World of warships – KING OF THE SEA VI – Quarter finals PARAZ vs RAIN game 2

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Here is the number 2 between PARAZ and .


  1. Scott Henderson

    Hey man can I watch this live somewhere or do I have to just wait for you to make the video I tried Google and king of the sea and I can’t find anything

  2. Thomas Baughman

    The quality of this play seems so,…… amateurish? I honestly expect better vision control from EU clans. It doesn’t seem to be the quality of the OMNI from old. Maybe everyone else is catching up and able to exploit small mistakes, I dunno. It looks more like NA comp play instead of the level of top EU clans.

    • Thomas Baughman
      Not that I know much but I feel like rain got caught and crippled, enough that even though paraz was not nearly clinical enough they got away with it.

  3. Ohh the curse is broken. Question about the spotting and appearing on vision in the game. Do the ships get rendered faster for some people than others? I sometimes have the feeling that others are already shooting accurately at ships which haven’t yet rendered for me..

  4. “i do believe he’s still spotted, because i can see him”

  5. Its so painfull to see that wg has not a good spectator mode and this in quarterfinals

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