World of warships – KING OF THE SEA VI – Quarter finals PARAZ vs RAIN

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Here is the game number 1 between PARAZ and in the 4th quarter finals.


  1. hope Rain wins this KotS

  2. 1:46 now ships play players. WoWS have some advanced AI 😛

  3. Does it seem like the team Flambass is on is a bit cursed every time :p?

  4. Wow. That game turned on it’s head so quickly.

    Such a pleasure to watch that.
    Thanks for such great casting, Flambass!

  5. How does PARAZ have somebody from a different clan playing their carrier?

    • These are teams and teams can be consisted from multiple clans. Usually it’s just one clan making a team but in progaming there are plenty of examples of multiple clans in 1 team

  6. Destroyer Inazuma

    Good game. Rain knew how to keep their cool, even as the opposition kept gaining dozens of points over them.

  7. Just Killing Time

    Flambass is a great player… much MUCH better than I will ever be, I freely admit… but he’s so arrogant. Even while calling the match, he mentions HIS games, what HE would do or has done. I used to sub to his channel… but I left because he acts like a spoiled child when things don’t go his way in the matches he plays. I know a lot of his fan-boys are here, so this post will go down in flames… but if even one other person agrees, let me know. It is entirely possible I’m being too harsh with my judgement… but I don’t think so.

  8. This was a great tactical game nice to see and hear ur comment

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