World of warships – KING OF THE SEA VI – OM vs MDIV1 semi final

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Here is 1st match of one of the semi finals between OM and MDIV1.


  1. It’s Greif, not grief, the german word for griffin, while the verb ‘greifen’ means ‘to grab’. Some birds of prey are called ‘Greifvögel’ in german.

  2. Jesus christ that comeback

  3. skeletaur skull night

    Why they no take 2 radar on one team ? ??? Moskva is best than hindi

    • skeletaur skull night guess they are bored of playing the same shit and decide go for something different,

  4. skeletaur skull night

    First like ????

  5. whats with the strange locken chat?

    • Minh Phan think its a part of a mod where it sends out infos who used which consumable or who is on fire and stuff like that

  6. “The legend begins in Grozovoi”

    lol, nice one there XD

  7. What an ending!

  8. That Grozovoi player -_-

  9. John Chucky Tomlinson

    i was just saying to a couple of people in the comment section, that OM, Omni, and WGP2W, are some of the best when it comes to exploring other team’s strategies.. That was a big time last min ‘WIN” *GG*

  10. That was exciting…lol

  11. Moskva needs to get another HP buff KAPPA

  12. What a victory snatch!

  13. I’m voting for OM …. I like them xD

  14. Wp om! That hindy push.

  15. Omg this was amazing this moskwa potato throw it away

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