World of warships – KING OF THE SEA VI – OM vs MDIV1 semi final game 2

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Here is the game number 2 between OM and MDIV1.


  1. game 3 like now pls

  2. Ok this is some high class game both teams play very well never see this in the game big fun to see this

  3. John Chucky Tomlinson

    Turn about is FAIRE PLAY!! wtf.. Its getting interesting Flambass….?

  4. Scott Henderson

    What’s that guy spamming? With the # signs?

  5. What does Lockenpower written in the chat all the time?

    • I think that is an addon that, if you have it installed, informs you about Cooldowns. If the chat recipient, in this case Flambass, doesn’t have the addon installed, it becomes random jibberish.

  6. MinnesotaLotion

    I’m sure it’s simple, but I’ve never seen the random text or code in team chat, is this for some kind of group mod? (e.g. “h:647;t:394887”)
    I am noob

  7. flambass Russian ships are male..

  8. Wow!!!

  9. is the Admiral_Calu making the fake torps squadron from the start or it just for scouting the enemies?

  10. Wow. Exciting match this!

  11. Wow, that went down to last second to decide the win . very exciting game.
    Now when is 3 rd game on flambass? Can’t wait to watch it.
    Good job on commentary btw, you make the games more exciting to watch. Keep up the good work.

  12. Jesus christ again so close!

  13. did i see right? is there a dead hashidate on MDIV1 watching the positions of them from OM? (privatepenguin) ??? can someone explain how this is legal?

  14. LordTyphoon WoWSasia

    Flambass how come you left OMNI?

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