World of Warships – Kitakami Class Cruiser

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Back in a dark age known only as Closed Beta Test, there was a that was armed with 40, yes you read that right, FORTY tubes. And there was much wailing and gnashing of teeth, not just from its enemies…

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  1. Manhesgood Gamer

    i seem to only ever find destroyer drivers sitting at the back of the map
    thinking they can hit the enemy like arty for WoT no idea why it’s just the
    only type of destroyer drivers i see

  2. Well, that certainly explains the goofy smokescreen mechanics. Thanks for
    making a newbie a better player.

  3. Awesomenoob25 The Gaming Noob!

    also the reason i think this ship is removed in the open beta tests…
    imagine the idiots in destroyers at any teir that team kill you with
    torpidos… but instead with like 2-5 torpedo launchers… its has 40

  4. hey jingles are you going to let xbox one replays on your channel now too
    it would be really awesome i’ve learned almost everything I know from you
    and there is a lot of really good players on xbox and yes the game is a
    little different between the two platforms but in the it all comes down to
    the gameplay and pure skill

  5. “Just turn the ship”, are you ignoring torp detect range??

  6. We shall flood the water with our torpedos.
    I mean seriously: Imagine this thing in a division: 60 torpedoes en route
    to a ship, with teamwork and a strategic spread between ships AND within
    each ship could guarantee the enemy is going to be hit with at least
    several torps.

  7. I’m sorry but why the hell are most/all of these ships reviewed as if they
    were supposed to lonewolf around? I’ve not watched the video to the end
    yet, but so far I have heard absolutely nothing about how it can be used to
    deter destroyer attacks on friendly Battleships and Carriers, nothing about
    how well it synergizes with other friendly ships or its uses in a support
    role… isn’t this supposed to be a team game?

  8. aaahh.. so THAT’s how it works

  9. Does RitaGamer live at jingles house/nearby his house?

  10. Never had the Kitakami but I do remember always panicking when I saw it. I
    didn’t know the range of her Torps so whenever I saw her I was always
    turning hard (I’m a BB driver, and not a good one) and hoping I was gonna
    dodge that massive spread. Another wonderful video Jingles!

  11. Is it just me or are aircraft launched torpedoes impossible to evade? They
    can drop them so close that you can’t possibly manoeuvre and they can get
    different squadrons to approach from every side so there’s no way to get
    away, I never see many complaints about it but for me it seems there is
    nothing I can do to avoid them.

  12. hey jigles i was wandering if it would be possible for you to do some live
    commentary of WoWs id love to see what your thinking/plannign whilst
    playing rather than just the post commentary think it would be really cool
    also just spent all night watching most of your other WoWs videos again :l
    sooo tired

  13. Thanks for the knowledge Jingles, You also taught me you can shoot over low
    laying islands too :D

  14. little Yuri boat

  15. kicking puppies lolololol

  16. 15:26 – Jingles, you can only notice torpedoes incoming when they’re at
    like 600m away. For anyone who doesn’t pay very close attention to ships,
    it is very hard to dodge that… u_u

    • +Canal MP Gamers It’s not about spotting torpedoes in the water and dodging
      them like Neo. It is about having a brain, you see Kitakami 7km away from
      with his broadside facing you… and you sail in a stright line and get
      rekt by torpedoes? You are an ****, sorry, but that is a fact. Same goes
      for destroyers and all ship-launched torpedoes, take actions when you think
      he launched torpedoes, don’t wait for them to be 50m away from you…

  17. Still wish it was in game, just didn’t have the money at the time to buy
    the gold.
    One can always hope they fix the poor broken ship.

  18. I prefer this ship in NF.

  19. Its also when this thing made a good broadside from closer ranges it could
    almost be impbossible to dogde the torps.

  20. I can only imagine that this thing was an absolute blast in divisions.

  21. They need to some how rebalance the battleship class, because right now,
    for me, bb is underpowered. When I’m in the BB, what’s worry me is not
    airplane, well high tier bb at least, but destroyer. They are too stealthy
    ( Wargaming said that they will not include submarine into the game, guess
    what replace them?), and are the reason now most bb just hang back and do
    long range ( with horribly incaccurate) shooting. Playing bb now feel no
    different than playing Artilery in Wold of Tanks. I had a game where the
    enemy team have 2 good dd player and they just slip through our battle
    line, stalking and fishing any bb they can fish, while CA sailing in vain
    to find them and let them killed by the enemy team.

