World of warships – KING OF THE SEA VI – OM vs MDIV1 semi final game 3

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Here is the 3rd and last in the semi finals between OM and MDIV1. Who wins here goes face winners of the 2nd semi final.


  1. TheDutchmanModifies

    Yay, I’ve been waiting for this video 😀

  2. Church Automotive Testing Dyno Tuning

    Disappointing after the first 2 matches, but I can’t really complain. The first two matches were terrific.

  3. OM got hoffle stomped Sunday. Thank God for Rain. Flambass did you not stream Sunday? I had to listen to flamu instead ?

  4. Wait? So there’s an OM player on the MDIV team that had to suicide early on? Why is that? Am I missing something?

    • CarefulAtheist he is spectating the match like fambass

    • A player from the opposition is spectating from the enemy team? That does not sound right

    • John Chucky Tomlinson

      CarefulAtheist what he is trying to tell you is, the guy’s that are doing the commentary for KOTS.. don’t have away of getting into do the commentary without each person joining the game, and than suicide, to get into free cam mode, to be able to do commentary, such as Flambass is doing i would guess for the EU server and others that’s covering for the Russian server, The NA, server and so on.. I hope that explains it…?

  5. Bert Vorsselmans

    isn’t 730-600 a 130 point different? #quickmafs

  6. Why is the Monty spamming like crazy?

  7. Why is OMNI not in this year’s KOTS?

  8. John Chucky Tomlinson

    GG for OM, they are one if the best in W.O.W when it comes to adopting.. And even though the carrier’s did a good job fighting for air space and spotting, neither did much on direct assaults on ships….?

  9. Moskva once again.

  10. @FLAMBASS check out what WOT NA has done to it’s customer base this weekend ” the NA team is always fukn the customers/players here over. Here is the most recent example: It’s Memorial day here in America and on the 25th I got the email from Wargaming saying ” Happy Memorial Day!
    Fire up the grill and get ready for Memorial Day with special missions! Earn 3 times the XP all weekend, and earn a special US Flag emblem! ” yet.. all day on the 25th, 26th, 27th & now the 28th >>> it has been 2X and 2X only!! <<<< Not once has anyone seen it change to 3X!!!! ""Maybe just maybe someone at WARGAMING HQ will see this

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