World of warships – King of the Sea VI – UFR vs TEAR

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The King of the Sea is upon us, this is the 6th season and this time I am casting instead of playing.
I had massive fun casting on the 1st day of KotS VI and I will be casting more in the upcoming weekend so make sure you tune in on my twitch channel.


  1. skeletaur skull night

    Vive la France ! !!!😉 gg flambass

  2. hahaah choconinja… yeah not even close :p

  3. John Chucky Tomlinson

    Its funny Flambass, watching on the commentary side.. But you had a good call on that way to go….🚢

  4. You did a great job of casting, but please upload the epic DM throw as well, it was comical how some teams played ^^.

  5. …. the high pitch squeels are too much…

  6. I wanna see VOR vs EU lel

  7. did you manage to find out afterwards if that was a hydro hindi? Really interesting game to watch and an entertaining commentary, thanks mate!

  8. Great cover Flambass, this game was amazing to follow !

  9. Andreas Sjöberg

    The map control from the teams, it’s not like watching World of warships, it’s like watching a game of Go! This game is deep, so different than the random game crap!

  10. I love watching the gameplay, save for the carriers. I have no love for sky cancer.

  11. I like your style educating us as you commentate . love it . Thank You Flambass . I hope you get to do a lot more of these 🙂

  12. Flambass watch PSV (NA KOTS) game on this map. We had south spawn and we used that island to also amazingly good effect.

  13. Cochon ninja, pronounced coschon, means ninja-pig! lol

  14. Your knowledge of the game makes it so easy to follow. Great casting!!!

  15. Sadly no Flamu/Flambass comentator combo 😀 idk if they would synergize together, but…u know the hope never dies Ü

  16. andreas pedersen

    More of this 🙂

  17. Why people always choose hakuryu instead of midway in King of Sea?

  18. Really Flambass your commentary is great 😀 I think that even the most boring story, told by Flambass, becomes an action- thriller. And i would listen to him. Again and again 😀

  19. GG to all that played 🙂

  20. Flambass ur commentary skills are amazing it is like wathing football game keep on this great work dude

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