    • +Hoang Nguyen lol, if you get killed in a BB by destroyer, you screwed up.
      DD can kill only a fool in BB…
      Don’t be alone, stay in a pack, ideally have at least one cruiser with you.
      Allways keep changing direction (zig-zaging) and changing speed (from full
      – to half – to full, etc etc) and you will never get hit by torpedoes fired
      from DD at his max. spotting range. If he gives up on long range torps and
      gets closer, allways head towards him, as there are probably torpedoes in
      the water and you want to be facing them, not showing your side towards

    • +Hoang Nguyen Your teams cruisers and destroyers (particulary US ones) are
      supposed to screen you and keep the enemy destroyer off your back. What you
      describe is not an issue with “underpowered BBs” or “overpowered DDs”, its
      an issue with the player mentality. The enemy teams 2 DDs simply outplayed
      your team, and this happens because the majority of players either have no
      clue about the role of their ship in a fleet engagement or simply don’t
      care and play this like a singleplayer game.

    • +Hoang Nguyen My problem is the inaccuracy of BBs. I was in a knifefight
      with a DD the other day that was absolutely retarded and sailed in a
      straight line. I led my shots perfectly, and at a mere 5km, every one of
      his shells were hitting me and setting me afire, and every single one of my
      shells was going high or low due to RNG… Ridiculous.

    • +Hoang Nguyen And now with the reveal of how smokescreen work, you will
      eventually see a match where most BB just hang back and follow the crowd
      because of the “DD terror symdrome”. XD

  22. I wouldn’t say torpedoes are overpowered. They were specifically made for
    killing ships. I just think Destroyers themselves are overpowered. I can
    say with 100% certainty that on my own I am unable to spot a Destroyer from
    more than 4.9 kilometers away if it doesn’t use it’s smoke screen and isn’t
    shooting. I understand they are lightly armored ships and rely on stealth
    to do what they do but… invisible beyond 5 kilometers? Are sailors blind
    or something?

  23. Thx jingles i was wondering How the smoke screen worked and why i was
    always getting hit in my Destroyer when i was laying down smoke…You the

  24. Jingles, are there a reason why you never use “torp cam” when you are
    attacking in youre videos? I like to use it when i fire from far away just
    to see how the spread was.

  25. Ungh, Jingles, hate to be that guy but… The reason this ship didn’t work
    is because you’re torping wrong.

    You fired every salvo directly on the marker with the exact same spread.
    Of course if they turn from that marker all your torps are going to miss.

    But since you know they’re going to turn then you don’t fire all your
    salvos at the marker. You fire the first at the marker then stagger the
    others left/right of the marker. You also vary the size of the spread so
    the interlacing of the torps are harder to dodge in between.

    Personally when I am running a torp ship the first salvo is narrow on the
    marker, second is narrow offset towards the aft of the enemy’s direction of
    travel to catch him turning into the torps. The third (if applicable) is
    wide and forward to disrupt the interlace pattern and catch them if they
    turn away from me.

    Heck, that was a tip that Quicky put out in a video about his love of DDs
    back in early closed beta and you have the good fortune of playing with the
    guy. :)

    • +Greyed You are ofcourse right, but KitaKami was crap none the less. It’s
      detectability killed it. The only way to make it work was to set ambush
      around islands, otherwise averyone in their right mind would just change
      course if they saw KitaKami less than 10km away. It had no AA, extremely
      weak tier 4 hull and turning circle of a battleship.

    • +Greyed Great tips actually. Thanks man.

  26. Aaah! So that are how those smokescreens work……’
    I actually didnt know that and i pretty much always play Destroyers, but i
    do 2nd that you are saying, dont think i killed a great BB captain yet,
    because they know how to dodge my tricks. Thats why i love that 80 % off BB
    captains contiue to go lonewolfing by themself without now protection or go
    hugging islands where all destroyers lurk.

  27. This ship could have been the KV-2 of WOWs… The derpship…

  28. I personally enjoyed the Kitty… once you learned to vary the deployment
    of your torpedo spread in anticipation of a player taking evasive maneuvers
    once they spotted you, or if you popped your smoke screen at 10.5 km to
    sneak within range long to get your torpedoes away and get back out without
    ever being spotted usually resulted in very successful torpedo runs.


  30. Torpedoes hurt a lot but most of the time you have plenty of chances to
    avoid them if you pay attention. Aircraft torpedoes though… Now those can
    be just bullshit

  31. jingles, your description says: “Play World of WarshipsTanks –” world of warshipTANKS?

  32. João Gonçalves (johngoncalves10)

    Boy, Jim sure knows how to handle whiners.

