World of Warships – Kirov 6.13 Buffed

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Game in 6.13 with the , they buffed the rate of fire and I was curious about the performance of the ship. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier V Kirov Replay


  1. KIROV reporting!

  2. What happens to molotov then? Shouldn’t also be buffed at the reload?

    • Didn’t Molotov already have improved reload compared to pre-buff Kirov?

    • The molotov has the same gun system as the tier 9 donskoi. While I understand your logic of buffing the firepower, the molotov needs extra range over reload due to its squishiness. Her guns can bitchslap tier 8 but shes usually gets deleted because she has to get close/clunky rudder. (Spotter plane is only available every 5 min)

    • Why are idiotic little retards assuming that a change to the main line means that premiums need to get changed? shut the fuck up already.

    • I’d say that’d depend of if said mainline ships were buffed to be strictly better than their premium counterpart (if they are similar enough). I’d say now that the New Orleans moves down to t7 and Pensacola jumps down to t6, if New Orleans keeps radar what’s the point of Indianapolis since the New Orleans as it is is just plain better. Even the Pensacola has more firepower but with similar survivability. It’s only gimmick right now is the radar

    • We need to buff October revolution with an extra 3 turrets to make kampotitive

  3. Remember Notser: When you are playing Colorado: Your action doesn’t contribute to the outcome of battle, it’s the match who decide that for you. Your Colo just go along for the ride. 😉

  4. Im sorry did you say they buffed the velocity, because those shells did not have good shell travel time at all…

  5. Yaaa another russian ship with a buff… So strange that russian ship becomes even better. Omg i hate wg somtimes

    • :O hmm, well it’s no Conqueror but that’s still ridiculously high

    • What do you expect? It’s German IFHE with German penetration values.
      Of course, you have to aim correctly and land at least half of your shells to do this, but the Hindenburg is tanky enough to get in close for this kinda work.

    • Shitty Pony OC Recolor

      I personally found the Kirov pretty mediocre anyway. I’d say they buffed one of my favorite ships atm, the Emile Bertin too much. 39 knots or 41 with a speed flag combined with a pretty respectable range is a bit OP. I have basically seen nobody whine about non-Russian ships getting buffed but scream bias when it does happen to be Russian. Go figure

    • If we were talking about high tier Russians then maybe the argument would have some merit but effing Kirov? It was trash, now it might actually be fun to try out again.

    • Moskva: Needs no buffs
      Dmitri Donskoy: Needs no buffs
      Chapayev: Needs no buffs
      Schors: Well… people just need to learn to play in support roles
      Budyonny: Don’t touch her, Wargaming, she’s perfect the way she is
      Kirov: The players asked, and Wargaming delivered!

      Just went back and bought Kirov. She’s actually incredible now if you know how to play to her strengths.

  6. I really don’t know, I went through this ship way back when the soviet cruisers where released and I actually enjoyed playing the Kirov very much. Every salvo was a huge chomp on an enemy cruiser’s health pool and that was how I considered the best way to play the ship, a cruiser killer. I mean you have the same gun caliber as the tier 9, quick shells with low arcs, it was perfect for that role.
    Really don’t understand why it was buffed, it feels really specific especially for a ship that doesn’t prepare you for the play style that’s coming in tier 6.

    • The problem is power creep. Every other T-V and T-VI cruiser simply outshines Kirov. Her shells are initially fast, but they suffer from insane drag at maximum range.
      The reload buff is aimed to help new players bleed into the glorious Budyonny. After all, Kirov is supposed to be the prototype for the next three Soviet classes. The reload buff addresses the problem that she’s only a 7.1in cruiser with a reload slower than some 203mm cruisers. The velocity buff helps you play her as the support cruiser she’s always meant to be. It allows you to keep at range and still do considerable work for the team.

    • If you put it that way then sure.

    • agree totally ayuvir, the kirov was enjoyable and while the reload felt a bit long, it didnt feel underpowered at all. Still, to those who havent been through it yet, enjoy!

    • Even with the buffs, she’s still just a T-V cruiser. Stronger now, sure, but Furutaka scoffs at her attempts to appear intimidating. If anything’s OP at T-V, it’s the Furious Taco

    • now im agreeing with both of you. Loved the taco. Respect the Paco!

  7. It would have been nice to have the rail-gun like gun velocity I did after all grind out 18k xp in anticipation of both buffs being applied to the Kirov, I feel vaguely cheated and that all the effort wasn’t worth the time put in.

  8. Notser!
    They overdid the buff..

    * Kirov buff in 0.6.13, isn’t reload and velocity being a bit too generous of a buff, and where does it leave the poor Molotov?
    – It is indeed too far, and that’s why the ballistics buff is not present in the update. Only the ROF-buff got live.

  9. more Russian ships getting buffs yay…..

  10. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    So they buffed the Kirov…how about a Molotov one? And also I would like a Furutaka and Aoba buff They reload too damm slow for so little guns And with IFHE and the RoF 152/6inch guns ruling tier 6 the 203/8inch are bad

    • Hrm, stupid retards who think that a tier 5 getting a buff means a tier 6 premium needs one. You are fucking retarded as shit man.

  11. One thing I always find funny about WoWs is the historical accuracy that causes them to remove planes from later hulls but they do not add in the radar which was the reason they lost the plane 🙂 I know it is also a balance issue (not giving radar to to many ships) but why not then keep the plane.

    • Robert Pettigrew … and then not do this or that to stay accurate to history. And then adding fantasy navy Soviet or adding fantasy boats that did not exist. Its like the real world isn’t exiting enough or the history books lie, cant make up there mind 😂

    • It’s not Fantasy! It’s Sekrit Dokument! You disobey Stalin’s Dokument! Sent Him to Gulag!

  12. Personally, I think they should’ve done the muzzle velocity buff *instead of* the reload buff. Historically, Kirov had *very* slow reload and 920m/s shell velocity.

  13. Was hoping for a reason to dust off the Kirov but it still doesn’t seem to have any advantages over the konigsberg. Anyone know why you would choose the Kirov instead (serious question)?

    • one actually has viable AA systems :^)

    • Because kirov leads to the mosva, and some people prefer it over the hindenburg.

    • Yeah, if I didn’t have all of the TX cruisers that would be a pretty compelling reason =)

    • I actually liked Kirov. Guns worked well for me. One of the AP-heaviest cruisers that isn’t British, since you have very good penetration, which leads to citadels, even on battleships on occasion. Also found the aim to be very good, even at max range (where you often want to be, because paper armour).

  14. 0:40 – obviously that you take a citadell because…

    you were angled lol

    (i know, shell sticks in ship and so on but srsly, why not just sailing broadside all the time?)

  15. Another Russian vehicle buffed… in starting to see a pattern in literally every WG title…

  16. WG logic. Take a fckin rhino turd of a ship and buff it to just a turd. Still completely useless ship.

  17. i don’t really see a point in this buff, it did it’s job good before the buff and now it does it even better and i would still put Furutaka over it.

  18. Should I get moskva rather than Des Moines?

  19. BTW when will you finally stream again?

  20. So Kirov is the small brother from Kutusow?

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