World of warships – KING OF THE SEA VI – TWA vs AAO

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This was the very 1st of 16 where TWA meets AAO, very experienced teams with a lot of good player and they BOTH go crazy tactics.


  1. Love these matches 😀

  2. looks like Hans infiltrated the AAO ranks and convinced them to use as much Hindenburgs as possible

  3. Awesome stuff.

  4. GG Flambass, nice commentaries. I’m IN the match all time ;-).
    at the beginning of the video, would it be possible to have the table of meetings to have a view on the placement of the teams, at the moment of the recording?

  5. Goran Radosevic

    Nice to see some interesting compositions besides the usual Montana-Hindi-Gearing meta. And even better, it worked well!

  6. Flambass are you using Jingles ship recognition manuals? 🙂

  7. Who needs DDs when you have air spotting, radars and balanced BB AP?

  8. Total domination!!

  9. Destroyer Inazuma

    GG to both teams, even though the green team’s aggression really paid off. That Moskva pulled his weight in gold.

  10. Republique is the bane of Hindenburg’s, it can citadel them so easy! So I expect we will see them more to eliminate then enemy hindy’s fast 🙂

  11. Nice to see a team make a ballsy play down mid and pull it off! Well played TWA!

  12. Wow, did not expect AAO to get wrecked this badly.

  13. Love the commentary…Flambass’s passion for WOW King of the Sea is amazing. I’m waiting for him yell GOOOAAALLLLLLLL!!!!

  14. Thanks for posting these.. …more please.

  15. Wow this was a hilariously awesome game. Triple Moskva ftw.

  16. I’d love to see a slight rule change, I’d like to see how it works out if the rule is just you can only bring 600k hp max, pick any ships you like. Obviously 6 Yamato would be terrible idea [probably] but an example of what i mean.

  17. If Fast and Furious was a match in WoWS

  18. TWA’s focus fire was brutal, well played.

  19. PlainStupidThings

    Really Good comentary flambass!

  20. Is their an up to date chart of the finalists yet as I can’t find one anywhere

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