  33. Kurisuchan Kiryu

    I always wondered how the fog generator worked :p Thanks Jingles ^^

  34. World of tanks videos : 100k views
    Wow vids: 500 views…
    Just saying 

  35. Best thing about closed Beta.
    Try everything and if it did not work I did not buy it for open beta. :)

  36. Just tried a few game in my Nicholas, it’s amazing how efficient smokes
    screens are once you know how they works x)

  37. The Hungry Wolf 足柄

    14:20 actually Jingles, that is a Mogami. The number 2 turret is directly
    behind the number 1, number 3 turret is sitting on an elevated position.
    The funnel shape also gives it away, as the Myoukou has 2 smokestacks while
    the Mogami has 2 that feed into 1 larger one.

  38. I only usually get hit by air-launched torpedoes because if an enemy CV
    decides that YOU are the one who is going to die… well…

  39. I want a sub game

  40. I’m sad to see this go. Fuck everything, TORPEDOOOOOOOOOOOES

  41. What about an Arkansas review?

  42. there is a catch or a bug in the game with the detected torpilos coming
    you`re way, if they come after an smoke screen you will detect them to late
    to avoid them, if you dont have any scouts in the sky, the torps will get
    spoted to late, its a bug game (refresh rate position like in the wot
    game), or crew laking of skill…

  43. _Cpt_Oblivious_36 _

    Jingles, and others reading this as well, “iChase Gaming” channel on YT has
    a GREAT Captain’s Academy (16? videos) and within these is a couple GREAT
    ones on ammo type to use, and How to play Destroyers. Thanks for another
    Great vid, still my absolute No. One YT subscription =)

  44. to be fair, that Myoko did slow down to avoid the torps, it could have just
    been that he had his rudder shot out while his damage control ability was
    on cooldown, happens all the time in IJN cruisers


  46. Geometry Dash Jeah

    No way! Finnaly he did it

  47. Good Night Sweet Princes…………, RIP KitaKami , You will be missed

  48. TheHepster production

    Screenshot not shotted..learn irregular verbs Jingles!

  49. Would the real 301 Clubbers please stand up?


  51. secrets of smoke screens revealed! also of torpedoes stop sailing in
    straight lines lol

  52. S4 Blade (s4blade)

    Atago:PAN PAKA PAAN~

  53. Can you imagine noobs spamming 40 torps every few minutes in this thing.
    Thank god its gone

    • +quincy8557 I am really not a fan of making balancing decisions based on
      the lowest common denominator (read: the dumbest players to be found)…
      that is how good games get ruined by their own community.

    • The_Tanke_Shashou

      Imagine a division of two (or three haven’t really been in the game ling
      enough and my friends dont play WoWS atm) with 40-60
      Torps for one side. Pure destruction.

  54. Didn’t you get mad when people on your team sent loads of torps towards
    you? Didn’t you do the same things several times in this match?

    • +Pepper Spray I didn’t see him fire any torps that were obviously going to
      hit an ally, amd didn’t see him hit an ally or any allied ship have to
      break course to try to avoid his torp fire.

  55. Last night at the start of a game my team mate fired a spread of torpedoes
    at me from 200m 2 minutes after a battle started with no enemy insight. All
    three struck at smashed my health from 30000 to 8000. not happy with that

  56. Up until now i was thinking about smokescreens what the visuals provided.
    The smoke is actually coming out the ship and thus you are forced to move
    with your ship if you want to deploy a rather wall-like smoke cover.

    I thought it would be a constant process of blowing out the smoke and not
    a “blob”-like ticking off every second.

    WG surprises every day…

    And battleships are underpowered =P

  57. I wondered about why other DD’s would do that.. so they are moving faster
    than the smoke generator can run..

  58. Mikayel Dobrovolski

    I have a feeling just turning your ship isn’t enough to avoid torps if the
    person who launched it is good
    i am a destroyer player and I rarely launch just at the white indicator
    I always launch one a narrow at the white indicator, one or two to each
    other side so that wherever he turns at least one will probably hit
    if he is really close then I launch at the indicator it all depends on the

  59. i miss my kitty boat 🙁
    over 50 games in it

  60. for god’s sake Jingles, don’t give away the secret that seperates Destroyer
    captains from GOOD destroyer captains that easily on youtube! 😉
    also. i miss the Kitakami. especially when i’m playing my Atlanta.

  61. If you want to live a life of danger, adventure and romance in the high
    seas; play American destroyers he said… I love it! 

  62. 40 torps blooody hell!

  63. So jingles with the way the smoke works whats the maximum speed you need to
    be at to ensure you are completely covered by the smoke screen while still
    ensuring max coverage? I would just calc it out (450m then into knots ect)
    but WG have skewed distances quite a bit.

