World of warships – King of the Sea VI – ICFR vs GNG

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Here is the 2nd match between ICFR and GNG, the 1st game was quite convincing win by GNG but in the 2nd game ICFR decided that they will not go down without a fight and I fight they put.


  1. I’m sorry what the fck did I just watch???

    • so sad ICFR had it in the bad

    • still it looked like they had no plan at all. i mean just look at the monti and yamato reversing behind B, wtf? I don’t think they would have deserved that win. they looked completely lost.

  2. Goran Radosevic

    OOOohhhh-…AAAAhh…UUoooOOHHHH.. – Flambass 2018

  3. Bronze League Heroes – WoWs Edition. Pathetic.

  4. skeletaur skull night

    Why icfr lose ???????wtf ?

  5. They should streamsnipe for advice…

  6. andreas pedersen

    That last Hindenburg came into action too late, if so, the Monty would’ve been dead, and the other Hindi would stay alive longer. Bad misplay by him to go round the island. With full hp he should’ve directly from A to B to take out the BB and take some heat from his team-mates.

  7. Throw of the year goes to : ICFR!! Especially their Hindenburg, Gearing, and Montana near the end.
    – Hindenburg for going the long route even though nothing could citadel him if he just went straight to B
    – Gearing for not turning back to B and hug that middle island for whatever reason
    – And finally this super special Montana, for sailing broadside in front of the GNG Montana (16:12) and fires ONLY ONE SALVO on a broadside GNG Montana (16:41)

  8. I’m really enjoying the game commentary, thx Flambass. One question. I understand the mutual ram in the beginning so you can comment on the game but why a pair of ships per side. Are two players commenting per team?

    • seems like 4 of them keep eye on the game. old school, if they comment its better … like we got here 😀 oooo aaaaa ooooo haha

  9. Wow.. why are they spawned so tightly packed… I never see that is standard play on NA?? is the a EU only arrangement ?? Or Tournament only?

  10. your play calling, adds another level of excitement to these King of the Seas matches. Thanks

  11. A clan without enough skilled players to use players with the actual clan tags… They should rename themselves, BROADSIDE.

  12. Why did you ram flambass??

  13. hey flambino.. I know that you have just started to cast such matches.. but you need to pay attention on more than one ship.. MONTY ,HINDY, GEARING all died at almost same time.. and you had no idea that they were focused fire… THAT’S WHY YOU NEED A BUDDY IN OPPOSITE TEAM.. like flamu does…plz dont get me wrong I am not comparing you and both are best and we love you both..ty 🙂

  14. Great job GNG !

  15. That random ‘fucking hell’ made me laugh so hard XD

  16. i got a feeling that hindy’s front torp tube was disabled

  17. I can understand that last hindy’s failed rush: he had to face the fate of broadsiding on the both sides. Therefore, whichever side he chose to turn, he was just gonna get penetrated from the other side. That rush cannot make any change ever once DM and Montana are smart, but he just had to do that as that was the only possible way to win.

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