World of Warships Kitakaze and Harugumo T9 and T10 IJN cruiser Preview

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Today we take a look at two destroyers coming to World of Warships. The IJN tech tree split will finally be rounded off with the coming additions of the Kitakaze the T10 Harugumo. Both destroyers look to be glorious gunslingers, and I can’t wait!


  1. Destroyers*

  2. Cruiser, are you sure about they’re cruisers (title error)?

  3. err, the harugumo has got 5 turrets…*cough* 😉

  4. Zoup, you failled to notice the fact that Harugumo has 5 100mm turrets instead of 4…

  5. Same guns at T8-T10? *Shivers*

    And 33 kts on the T9! Not good!

    EDIT: Yes, same armour but lager HP-pool so longer time to take down enemies.

    More torps doesn’t matter on a gunboat. And 0.2 sec faster reload is not enough.

    It is an upgrade but it’s not enough.

  6. 100mm guns … at tier10 … everything except DDs is clad in 25+mm armor … not even IFHE will help there …. and the superstructure becomes saturated quickly ….

    • The Akizuki already faces t10 ships quite often and it does just fine. These ships will do even better since they are more or less better across the board in everything but concealment. Considering how you’re firing at enemies constantly in these ships, concealment is often a secondary concern.

    • Omer Bekcioglu that isnt how it works in practice. There are many more factors that go into fire setting than just the percent chance. Also keep in mind that IFHE is MANDATORY and these ships cannot be played without it.

    • USE AP. the AP is WAY better and is VERY deadly against ANY ship!
      force them to angle to you and broadside your team…they will suffer anyway.
      even without IFHE u can use HE vs angled targets for dmg (on superstructure) + fires. if u want HE dmg on BBs no matter what, u can take IFHE.

    • cobrazax without IFHE aki can’t pen the superstructure of most ships, and AP only works well against perfectly flat sides at close range (under 7 km)

    • aki can pen ANY non T8+ BB superstructire without IFHE.
      AP works well against minor angled targets if hit in weak armor (like upper side armor or low angle front/rear armor), even from a distance.

  7. *superducky

  8. So an extra turret isn’t worth noting???

  9. I’m sure these new DDs will be added after they give every blood ship in the game radar ?

  10. I just think it’s strange that they’d have a set of 3 ships that basically require IFHE to work. I wouldn’t mind giving them German style HE.

  11. the Kitakaze shouldn’t be that slow if it was based of the Super-Akizuki design, as the main reason for the design was to improve the Akizuki’s speed, in game they have the same speed and the HP pool is only 300hp better than the Aki, so there isn’t much point to the ship other than access to the tier 9 Upgrade slot…

  12. Radar cruisers approve. DD’s are dieing fast so this will force some more DD’s to play….for a while at least.

    • Paul. Yeah I’m a DD main and I’ve noticed a drastic reduction of DD players in the queue. Sorry man but I will not be grinding this line anytime soon. DDs are just not worth the investment right now. Maybe in 6 months I’ll reevaluate.

  13. Interesting line to possibly grind one day. However, with all the radar and a promise of more to come I will have to put getting these on hold indefinitely. They are not fast enough to get away and a smoke gunboat DD is just too vulnerable to Radar, torps, etc. And still no DFAA.

  14. The barrels look like toothpicks lmao… but im super hyped for these to come out!!!

  15. me parece que tendrias que cambiar de caratula de crucero por destructor no?

  16. oh 17 KM gun range :))))))))) when it rains it pours

  17. The low caliber guns, speed, and handling is not that much to be desired. :<

  18. I keep hearing you say hole instead of hull, so at first i heard A Hole

  19. Cruiser preview?
    Did Jingles take over Zoup’s YouTube title job?

  20. THE T10 HAS 5 TURRETS INSTEAD OF 4!!! MAN WTF???????????
    and this vid is about DDs NOT CRUISERS! :/

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