World of Warships – King of the Sea 2

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Odem Mortis still have a shot at the title after winning their third match against OMNI, but now they need to win their next two games back to back, and they just pissed OMNI off…

System Specs: i5 7600-K 3.8Ghz CPU, 16GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1060 6GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×80 resolution


  1. what’s the best nation for battleships?

  2. Gaming with Izzy

    *reads Description*
    Uh oh?

  3. Look I’m early…

    I don’t have a joke

  4. Jingles I know you do good videos but no need to make them on fire haha

  5. Its that Motherfucking boat game again!

  6. While every time i watch a WoT or Warthunder video from jingles i reinstall the game, only to end up raging after 30 min, I can safely say that once the devs of WoWs buffed AA effectively making carriers unfun and unbearable to play, that no matter how cool or tempted I am by this video I don’t have the urge to install it again.

  7. Wargaming should consider adding damage to edge humping. Tired of seeing it……and especially tired of seeing it in a competitive match.

  8. How was the final match decided? “Map Scraping”

  9. That was so intense, unbelievable battle! I feel bad for OMNI, they deserved to win…

  10. …I bet OM win this round, as there is another video to come!!! …am I right?

  11. Bill Papadopoulos

    Why are always 3 CVs dead with -1 on their kills?

  12. Donald Wrightson

    How about some more Atlantic Fleet?

  13. Jingles – try to get Flamu’s replays next time. He has much better camera control and anticipates where action is going to happen better. On this video, most of the time the camera and your commentary were on two different things. I’ve watched the tournament from his stream and he has far less need to jump around the map to events of importance.

  14. Most People be like:
    OMNI WINS: “Hey good job guys,love you!!! nice”
    OM WINS:”Cheaters!,Hackers!!!,Modpack noobs!!!,Border humpers!!!”

    Looks like most people are just Map corner camping BB snipers

  15. My butt clenched so hard right there at the end when vander hit the map border.

  16. brilliant…what a game

  17. BS on the map scraping. That’s a chicken s way to win a grand final.

  18. Just another “pay to win” game from WG.

  19. 12:54 the Benson is there, 12:55 is is gone from the screen???

  20. Fag Odem Mortis won with cheap ass map hugging. Hardly deserved KotS winners at all.

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