World of Warships – King George V Strategy

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King George V was a very fun ship play through and I had a outstanding game in it to finish off the grind. Discussing the strategy for the game and also my . Hope you have a wonderful day and IR;ll catch you next time!

Tier VII King George V Replay


  1. The KGV is a very fun ship to play, at the expense of everyone else’s sanity. ( Sling HE, set the enemy on fire, profit)

    Still, KGV at least have a legitimate reason for that HE: The AP is very wonky, the only way to pen enemy BB reliably is wait them to turn a perfect broadside. 😉

    Btw Notser, did you sort out your internet problem yet? I personally would suggest you switch another internet provider, if there are any in your area. 🙂

    • Mammoth Mk3 the accuracy, I find, is utter garbage. That is the only reason I’d use HE. But think about this – the Scharnhorst has smaller and one less gun, but you fire AP in it all the time. Its also very inaccurate, right? Somehow, KGV – one of the most modern battleships at the time – has worse dispersion than the Rodney or the Nelson? Is WG filled with a bunch of looney toons who have no idea what battleships ought to do in this game? The only enjoyable BB line in the game, I feel, is the USN line. That and the Japanese – until the Yamato – are full of good, classically good ships thata actually work as intended. But then, we suddenly started having idiot proof ships beginning with the Germans. Why not give the British semi-AP shells, ya know? I mean, the cruisers too. They could have a very very small fire chance (hence, semi-AP). Buff the accuracy of the KGV, give it a waterline citadel, and I’ll love playing it.

    • Risheen Mukherjee Hmm. Now you mention it, from what info I can find from the net, only Britain and France adopted quad gun turret deaign ( All other Nation use double and triple gun turret. Those quad gun turret also suffer from accuracy problem when firing all of their gun, and the Britain one have trouble with bug and reliability (Prince of Wales retreated from the battle with Bismarck and her escort after Hood sank because her turret have some trouble, and well, when getting outnumbered the only logical choice would be retreat anyway).

      So, KGV having bad accuracy ingame could be a way WG use to simulate the problem her gun suffer irl. ( Bad accuracy and the unreliable of the gun mount)

    • Mammoth Mk3 well, in real life, ships fought as far as 40 kilometres from each other, firing armour piercing shells, battleship accuracy was crap, all ships could provide smoke screens, etc. That is a bad argument for making a game unbalanced, honestly. In real life, a CV could wreck a fleet by itself, but we cant have that, can we? Balance is more important.

    • Unless you’re shooting a Nelson… a Nelson just laughs at HE and fires… Then he just puts 16″ shells through your nose and if you try to angle the short used AP will still do full pen damage on superstructure and plating… And if that doesn’t work, he’d just plop some HE of his own…

    • Risheen Mukherjee

      No ships fought at 40km wtf your talking about? Thats bullshit!

      The most long ranged hit was at around 24km from the German Battleships Scharnhorst

  2. Noster do you have yamamoto plz put it on yubari for test.

  3. do you mean King Fucking annoying the 5th?

  4. Hey Notser i was in the Kaga in this game Thanks for the comp and a lot of fun in this match .i did not even know you were in the match till half way

  5. Slawomir Chmielewski

    At the very start, you were 7vs3 and you turned away, leaving your cruisers to tank the 2 enemy BBs. This is why people hate BB players, damn cowards that they are.

  6. 10:45 Graf Zeppelin approves, just focus the torpedoes you dont need to worry about the bombers

  7. How to KGV.
    1. press battle
    2. double tap 1
    3. profit
    thats literally it

    • Unless you fight a Nelson… “Oh no… you’ve burned away half of my hit points” *presses T

      On the flipside it’s still a profit since Nelson’s will often not bother to put out ANY fires you set on them…

    • actually u need to know when to use which ammo. vs cruisers i just stick to AP. vs DDs i use HE. vs BBs HE unless they show broadside, especially at close range, and then i use AP

  8. Why not you do what War Thunder YouTubers like Phly do: start a “Loving the Un-Loved” series and show some love to ships that aren’t so loved

  9. Kinda funny noticing at the end that the guy on your team in the Myoko now has to rep breast cancer awareness for five games.

  10. Thanks for the entertaining review of the KGV. You do play it well.

    Watching this just made my current tribulations in the QE even more painful. Thanks so much.

    Your content is some of the best out there. Keep it up.

  11. The only stragety for KGV is Spam HE….doesn’t require much skill.

  12. No need to apologise Notser it is nice to see a You tuber who plays there way through the tiers and also at roughly a similar rate to most of us (I am still on the Orion as I seemed to be allergic to the Bellerophon 🙂 ).

  13. Its still 30% dmg bonus when you manualy select an aircraft.

  14. I think i remember hearing that focusing aircraft is a 30% increase.

  15. Prince of Wales Intensifies

  16. HE spam regardless of nation in a BB is retarded wg fucked up now every low skill tit is shooting NOTHING but HE even good players which is pathetic since HE  is a no skill perk , u do no wrong and get screwed by what seems like 12 karbas  how is this good for game and a persons skill level when there is no skill involved , when nerf comes cant wait to hear every no skill idiot crying about it, example in my mino got spotted and radar montana  got 3 salvos off  and I lived reason ,,,,, HE spam, I  laughed a lot but think on it its sad

  17. Hey Notser have you tried the Monarch yet?? Its a big let down over the KGV

  18. is it just me or is there something wrong with the iron duke? as far as i can tell its an orion with a 50% longer rudder shift time and gets matched with t7s instead of t3-5

  19. i cant wait for you to get the conqueror and challenge yourself to use the 457s…It’s a shame the 419s are better because all youre looking for is fire, but man, it SHOULD feel like a t10 warspite.

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