World of Warships – King George Royal Flush

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Playing a wonderful game in King George V on Two Brothers in Standard Battle. Hope you enjoy the game commentary and have a wonderful day!

Tier VII British Battleship King George V Replay – Warships Friend Invite – Discord Server


  1. Your voice is a lil too quiet

  2. I recommend the mod that shows the max speed of the targeted ship, Kotovsky has like 36 knot top speed, coulda citadeled him if you knew that information. Makes it easier to judge without having to remember whole spreadsheet in your head!
    I like to think of it at “Classifying target”, most warships in real life have detailed info on their common adversaries ship classes, and it’s up to your crew to do the work of providing the info to you.

  3. I hadn’t seen this BB featured in years, thank you! I like this ship.

  4. Sad how shit Yukon is in comparison to this thing

  5. I am grateful to see your return to YT with after game audio analysis vs just posts of your Twitch Stream

  6. Wow, that Kijkduin player, my god. He could have crushed that Mahan early, let it go, then got crushed by same dd minutes later. Then the dd went on to kill 3 more friendlies. Just wow.

  7. was i the only one that had to turn the volume up to max to hear him on this one?

  8. Turn up the volume! Could hardly hear you!

  9. LOL iamgine working for WG nd not being allowed to shoot cvs …sad life

  10. what a beautiful game Notser, they didn’t know who was on the team i guess, CV said “sorry geroge” for stealing your last kill. great tutorial as always.

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