World of Warships – Kirov Holding On

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Kirov on Strait starts out in the north with a couple friendly ships, the enemy team attempts to push towards our spawn and destroy us. The north allies retreat to the south, but we stay as long as possible to work on the enemies in the north. As we move south, we try to take out any enemy ships that threaten the base. The game is very close and requires the remaining few to hold on. I hope you enjoy the game and have a wonderful day!

Tier V Soviet Cruiser Kirov Replay


  1. i can’t believe noster doesn’t have more subs! He’s not a pussy like some
    of the other youtubers, like Aerroon… I was watching one of his videos
    and he plays alot like most BB captains i see who are more concerned about
    hiding. At one point he refused to shoot the tirptiz because it’s *hard* to
    citadel even though it was fairly broadside…

  2. Andreas Petersson

    YAY 🙂 Communist wood ship 🙂 um, well, they atleast have beautiful women
    :$ hahaha hell o Notser 🙂 Good game :D

  3. Love the Kirov! detection is funny but you can work with it :)

  4. Oh man this was a nailbiter 😀 I don’t even play this game, but watching
    your vids to me is like watching a sports match. I’m enjoying them greatly.
    Keep up the good work!

  5. Congrats on 8k subs, its amazing how many people know you within the game.
    Playing one game with you, and seeing atlas 2-3 people in game know you,
    just amazing. GG too, hope to see you more!

  6. nice game mate!

  7. I think it’s safe to say you carried that match

  8. Wow, not a real great testimonial to the accuracy and effectiveness of the
    guns on this ship! Plus, I think I’d ask for my money back on Demolition

    Keep up the good work Notser!

  9. CynicallyObnoxious

    This ship gets me hard I love it!

  10. Notser, how do you record gameplay?

  11. Nice game in a crap ship. Keep them coming

  12. To you wich cruiser is the best in tier X?

  13. To you wich cruiser is the best in tier X?

  14. Wow Noster, great job not giving up! I could sense the enemy thought they
    won, so did I as i watched. But as the battle unfolds, the enmy team was
    making little silly mistakes ie showing broadside and you took that
    opportunity and turn the whole fight around plus carrying! Just great!!!

  15. The Soviet cruisers are well… “amazing”… I got my first two Krakens in
    them…. I’ve had two or three battles where I’m the last guy standing and
    manage to kill 3 or 4 reds before i get over powered… and I’ve never had
    battles like these in any of my other lines (USN/IJN/GN)… enjoy while you
    can, I suspect they’ll get nerfed… bwhahahaaa…. right…

  16. can’t even fit that on one hand

  17. well played and a big congratulations for reaching 8k truly
    deserve it…(I wish I had half as many)..but that’s do all the
    hard it and they will come.
    I still look forward to seeing your latest vid..well done and continue to
    do a fantastic job.

  18. Mike Havican (Hurxen)

    cant even count that one 1 hand lol

  19. so far struggle to play soviet cruisers tier 2 to 4, thin armor and slow

    kirov looks like a much better ship

  20. awesome!!!

  21. had a match with a friend where we had and afk so i sank him to deny the
    enemy a kill and still manged to be second on the team

  22. I hate this ship with all my heart. The tier 6 I love. The tier 5 I hate.

  23. He Notser congratz on the 8k sub….. and what a game and in the Kirov I
    played some games yesterday I one great game and one hopeless bad game so I
    hope tonight will be better.Have a good easter weekend and looking forward
    to your nex video.

  24. “Can’t even fit that on one hand” I LoL’d

  25. With Kirov i just try to put as much citadels as i can before i get sunk by
    one salvo… it says 135m dispersion but i would say shells have magnets,
    you get to hit a lot of citadels with this ship.

  26. This should be your mantra

    L’audace, l’audace, toujours l’audace!

    It’s not an exact quote from Georges Danton but it’s close enough

  27. I have finaly My own Kirov .. For Tier 5 Its the the best cruiser in the
    Game.. Yes you are apotek at 14.2 km away.. Yes you Dave papir ships
    armor… But you have the most deadly AA and Guns of Any Tier 5 Cruiser and
    you have 66 % firepower in the front.. Hunting and Killing DD with 180 mm
    Guns is Brutal !!! Love IT !!

  28. clutch!

  29. The whole going backwards (intentionally) thing is really odd to me and it
    seems to be semi-popular. It might work to foil the first round, but as
    soon as I know a ship is going backwards, it is very hard to miss them. If
    they stay full reverse, they remain easy targets, if try going forward they
    will find the transition painful, but at least they will have a chance of
    being missed once they are going at a reasonable speed.

    If I am ever going backwards for any length of time, it means I screwed up,
    I never use it as a tactic.

