World of warships – King of the Sea VI – UFR vs GRAY game 1

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We saw how the UFR played against their 1st opponent, now you get to see how they deal with their 2nd opponent of the day. Hope you enjoy 😉
You can always check the full show on my twitch.


  1. WOW ! This KOTS number 6 seems to reach a super high level interest ! One more time thx for coverage Flambass o7

  2. Stari, nemoj se ljutiti, moram ti reć (zato i ne pišem na engleskom), previše se fokusiraš na komentiranje toga što bi teamovi trebali raditi pa profulaš/ne pokažeš bitne stvari u partiji. Mislim, ti komentiraj kako tebi odgovara, ko sam ja da ti solim pamet, al uzmi ovo kao dobronamjeran savjet.

  3. That was a great game!

  4. Loved this match! Didn’t expect that :p

  5. Thanks mate, I really enjoyed this game. Really shows that you should never go down prematurely.

  6. andreas pedersen

    Thank you 😀

  7. Awesome game, weird ship roster for Gray? Where can I watch the full series with your commentary?

  8. That was really entertaining Good Casting, if you quit playing you can always cast 😀

  9. Looked like a typical random match.

  10. Wow what a come back

  11. This is exactly how some of my random battles go..

  12. love you commentating Flambass love your style 🙂 its fun and engaging 🙂 .. ..when the DesMoin went down the OMG Why did he do that .. etc .. made my dog jump lol
    Keep up the Awesome work <3 Flambahug <3

  13. Every team always has morons. its an universal truth

  14. papieren bitten

  15. Wow, that come back from UFR is insane. The match was so entertaining!

  16. That Des Moines! That Des Moines!

  17. what a nailbiter. Really good commentary as well, thumbsup!

  18. The Hindenburg should have turned earlier towards the 1 line (instead of making small wiggle movements) in order to both join the Gearing for smoke and also put an island between himself and the DesMoines setting fires.

    That was a panic move and dumb.

  19. Hallooooo, papieren bitte! <3

  20. That Gray DM.. why though?

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