  64. Sir Derbear (OwTaCtrl)

    Poi Poi Poi?!

  65. Jäger Alexander

    As a DD Player i can say: thx for the tipp with the Smokescreen, but please
    Jingles stop telling People how to avoid Torpedos, that makes me realy
    realy sad.

  66. Anime_Kancolle_Kongou Battleship

    Very Poi Senpai

  67. I really loved this ship after they gave it smoke… it was so good…

    Was disappointed to see they removed it..

  68. There must have been an evil happiness watching all those torpedoes heading
    to your target…

  69. Thx jingels:)

  70. BSM Iron (Panzer) Lawl

    Based lesbian torpedo goddess~

  71. i sail destroyers and cruisers. yep, im ok with this video.

  72. Jingels not every bad player is an idiot , perhaps he just started to play
    an has to learn to concentrate on more than 1 thing , thanks to you videos
    i am not noobing around in WOW , not the best player but yet allways in the
    top 5 and has my kills in every game , but beeing hitted by torpedos , well
    , yes if you are concentrated in the battel some times it happens that you
    can’t avoid them , so am i an idiot now , do not become on of the
    gamezombies calling new players idiots noob morons and so on , we all
    started as noobs , you 2

  73. an expereince destroyer captain will fire a wider spread for long range
    shot at different distance. so it will at least do some dmg even to the
    experienced player. Also, it is very good at killing battleship, because
    they are slow. after the battelship turned, it is impossible to dodge next
    salvo of torpedoes. let’s be honest, if two destoryers work together they
    can hunt down any ship. People should at least work in a pair, never sail
    alone. The only thing that is a bit overpower is carrier fleet vs
    no-carrier fleet. Without air counter, it is almost impossible to dodge all
    the air launched torps without the AA ability from cruiser. carrier player
    can always delay the launch by clicking away the squad, and all he has to
    do is to wait until the ship cannot turn anymore. after turning two or
    three time, the ship will reduces it speed so much that it couln’t quite
    dodge the next side on savlo, if play properly CV will be at least get one
    direct hit per squad, if it is battleship usually two torps. Cv is
    over-power in a way that it is in real life. All I ask is to balance the CV
    on both team, because air advantage directly determine the outcome of the
    battle. #Wargaming

  74. i would pay buckets of cash for this ship. It is amazing i want it but its
    gone i did get the atago.

  75. Tier 10 ships now cost 19 MILLION credits and from tier 8 up (i think)
    modules cost 1mil+ credits. That is some serious credit grinding to do…

  76. Very true about players and torp’s I play Battleships mostly and the amount
    of times I have seen other BBs rush to within 3k of Destroyers and die is
    starting to get boring. You have long range guns don’t make it easy, also
    at range if you turn to avoid its easier to re-aim your guns than at close

  77. Come on Wargaming…

    If you’re removing a ship before the game even launches, REMOVE IT. Refund
    people and let them buy the new one.

    Don’t repeat WoT’s constant cycle of removing ships because they are “OP”
    in some way, but leaving them around for those who bought them. You’re not
    helping even the battlefield, only giving benefits to those who have them.

    • +Mansen People *did* get a refund. In closed beta this ship was only
      available for purchase from the tech tree using gold. It wasn’t in the
      gift shop. When the accounts were wiped people were refunded all the gold
      they had spent. No one has this ship now. The only ships we could keep
      were those purchased in the gift shop (or for the NA server, those who
      purchased the Murmansk from the HumbleBundle package). The Kitakami was
      removed with the open beta wipe, and has not been available for repurchase.

    • JoaoAfonso Figueira

      dont you remember that NOBODY has this ship in OBT, jingles said it tons of

  78. Ah yes, one of the “Brain Problem Sisters” as they say in Kantai
    Collection; Kitakami and Ooi were Kuma-class cruisers that were rebuilt as
    “Torpedo Cruisers” (Kiso of the same class was also scheduled to be
    converted, but was sunk before it could be sent to the shipyard).

  79. “Oooh, 40 torp tubes? Man I wish I could still sail tha- Wait, what? THAT’S
    how smoke screens work?”
    Much obliged, old chap. If I see you at Combat South any time, I’ll be sure
    to thank you, in between cackling maniacally.

  80. Jingles thanks for that smoke tip. I did go aaaahhh 😉 that’s how it works

  81. Nguyên Architaku

    Jingles, the Kitakami is actually a Kuma-class.

  82. Jingles, you know how you feel about the marder in WoT? I feel like that
    about this. I will never forgive wargaming for removing this.