  30. Hello Notser,

    Man, you are, my favorite youtuber, because:

    1. For me, your voice sounds like Jay Baruchel (I know you had some
    reserves about how your recorded voice sound, i love the voice).
    2. I like how you explain and comment the plays.
    3. I play on EU servers (I live in east europe), but i like watching the
    content you make.
    4. I am a gamer, always was. But now my wife gave birth to my first son, so
    i don’t have the time to play, at least until he is a couple months old,
    thus my gamer highlight of the day is watching your videos.(because i can
    pause anytime)
    5. You allways answered to my posts (i gues you did’t have that much views
    to the Armored Warfare video), you considered my sugestions and i love
    that, it makes me feel apart of a community.

    (sorry for the bad english)

    I’m happy for your increase in followers, i wish you to recieve the 10.000
    and 100.000 award from youtube…and more!

  31. Holy shit the accuracy of this gun is unbeliveable! Damn!

  32. Brilliant gameplay.

  33. Nice game, You and the CV, really did the work.
    Congrats 8k subs bruh!

  34. ok guys first who reply my comment will recive 1000 gold or7 days
    premium or Aurora premium ship or Ishizuchi premium ship or Murmansk
    premium ship(only EU server ) ONLY 2 RULES is u need to like and subscribe

  35. Also you haha

  36. Your CV loves carrying for you guys

  37. skraelingshortbus

    gg last night notser. You were in your Yam sadly the rest of your team
    never pushed with you guys :

  38. James Meek (Ingrim)

    Hahaha, you the man, good job

  39. Notser the new Terminator

  40. the kirov is becoming one of my favorite t5’s

  41. what do you look for in a replay when one is sent in noster?

  42. Is it just me or are Carriers getting better performances lately ?

  43. Cmon guys and girls at 10k subs Notser will play with us online poker :D

  44. lel nice game again :P

  45. “no other reason that it’s Notser, he has to die!”
    Weeeelll… no. I would have shot at you because you were active. An afk
    player is not a threat. Point being, it was you who killed the Kongo. Not
    the Minekaze.
    Last night, tier I game, first for the Russian CA line: 21 ships are Orlan,
    2 Hermelin and 1 Jap. Lol. the Russian hype is real!

  46. 06:30 – Funny how you say “I’m completely off the radar” when, in fact, if
    these guys had radar available to them at this tier they could actually see
    you *through* the island. WG really needs to address that, I think.

    …oh, and congrats on 8k subs! :)

  47. I would like to see a new Ribbon……Great entertainment Notser btw .
    Always enjoyable and learn a few things along the way. Love the
    commentary……Back to the Ribbon …….Pulled a Notser…….

  48. Nice battle, the Kirov has it’s glass moments for sure but can be fun. I’ve
    had some frustrating rounds learning to not be as aggressive and it cost me

  49. tgif

  50. Henrik Lind Hansen

    good game by you and the cv.. would say. 2 way split :)

  51. The Kirov is yummy…right up until any BB decides that have had enough
    with getting lit on fire every 15 seconds and makes you their priority
    target. Still though, those guns would be right at home in a Tier VII-IX
    match. Still can’t decide if I think this ship is OP or not.

  52. u cant even imagine how many t5 ships ive owned with that t3

  53. Awesome commentary Notser! Very funny in the beginning.

  54. why dont you use aslains mod pack? there are some useful mods which arent
    considered cheating, like a damage counter, and a mod which changes ship
    icons on panel to show their gun & torp range

  55. Every so often you come up with some one- or two-liner that makes me
    chuckle, which reminds me to scroll down and hit the like button. “…but
    my death will be very difficult… it will TAX you,” was it, this time.
    Always a pleasure Notser, keep up the awesome work.

  56. How long do you need to get such a game Notser? btw congrats on 8k subs :)

  57. lol, cannot even fit that on one hand!

  58. the new ussr line feels like a better version of the german line…

  59. Very nice game! 🙂

    I’ve only gotten up to the Svietlana and I’m liking it (stock!!) so far.
    The Bogatyr was essentially a Russian St. Lou, but in many games I just
    couldn’t carry hard enough to pull a win like you did!

  60. IMHO, the whole thing about health bars on ships is ruining the game. I do
    not want to go into specifics, and I know most people prefer this hardcore
    arcade style playing, But I would have loved of WoWS also came into a bit
    more realistic flavor. Don’t tell me if I set him on fire, I can see that.
    Don’t tell me how many HP he;s got left, I should be able to see that. If
    the ship is beaten, low in the water and speed reduced, gund knocked out,
    obviously he’s in a bad situation. After the game, sure – give me all the
    stats, what I did, etc – but I think if this was implemented, people would
    play in teams, cooperate, and everybody would have a much better time. If
    not WG, maybe somebody else will pull it off.

  61. Good solid game

  62. They should be interesting ships, seems like they will play a bit like the
    German ships.

  63. Can you play the soviet cruisers just like the germans? great game and
    congratulations to 8k Subs :)

  64. this think is fucking paper (own experience)

  65. Tyrael von Mottenstedt

    Thanks vor the video Notser and Congratulations to 8k Subs!

  66. Andhika nur Aulia


  67. How is your opinion on Ussr Cruiserline compared to other nation ? strengh
    and weakness?

  68. Congrats on 8,000 subs! Keep up the great work!

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