World of Warships – Kitakaze 7.8

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7.8 is out and I’m taking the Kitakaze out to enjoy myself in this fun gunboat. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier IX Kitakaze – Discord Server

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  1. No one cares about Stalingrad

  2. garrett feiereisel




  5. I’d like to see the French cruisers reviewed again.

  6. At least running aground is your claim to fame even here on the EU server it’s called pulling a Notser

  7. They should bring back the Kitakami.

  8. While the Alaska may be nice I say the RN DDs cuz it will be a DD hell hole for a while and knowing how to play them and to counter them more valuable. Plus can you do a video on testing the RN DDs vs the others nations like how fast they accelerate, how fast they can change directions, etc. Numbers can tell you so much.

  9. Will the new scalable interface result in the pulling of fewer Notsers? Stay tuned, Notser fans! In related news, Jingles gave a shout out to Notser on YouTube the other day when a ship he was commentating about hit an island. Notoriety— take it where you can get it! 🌴

  10. Stalinblyat

  11. Im Pirate_Pete_I_Think 🙂 finally Youtube famous lol

  12. Like this post for British DD’S. 🇬🇧

    Who wants to see another generic American CA anyways? Yawn… I wanna see something new.

    • Well, it’s a cruiser, so…

    • Generic? Hah! Atleast it wont be a super annoying brain dead HE spammer with idiot proof concealment. I mean, we’ve already got enough HE spammers in this game to dumb it down even more than it already is, right?

  13. @Notser your unspent go navy tokens will be exchanged for credits – 1 token for 50,000 credits. Reference 7.8 patch notes 😎

    • They also gave us plenty of warning that they were all going to disappear as soon as this patch hit. They told us at least a month ago. Not sure why it came as such a surprise to Notser, him being a CC and all.

    • Yeah i did see it, that’s why i exchanged it before the patch. 🙂

    • I got around 6 million credits. I had a bit more than 100 tokens i think.

    • Yep. I used my Eagles token on a permanent tier x camo, rest on assorted stuff. Then I did the honorable thing, switched to Sharks and got a few more. These I just took for the money exchange.Even if i tried to let my Clan plebs know via in-game msg board and our Discord server, lots off them was like “uhh, why I got 10 million shekels more today ?”

  14. You made a big deal about having survivability expert etc over the other guy but then proceeded to take 4k damage before you even fired at him

  15. 7:38 – does any1 know, why the bar at the bottom for cooldown for the main battery is way smoother while reloading, than the use of a consumable?

  16. British Destroyers….. Obviously. HMS the best S in the world

  17. Hi, Notser. Love your content. Quick question, would you consider a video on how to ease into the beginning of a 20 minute random battle? Most talk about play and “reading the map” once the game is under way, but I wanted to ask what “speaks to you” on how the battle starts in the first 30-40 seconds and how that influences your play.

  18. OMFG these DDs are soooooo fekn OP it’s nuts…. changes needed asap…. The Goz get drilled by the Jap Haru…. Just another reason for leaving this game… Enough.. Oh and sorry Notser will unsubscribe as the game will become to irrelevant… Personally leaving because slow to respond to tickets.. Ticket outcomes often suck… Company wants money not devoted players…

    • I have to agree about the Ticket outcome and also that the game is just based on money. The balancing of the ships is out of control, some ships are very strong and some other are very weak.

  19. DontBlameTheBunny

    Another poorly implemented even from WG really. I’d love to know how many tokens across all the servers went unspent because WG chose to just shut everything down so quickly and so suddenly. Could have just left the Go Navy part of the Arsenal up for another week or 2 so people could spend their points, could have sold a few more prem Go Navy containers doing that too, since people could top up their tokens that way to buy what they wanted. Just logged in to 7.8 and took a look at the new perm cammos on offer……All look like trash and all offer the same xp/credit bonuses as the cammos I already have. So ultimately pointless. Give us more cammos like Adler, Kobayoshi and the HSF ones with decent bonuses to free xp, commander xp and credits (and let us buy the damn things, either in the shop or with dubs, still can’t get Kobayoshi skins a year or so later). Rant over, looking forward to these new IJN gunboat DDs, thanks for the vids Notser 07

  20. Mmmmm the IJN dd are too overpowered … they are mini Minotaur …. unbalanced game

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