    I don’t care that it was ‘boring’. I don’t care that other people didn’t
    like it. I did. I got it for a reason. It was my single favourite ship in
    this game, period. Purely for the comical relief. I know it was terrible.
    But I liked a terrible ship. And then I got it stolen from me by the

    I thought Blizzard were terrible….

  83. I must admit that I always feel that torpedo hits, if not point blank, need
    exceptional corporation form the enemy.


  85. love this ship hope it comes back, might be like the KV-5 and only sold on
    special dates

  86. I am of the here jingles

  87. man i hate when people go to “protect” himself in the blue border…

  88. oh, so thats how it works!

  89. Of course Jingles didn’t discuss the REAL problem with the Kitakami… the
    fact that noobs bought it and spammed torpedoes and sunk more friends than
    enemies with it.

    • +George Chambers I don’t think you should just instantly call them noobs. I
      am currently doing scientific tests and, though I have yet to reach my
      conclusions, there are vast amounts of data supporting that there is more
      then meets the eye. Just for some examples: There is the “trick-shot
      specialist” who tries to launch torps near a friendly, there is “the blind
      martial arts master” who does not understand what the white and green
      triangles mean and then there is the famous “Will of the Gods” who launches
      torps with friendlies around at enemies outside of his own torp range. That
      was just the most common examples. But it is clear and supported by
      evidence that there is more then just people being novice players to
      anything armed with torpedo’s. Also, I think some people like playing them
      because they are phallus shaped objects that penetrate something, but
      that’s just a theory…..

  90. More bloody ships :/

    Are you losing interest in Tanks Jingles? I only subscribe because of your
    tank videos and am getting fed up seeing ship video after ship video, with
    a token gesture towards tanks now and again.

  91. Jingles, where is the War Thunder content? I enjoy WoWS and WoT a lot,
    don’t get me wrong, but it has been 6 days since the last War Thunder video

  92. The only issue I have with torps is when they are fired by a ship you can’t
    even see, and only get spotted when they are already point blank range, and
    that makes them impossible to dodge! Hell even Destroyer drivers agree that
    the spotting range needs to be increased to something more reasonable!

    • +shadows96100 As a destroyer driver I DON’T agree. Why would I want my
      targets seeing my torpedoes earlier? Should I want them to have more
      chance to evade my shots?
      Torpedoes launched from beyond the destroyer’s detectability range take a
      while to get to the target. They generally miss. Just random speed and
      course changes from the target will do it. You probably have no idea how
      many torpedoes have been fired at you that never came close enough to be
      noticed. If you are being frequently hit then it sounds like you are
      steaming in straight lines.

  93. Sims and Jap DD owner: “Hmmmm, So that’s how smoke works.”

  94. Konstantin Shishkoff

    Ooooh, so that’s how it works…

  95. I agree with your comments Jingles it was so a 1 trick pony and I was fed
    up after the 8 th game. The comments you made at around 15 mins are not all
    correct, he would not have seen them as they had been covered by the DD
    smoke screen so along with your smoke screen

  96. They are removed this because wargaming said: 40 is not enough we will be
    adding a ship with 420 torpedoes to “balance” the game, and its a tier 1
    GL HF

    • +TheHolyPlaya Don’t forget its also got to be Russian, Wargaming gives the
      Russians get the bad end of the deal all the time! 😉 For ‘Balance’ reasons
      of course…

    • +Imperator Caesar Divi Filius Augustus oh yes all in the name of “balance”

    • Imperator Caesar Divi Filius Augustus

      +TheHolyPlaya you forgot to mention that the 420 torps all did 90,000
      damage each traveled at the speed of light gave no warning and had a range
      of 1000km…. to “balance” the game out

  97. This brings back a few happy memories. In the right place and time it was
    devastating, but every time it got spotted everyone focused it to hell. It
    certainly was a one trick pony, but as a novelty ship it could be fun to
    play. A shame they removed it. Once WoWS gets full release and clans, and
    clan wars etc, these could have been far more interesting. Trading speed
    and flexibility for area denial of choke points and caps.

  98. yee buddy I made it to the 301 club

  99. Thanks Jingles because now I don’t miss the Kitakami. I think I only played
    it three times myself.

  100. NOOO, don’t tell people to start turning their ship! Tell them to just keep
    on trucking, they’re safe… totally safe!

