World of warships – KING OF THE SEA VI – OM vs RAIN final

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Here is the 1st match between OM and RAIN in the finals.


  1. First???

  2. Love you flambass.

  3. skeletaur skull night

    I hope this final is amazing with you commentary??

  4. andreas pedersen

    Dropping by to look, and runs away before you torp me… Greetings from a little salty Alabama 😉

  5. Ok first game i near heart attack this will be a great final

  6. What a misplay, basically threw away that win…

    • That mino almost had the counter kill tho, dont know if u saw it but he took the moskva down to 5k-ish, if he had pushed out seconds earlier OM couldve turned it last second again

  7. 14:32 Rain 816 – OM 902 “and Rain is 170-180 almost 190 points behind now…” 😀 😀 😀

    • Drunk Sailor , lol. What flambass was tring to say, its 100 to 90 points behind , but kinda sad it without putting to in the sentence.

    • I would agree with this interpretation (absolving Flambass from the accusation he needs to re-do the elementary school calculus :D) if he hadn’t said just before distinctively and clearly “hundred seventy, hundred eighty” before the “almost hundred ninety…”

  8. Nice game and nice throw by that Gearing in the end damn!

  9. Flamu cameraman XD

  10. Never seen a full strength Gearing get so decimated, so quickly.

    • Yeah you do not want to get in front of radar CAs on any distance, especially not that close

    • Why didn’t the gearing camp behind the island? They were up in points , 976 to 932 , just 20 secs more they could have won. Heartbreaking loss for OM.

  11. the final should be played in ocean map. this hiding and cap is boring as hell

  12. It might just be a problem at my end but there is a definate desync between the video and the commentary

  13. Honestly I want OM to win

  14. RAIN is Super *. *

  15. I wonder if OM can win this time!

  16. RIP mea0w <3

  17. That conqueror was down to 700 HP before he printed a new ship…and they lost in the end anyway

  18. Has been a really good KotS this year! Really close matches. Except for that one (I believe it was RAIN/SMILE) that ended with 1000-0 points… I’ve never seen that lol.

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