World of warships – KING OF THE SEA VI – Quarter finals PARAZ vs RAIN game 3

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Here is the last between PARAZ and RAIN which was also last quarter finals match played. After this match we have semi finalists. Which are OM vs MDIV1 and 10GO vs … ever wins this last quarter finals.


  1. Kazeshini Hasagi

    *Good salvo on hindi*
    German armor laughs at 406mm shells

  2. agreed, its exactly like a different PARAZ from previous battle, they pull a good game in 2nd match but this….this is…….spechless, well gratz RAIN for the win!

  3. well that was weird.. I’d love to get some kind of recap from a player from Paraz what their plan was and why it worked so poorly, but I suppose they dont really wanna show themselves untill KOTS 7 after this match ^^

  4. Looks like Paraz threw the game

  5. Bert Vorsselmans

    who took OP out?

  6. Well, this was a disappointing match.

  7. That was painful to watch…

  8. I have seen better random teams than this obvious throw. The tactic made absolutely no sense whatsoever.

  9. Flyingturdbucket

    Playing like its a Random game

  10. Why you recording random battles? That wasn’t even entertaining!

  11. wow…..this this is just sad. I’m glad they are out. That was like watching a Random match of island huggers.

  12. What the hell happened? I’ve seen random players in random matches team work better than this!

  13. John Chucky Tomlinson

    It was like the game started, and Paraz, just did have a clue.. They just completely *POTATOED*

  14. Sorry but loose so much Hp as a Montana in the important match Rain deserve to win this game this was really bad play from Paraz they are not a final team at the moment

  15. Best random team i ever had 25

  16. That was painful to watch. It was like watching weekend warrior randoms. That was … totally unlike any top tier team I’ve ever seen. Their discord must have been aflame in the blame game.

  17. Hans hijacking someone else’s team again…

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