World of Warships – Kitakaze Impression

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Checking out the Kitakaze, new gunboat for the Japanese branch. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier IX Japanese Destroyer Kitakaze Replay – Discord Server

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  1. So many cool ships to research, so little XP 🙁

  2. Is there going to be a fix for radar, there is to much now and its getting harder and harder to play DDs now. Radar last to long and reaches out to far. I am radared for at least half of the game and cant help the team

    • IK, it seems like if you want to cap at all you have to be prepared to lose half your health in the first 5 minutes literally every game.

    • is there any fix for dd torp ? they just do too much damage!! most of those dev struck Battleships, everygame

    • Shanewas Ahmed yes, funnily enough, there is a fix for DD torps. It’s called using WASD hax and to stop camping base.
      Torpedoes are actually extremely hard to hit if the target isn’t sailing in a straight-line at a constant speed or isnt sitting still ya know…

    • Shanewas Ahmed have you ever played the shimakaze? Enemy ships can see them from 2km away. It makes hitting anything really difficult.

  3. Alfred Conqueror

    # Not my Grozovoi

  4. Supreme Flagship

    This ship (like Akizuki before it and Harugumo after it) is supposed to be AA destroyer. So… where is the DefAA?

    • Nanchisan Nanchisan

      They can maybe add a small multiplier, maybe like x2or even X1,75 and of course doing a panic mode cause without that the turning circle radius is awful

    • If the base DPS on the 100mm guns being so high is why the Akizuki line don’t get Defensive AA, Wargaming should just give it a 2x instead of 4x multiplier.

    • Supreme Flagship

      H K You mean 25x DefAA, like Hood has for it’s rocket launchers? With such DefAA Akizuki, Kitakaze and Harugumo will be the best AA ships in the game.

    • Bot planes in co-op are much weaker then real player planes. Bots dont take the modules that improve plane health, they do not have the skill that increases squadron size, and they lack the module upgrades that move planes up 1 tier (higher speed and health)

    • USSEnterpriseA1701

      RedXlV or make it only apply to the mid-range guns. Kind of how HMS Hood’s only applies to the UP launchers.

  5. Notser, there is a available mod that is in aslains mod and nicknamed x marks the spot tells you where the shells you fired will land on the minimap. With the current minimap features such as last spotted location as well as direction line, it allows blind shot or smoke shot easily by using the x marks the spot mod. Again this is totally available on aslains and IMO should be removed.

    • Kameel Hutcherson

      KnifeXLight it’s also in the wargaming official mod station. If it’s in the mod station wargaming is ok with it being in the game. It’s not even that useful for shooting targets in smoke unless they are sitting still which is a big no no. Notser mentioned that he was moving which means he was going away from his last known position marker meaning players were seeing where his fire was coming from and tracing it back to the source. The fact is players are getting better at shooting people in smoke. People have been showing people how to shoot into smoke forever now so it’s a good thing people are learning.

    • Kameel Hutcherson True, I learned how to smoke shoot from flamu and other streamers, but that mod still seems like cheating.

      One clan member used it to see what the hype was about and he mentioned that it made it so much easier to predict small movements of dds smoke firing as well as some other cases; bb movement patterns, cruiser movement trend, etc. In my experience a Yamato one shot me in a Zao when I was only spotted by another ship in a cyclone. I had seen other cases of this mod abused in cyclone such as a invisifiring with high hit accuracy. I was not shooting in a CA but was ship spotted by a DD while another DD of the enemy team was hitting me 80% of the time. The invisifiring DD admitted of using the mod to track my movement and fire accordingly. And yes I was using wsad to move around but while dodging torpedoes from the first DD spotting me.

    • Kameel Hutcherson

      KnifeXLight maybe in cyclone but I hit targets in cyclone without using the mod by watching where friendly ships splashed and hits show up. Even if no ship is firing on the spotted ship in cyclone I saturate the area of the ship where I last saw the ship. Once I draw a bead on heading, speed etc I’m pretty accurate without the mod. To me the mod only helps me access location information faster. I can see people who don’t have much natural skill “abusing” it but it’s completely capable to continue to hit targets consistently without the mod in cyclone.