  101. Awesome..can’t wait for your review of the Atago! Got it myself and played
    many games in it, and its a great credit and XP maker! Absolutely one of
    the best allround Japanese cruisers in the game atm in my opinion! :D

  102. This ship will go down history as a crazy idea that was no to be. i found
    it really hilarious to watch tho.

  103. Jingle, do an umikaze review the things better than the minekaze, which is
    saying something.

  104. If this ship is bad, then the IJN CLs like Tenryu and Kuma are even worse,
    which I agree they are.

    Buff all cruisers to Cleveland’s level of effectiveness for its tier.

    • +gonavygonavy You just don’t know how to play them. Both Kuma and Tenryu
      are great ships. They have good enough guns that work just fine and
      torpedoes give them extra flexibility and ability to take down BB alone if
      it comes to it.

    • +gonavygonavy You just don’t know how to play them. Both Kuma and Tenryu
      are great ships. They have good enough guns that work just fine and
      torpedoes give them extra flexibility and ability to take down BB alone if
      it comes to it.

    • DarkArcAngel2129

      Your kidding right? The Tenryu and Kuma while not epic are in fact good
      ships. Besides unless you are keeping them you won’t be in them that long
      if your halfway decent with them.

    • +gonavygonavy I really like them both.

    • +gonavygonavy Kuma is great. I love it.

  105. Bùi Việt Dũng Trần

    I missed my DPS Alanta, too :'(

  106. Realy drive since when do u drive a ship?

  107. jingles have you driven any battleships yet? (in the open beta)

  108. Only ran into a few of these in the month and a half of CBT I was in.
    Never took any damage from them and killed most of them myself.

  109. Potatos ftw

  110. If an American destroyer had 40 torpedoes Jingles would be singing its
    praises, but because it’s a Japanese ship it’s suddenly terrible?

    • +GuardsmanGary What are you on about, 40 torps is a one trick pony, even
      with the better japanese torps its still a one trick pony, no one trick
      pony can ever be good.

    • +GuardsmanGary What are you talking about? He explained why the ship was
      only good kicking at noobies. Bad concealment and not fast enough. If a
      destroyer (and not a cruiser like the kitakami) with good concealment and
      fast capabilities (like almost any destroyers) had 40 torpedoes, no matter
      if Japanese or American, it will be slightly better anyway. Like, you know,
      the soviet destroyer gremyashchiy…

    • TroublingStatueVII

      +GuardsmanGary It’s not bad because it’s Japanese, but because it’s a one
      trick pony(and many other reasons) as Jingles said in the video. What
      nation the ship is from doesn’t matter in the slightest.

    • +GuardsmanGary Did you listen to what Jingles had to say? Kitikami was a
      Tier 8 CRUISER with a Tier 3 gun armament, cruiser visibility and a
      buttload of tubes. I played in CBT and can tell you these things got
      focus-fired on as soon as they were spotted and generally died very quickly.

    • +GuardsmanGary If it was an american destroyer, it would have had guns that
      are designed to be fired at a target,not some black painted bamboo in a
      disguise as a gun…
      And an american destroyer with 40 10km range torps,about 7km spotting
      distance and decent guns would be praise-singing-worthy….

  111. Oh Jingles, you always know how to complete my day.

  112. Oooh so that is how smokeskreen works ty Jingles :)

  113. Recently i just swiched from WoT to warships and im playing american
    cruisers, can someone explain when should i use AP (sometimes i can’t pen
    battle ships and sometimes i over pen light armored warships and don’t do
    full dmg) or should i just mindlessly spam HE?

    • +JohnnyMaverik Actually i should argue against my own comment because even
      with 203mm guns i still use HE (My Atago does very well in this regard).
      Japanese Cruisers have a hard time around tiers 3 to 5 with American
      cruisers, but its when the Japanese Heavy cruisers with dual turrets start
      doing well, i just click a single time with all turret, 203mm HE does well
      in this regard, instead of playing like a battleship by full broadsiding.

    • +Mirza Ajanovic some mechanics first… hitting and penetrating citadel
      with AP = 1,0x damage of the shell, overpenetration = 0,1x damage,
      non-citadel penetrations are 0,333x damage. Penetration in a ship section
      that was previously badly damaged (darker with modeled damage) deals 0,165x
      damage of the shell. Also destroyers don’t have citadels, so hits into
      their boiler rooms are 0,5x damage. +RNG ofcourse.
      1 fire does 0,3% of maximum ship HP per one second, (ship can burn on 3
      places, 3 fires = 0,9%. Also aircraft carriers do take 0,4% of max. HP per
      fire due to their wooden decks).

      In Battleships, I shoot only AP, battleships are all about the massive
      citadels, but your AP will do almost nothing to destroyers, so that is the
      only exception when you need HE. But I prefer to avoid shooting at DDs and
      let someone else take care of him.

