World of warships – King of the Sea VI – UFR vs GRAY game 2

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After the 1st match which ended with crazy thing happening and ending in a nailbiter, we have a game 2 which had funny twists happening all over the place. This was the match that had to be restarted so it was very entertaining to see how will both teams adept to the situation that they managed to scout in few mins of that restarted match.


  1. Still laughable that there is no proper spectating mode

  2. What a great game, ahaha.

  3. Caster way over exaggerated everything. So annoying…

  4. Bert Vorsselmans

    “the gray push has failed miserably over sea” lol xD

  5. Looking forward to the cast today :).

  6. You and Flamu are the Best Commentators so far,both together would be Awesome.

  7. Loving the coverage, Flambass <3

  8. i dont play wows much and im bad but wow giving the broadside to a battleship? well…

  9. What is this restart you mentioned?

    • They picked wrong ship so there was a restart after few mins of the match

    • I am surprised that is allowed.

    • Me too, that sounds very iffy to me.

    • It is NOT allowed.
      If I recall correctly there was a restart due to crash or DC or something like that and than someone changed 1 ship and when everyone realized it, the game was stopped and they were forced to take the right ship back which they did, and here in this game you’re looking everything the way it should be

    • Ah, that makes a huge difference and totally changes the context.

  10. ie….”Players that already have the Tier VII cruiser Pensacola get:
    The Tier VII cruiser New Orleans (in the same configuration as Pensacola). All Commanders and XP earned with the cruiser Pensacola will be transferred to the Tier VII cruiser New Orleans.
    Also, players get the Tier VI cruiser Pensacola in stock build and a Commander with 6 skill points for the ship.”

  11. Printing another ship ahahahahah flambass

  12. Have you considered doing a set of instructional videos? I know you talk about things in the replays,. But, for old and slightly deficient players, it would be good if you walkied through things like angles, pushing and holding, and so on. Love the videos. Too bad I’m west cost USA, since streaming is tough for me.

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