    • Kameel Hutcherson I do the same as well in regards to hitting ships in cyclone but it takes a while before I get to the target. The mod itself can yes get the target faster but it also allows them to follow up shelling by chasing the target. The fact you can hit a target accurately like that and doesn’t take any skills and requires aid of the mod seems like cheating. All I’m saying is that this mod should be removed from aslains mod and the official wg mod pack. I don’t know if you agree of it being removed but to me it seems like clearly cheating, similar to aim assisting programs you would find in CSGO.

  6. Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

    Here to again comment… That Kitakaze which is Akizuki Kai – was designed to carry Shimakaze’s experimental high pressure boilers to throttle to 36-37 Knots… God knows why WG retained the same 33knot speed as Akizuki it should not be the case…

    • Oh, it’s actually much simpler than that. The reason is to make sure that Khabarovsk is still a good 10+ knots faster.

      I mean, could you imagine a game by WG that featured Japanese ships that were actually competitive to their Russians counterparts? Neither can I…

    • Nanchisan Nanchisan

      Basically this yeah

    • It’s insane that Wargaming isn’t giving this the correct 36.7 knot top speed.

  7. I’m looking forward for this IJN torpedo-DD line!

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      Technically they are a Gunboat line. But hey I guess they are somewhat better than their torpedo line alternative with their torpedoes – thanks to being able to mount both Smoke and TRB. Something the Shiratsuyu misses.

  8. Why Notser!? Now people will see that shes a usable Jap DD and get her nerfed to the ground!

  9. Game ends with 1,000 v 31.

  10. The Budgie Admiral

    “…,the AA…” fails to kill two floatplanes for around 20 seconds…

    But what I would like someone to try is to turn this into a torpedo boat with alternate guns, like some people play the Germans. Adrenalin rush, superintendent, torpedo armament competence, jack of all traits and stuff. Knowing that you have some of the scariest guns in the game to back you up as well as great health, combined with decent torpedoes… That does sound great.

    • That just screws up the timing with TRB meaning you may be able to fire more torpedos but they will probably end up being staggered, which can reduce the number of hits.

  11. Chase said this line was awful, but honestly from what I’ve seen in this game, it’s very good. Great video Notser!

    • General Cartman Lee

      Different players, different opinions.
      You can pick any random ship and you will find people who love and who hate it.
      There are even players hating the North Carolina…

  12. Still wait for good german dds

  13. Raymond van Rijn

    This looks really good

  14. Hiding behind islands while firing. Can’t even watch this.

  15. Notser, you’re such an oddball. Every other WoWs CC I’ve seen so far have criticised these ships to death, and here you are praising it.

    • Keith Pruitt So far there are two minor contrarians in the wg cc program. Yuro and Notser. Yuro with his anti-radar des memes build and notser with this. it’s quite fun watching this kind of opinion though.

    • Warren H I agree.

    • kitakaze is decent in the current state I think, only harugumo is stupid, even Flamu considered kitakaze as a decent ship

    • iChase has no idea how to play the IJN gunboats. Kitakaze needs a tad more speed, otherwise it’s great. And Harugumo needs a better turning circle, otherwise it is great, too.

      I noticed Notser is the only CC that actually knows how to play these ships properly. Initial positioning is everything because you can’t outmaneuver other DDs, but at the same time you can’t be a coward. You need to use your large HP pool to bully other DDs at ranges that are close enough for you to annihilate them with your guns, but not close enough to get torpedo’d yourself, since the Akizuki, Kitakaze, and Harugumo don’t have great turning ability. That means sticking around 5-7km, which is sometimes hard if you’re contesting a cap.

    • People always complain about ducky’s maneuverability but it’s not even that bad. Once you have played DDs infused with vodka, you will quickly learn that her turning circle is actually decent while with speed flag and speed boost module, top speed and acceleration is no longer an issue either.

  16. any ideas on what the legendary mod will be on the harugumo?

  17. Happy Fourth of July Notser!

  18. That shrouded 6 torp launcher looks really nice too.

  19. One trick I learned from another ytber was using the sea plane for watching where shots come from in smoke if you’re not entirely sure where they are. You can get a general idea of which direction they are moving in from it which is nice if you’re not entirely sure where to shoot.

  20. Thanks for your warming up Notser in showcasing the T9 alternative, Now lets get on with what we are all here for…… The Haragumo! How does it play? Cant wait to get your EXTENSIVE review on this T10 alternative ship especially want to hear your opinion about her role in random battles as well as in Clan Battles! Thanks in advance!

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