      Destroyers shoot HE at everything ang go for fires.

      Cruisers are the interesting ones. In my opinion, if I can penetrate him
      and he is offering me his unangled broadside, I will shoot AP and go for
      citadels. If I can’t penetrate him, or he is angling well, HE it is.
      Obviously HE for destroyers and for battleships to set them on fire (some
      exceptions here, for example Japanese tier 10 cruiser Zao has strong enough
      guns to penetrate citadels of T10 battleships even at close range).

    • +Mirza Ajanovic AP against cruisers at all times, HE against destroyers and
      carriers at all times (you will overpenetrate destoyers with AP and setting
      carriers on fire prevents them from launching aircraft) and against
      battleships: at long range you fire AP, at close range you either fire HE
      into the superstructure or AP into the side armour (just above the
      waterline) at the front or rear of the ship – the battleship’s belt armour
      covers the entirity of the centre of the ship, so I wouldn’t bet on your
      chances of penetrating that with cruiser-calibre AP. It doesn’t cover the
      front or rear to well however, and you can still achieve citadel pens if
      you hit the area below the gun turrets (I think at least).

    • +CynCellArby14 Trust me the Japs are even worse off 😛

  114. I bought it, realised how bad it was and never played it 🙁

    I didn’t realise they added the smoke and nor did I know the destroyer
    mechanics, so thanks for that.

    Can you do an instructional video from your perspective of avoiding
    torpedos? I am fed up of watching battleships (and others) with no idea how
    to avoid torpedo bombers. I know you have explained it time and time again,
    but an instructional first person video with your soothing voice might not
    make a difference but will certainly make a nice goto video to point the
    idiots too. Most of the time they wait for the damn torps to be in the
    water before even attempting to turn…. Arrgghhhhh!

  115. Jingles as a CBT IJNDD veteran i must say kitakami was more agile than
    fubuki; faster, more maneuverable. only thing fubuki had was its upgraded
    torpedoes having 15km stock ones are same but fubuki has 9 of them with not
    so good consealment ability. It was a bit smaller than kitakami but it had
    10700(?) health. So i think after they gave smoke to kitakami giving 8km
    consealment would make it OP. Its good that they deleted it.

    • Also kitakami’s target area over players is much bigger than tier8-9 DDs
      target area. Kitakami can hit dummies and normal ones 20 torpedo spam means
      it can hit an average joe. BUT fubuki and kagero can only hit dummies. 9-8
      torps with not so good consealment means you will rarely hit and normal
      ones can avoid getting hit by 8 torpedoes. Good ones you say? Huh? i doubt
      they get hit at all. For example a 67 knot torpedo in game has 2.1 km
      consealment distance and it will go 1km in 5.5secs. So these torpedoes will
      travel 10km in 55secs. What does that mean? It means target has 55 secs to
      turn a bit. Torpedoes will miss mostly. You see how hard it actually is to
      land torpedoes on people? Fubuki has 57 knot torps with 15km(10km62knots
      being stock) those torps travels 1km in 6.5sec… Now the next time you get
      hit by ship launched torpedoes blame %100 on yourself.

  116. Hey jinglees wot is coming to the xbox one on the 28th and I was wondering
    if you could except replays from the xbox one? If so that would be awsome.

    • Ok thanks for the feed back

    • +Isaac Hendee Not unless you can upload to WoTreplays since Jingles does
      not accept replay files. But expect it not to work as the Xbone is pretty
      much a closed platform on all fronts.

    • +Isaac Hendee Probably not, as he doesn’t have any xbox consoles. The only
      option would be if you could use the replays on PC, but I highly doubt that
      will be possible.

  117. no history about teh kitakami today jingles?? haha

  118. If Wargaming had given the Kitakami more accurate performance, with the
    Type 93 ‘Long Lance’ torpedoes having the historical effective range of
    22km at 50 knots, and a maximum fire range of 40km at 36 knots, then maybe
    it would have been a better ship. But gods forbid Wargaming actually does
    something historically accurate.

    • +Saul Tigh The problem with “Historical accuracy” is that it’s an arcade
      level game. You would have maps that were twice as large (at least) with
      some of the high-tier battleships able to fire from one side of the map all
      the way to the other and then some, and many torpedo-bearing ships able to
      shoot torpedos with that kind of range too.

      People rage about Torps and Battleships killing them from range now. Can
      you imagine if the VERY first thing to happen in every game was that all
      the battleships would fire their guns and all the destroyers would fire
      their torpedos in the general direction of the other team, and 30 seconds
      later, half of each team was sunk before anyone even SAW anyone else? Is
      that really what you want to be dealing with?

