World of warships – KING OF THE SEA VI – OM vs RAIN final game 4

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Here is the match number 4 between OM and in EU finals.


  1. Finally some tension between OM and RAIN after game 3!

  2. Good to see even the professional players can brain fart and Potato in same as the rest of us lol.

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    Even though OM won a game, RAIN clearly outclassed them in this series. RAIN’s strategy and fleet selection allowed them to repeatedly make OM play from behind. RAIN were also superior in their positioning, as well as their individual ship play (making far fewer mistakes in terms of broadsiding, and showing superior gunnery skill). Congrats to both teams on making it to the finals and RAIN for winning.

    • I personally think OM was the biggest enemy of OM these finals. It feels like they were the ones who casted themselves out with some mistakes but I do agree on the point that RAIN seemed better in individual skill, they were always trading better, gg wp to both none the less

    • OM made far too many mistakes, I’m not expert at this but I clearly see moskava costing them a game. He was hiding behind the island and didn’t shoot for while . repbulique was shooting at Zao n he didn’t support at all, then came in the open and got shelled by zao and hendinburg .eeeeerrrrrr.

  4. Smackdown! Well played Rain.

  5. how is om in a final?? they are so bad omg
    im litrually shook

  6. I don’t understand OM’s BB choices in this match. A conq I can sort of understand though it still failed miserably, but a GK?! When BBs sit at 18km+ for most of the match, why in the world would you bring a GK?

  7. What is the soundtrack in the background?

  8. 600k xp on Flamu’s T1 Hashidate?? omaigad

  9. holy balls the camera mansucks. Who was that? it wasn’t Flambass.

  10. John Chucky Tomlinson

    Congrats!! Flambass on your first time, doing the commentary on KOTS.. And can you tell me if OM lost a lot of their original players and CM’s?? because I’ve never seen their tactical play be this HORRIBLE!! And GG, to RAIN they defiantly deserved it.. Beat Two of EU’s top team’s in WGP2W, and OM….?

  11. That moskava was useless , just hide behind the island when republique was shooting at zao, if it shot at zao as well , that’s 2 on 1 , with Zao gone then republiuque would’ve focused on hendinburg with moskava.
    That moskava made 2 mistake and cost them the game.

  12. Rain beat the shit out of OM

  13. Robert Pettigrew

    Was it me or did we see terrible plays from both teams deciding games (mostly OM) only one game the 2nd was won. OM in 1st and 4th and Rain with the CV in the 3rd?

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