jingles gave up on trying to pronounce ‘Balao’ correctly and simply referred to it as ‘that submarine’ XD

  16. The HMS Somme – like the HMS Jutland – is a british Battle-class destroyer, of which 4 were finalised in the UK and 2 for Australia.

  17. Other than Jingles wants us to believe there was a kill steal: the St. Vincent in the beginning. Cause other than Jingles wants us to believe, it was not his burst fire, that killed the St. Vincent, but his first still normal salvo, while the opposition battle cruiser had already been wrecked by one of the battleships.

  18. Completely balanced, as everything should be…

  19. I love these rare types of matches where the targets seem to line up one after the other and it’s nonstop killing. The matches are rare, but they make up for the vast majority of meh matches. I had a 425k match in a Hanover like this. It was glorious.

  20. Amazing what you can do with a 203 mm machinegun.

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