      Be glad that Wargaming is focused on BALANCE and not historical accuracy.

  119. I actually rather enjoyed playing kitakami. Admittedly, it sucked when
    you’re in the open, but in maps like Arctic islands, the islands near the
    bottom of the map were really fun to play in. Torpedoes were real difficult
    to dodge in the tight corners and you could hide quickly if necessary. It
    sucked as a cruiser, but performed the role of a destroyer fairly well.
    Hope they bring her back. *Wallet starts to cry*

  120. It’s a shame they took it out – pretty much all the cruisers play very
    similarly in the Japanese line and then there was this one ship that had a
    different playstyle and it was removed because people said it was not a
    very balanced/fun playstyle – so we get it replaced with the Atago that’s
    just a carbon copy of ships already in the Japanese tech tree….

  121. Hay do u think the uss eldridge will ever be added mabey rare or stock

  122. Kind of wish I had played this cruiser… 40 torpedoes sounds fun. I’d just
    sail around launching nothing but torpedoes… for teh lols.

  123. World of Warships
    New York review

  124. ktkm could be good when teamed up with DDs to smoke ahead of it on some
    maps, but yeah, you could easily two volley the ship with a CA

  125. CrypticVmetaphor

    Couldn’t get my hands on it in CB, looking forward to getting it in OB.
    Gotta get them all, my Japanese ships ;D

  126. FIRST!111

    • +Saul Tigh 🙁 why do you have to be so mean :(((

    • Illuminarty sceambeg

      M8 u eint evan dank.

    • +Rope Manijn What an achievement. Scientists working on a cure for cancer,
      doctors, astronauts and rocket scientists are all jealous of you, random
      guy who was the first to comment on today’s video by a minor youtube

      You’ve made it to the big leagues now. This is likely to be the highlight
      of your life.

  127. Tried to upload to pornhub.
    They didn’t accept rape

  128. Double thumbs-up for the end quote 😀 Lol!

  129. 59 views club! Yay!

  130. Dangerously close to actually wanting to play this game…..*sigh*

    • +What’s Eatin’ You I’m only just now coming back to WoT after a good 9
      months or so, with the introduction of the new mode…conquest or
      something? Where you can respawn and theres multiple objectives.

      The dash and die playstyle the community has adopted over the last year was
      really disheartening, but I’ve a new Nvidea 960 coming this week so I may
      as well test it out with some tonks or boates!

    • +What’s Eatin’ You I don’t play WoT anymore but I loved the Closed Beta for
      WoWS and I still play it. It’s worth a shot in my opinion.

    • What's Eatin' You

      +C0m0rat May as well try, but it’s just like World of Tanks; get rekt,
      grind grind grind, repeat. If you don’t play WoT anymore (like me), you
      probably won’t enjoy this game.

  131. I really did not like this ship, I loved it in Navyfield but it just didnt
    live up to the Hype I wanted it to be in WoWS :(

  132. When you think about it, the Kitakami is kind of like a floating KV-2. Not
    all that fast, not all that armored, its attack doesn’t always hits but
    when it hits, things sink.

  133. apparently it’s coming back very soon according to WG

  134. Coolman785 Gaming

    Jingles im on holiday for 2 more weeks and WOWS cant run my shit laptop.
    What do?

    • +Coolman785 Gaming I am sorry, but the Jingles help line is currently out
      of order and a substitute service has been put in place.

      You are on fucking holiday! Go out, see some fucking sights, have an ice
      cream, chat up some girls/boys (unless you are quite old and then that is
      inappropriate and I recommend chatting up women/men) do something other
      than stare at a monitor all day..

    • +Coolman785 Gaming Download more porn.

  135. Darn.. Missed it for a few min.

  136. Jingles how do i send in Wows replays? How do i see my older games?

  137. I hated this thing, only thing that was worse were (and still is) torpedo

  138. Marder H murder

  139. The doorbell rings, and I unwrap the parcel to discover my magazine signed
    by the Band of Brothers cast has arrived. Then I return to my PC to
    discover a new Jingles video. And then I hear the kettle finish boiling,
    ready for more coffee 🙂

    I sense this morning is going well :D

  140. Rob Mitchell (Tango12Bravo)

    Yeah I had one, they took it back, but I ended up with the Atago.

  141. Sub 300 club! 

  142. I wasn’t sleepy anyways. (ー_ー)

  143. You’re cool james white head 

  144. No videos from Armored Warfare early access this time?

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    see a video upload for 38 seconds ago…
    no longer bored…

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