World of warships – King of the Sea VI – UFR vs GRAY game 3

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And we are into final match, game number 3 which will decide who will take this Bo3.


  1. Giorgi Sulukhia

    why people play with Montana? Isn’t Conqueror much more superior?

    • Giorgi Sulukhia I dont know but I think because it is a fast, roaming BB with fantastic AA and the special US-BB module which u can slot to make your ship more precise.

    • Giorgi Sulukhia

      Yeah makes sense

    • andreas pedersen

      It’s very situational… But i use it in ranked. Good AP at short range, got quite a few devs on Yammies and Monties. Not as good AA than the best. It’s strength is the ridiculous HE, which dont only have high dmg and fire-chance, but also takes out AA. In one game where we had 5 DDs me and a CV i focused on the Monty, and had his damcon and rep on cooldown all the time, so he didnt dare to get too Close to the DDs and risk taking a torp. At he same time i took out most of his AA, so in the end the CV had a easy job taking him out in the end.

      On ther other side… its hull is so easily to dmg. cruisers love to farm on Conqs, so i either end up dead or get a dreadnaught/fireproof. So i’m pretty sure that this “Gray” had taken up to 180K of dmg in the game.

    • Montana is used mostly for the incredibly accurate AP, in comp very few mistakes are made and you need to consistently be able to punish them

    • Canceror anti air isn’t as good as the Monty. And the Monty should have more accurate fire. The best use of the canceror is to strip AA from everything it sees, and let the CV go ham.

  2. Will u post your side of the OP game?

  3. Bet you UFR wishes they accepted the restart now

  4. is there will be matches today.?? if yes the what time..??

  5. Another random game slaughter

  6. Man I am almost out of Raki…my bottle from Crete is almost empty.

  7. That Conq just trolled them.

  8. Best proof of conqueror being broken
    Plus ufr just had a brain fart game

  9. I just love your commentary on the Gray’s Conqueror 😀
    Honestly, watching those matches with your commentary is almost like listening to the football game on radio. Great job Flmbass!

  10. Best commentary of a WOW game I have ever heard.

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