World of Warships: Kitakaze – Ranked Deja vu

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A match that’s very similar to the last one. It honestly felt like a deja vu at the start.

World of Warships footage of the tier 9 Japanese Kitakaze.


  1. Hello and first?

  2. Russian Bias always protect.

    Kitakaze is truly your waifu confirmed :3

  3. man, I still remember that beachhead vid which forced me to play poe (and im still playing it)
    just want to say thank you for all the content, even if less popular than others, it still helps a lot with wows, even for a unicum like me

  4. Oh. Rankakaze again.

    Well played, Aerroon!

  5. Elitemole1825 Royale163

    A very good battle . And excelent team. Kitakaze is a wonderful ship.

  6. Enemy Musashi: I see metal fishesh! (turning180 and leving the other of the tm to fight)
    5 minutes later : O! I m the last one, now its my time!! Dying emidietly

    • There isn’t a whole lot you can do as a Musashi in a battle like that. Mush jjust has terrible HE and since the AP nerf you can’t _really_ threaten a DD with them either. The only silver lining is that AP overpens are not counting towards saturation, so your firends might be able to do a little more damage than they would otherwise expect. But still.

    • @Snagabott Pretty much this. Although, I think what Musashi could’ve done was to go to the A-B caps early, instead of going to C. That way she would’ve been part of the main fight.

  7. I envy you Aerroon. For me it is so hard to even achieve rank 10. After getting to rank 10 I just surrendered >_< The only time I got all the way to rank 1 was for one of the Sprint Rank season.

    • Ranked definitely rewards good play, but it also requires you to stick through all the poor situations that you have no control over. Unfortunately, ranked is also much shorter if you are doing well. I ranked out in <80 games here. If my win rate had been just a few percentages lower, then I'd likely be looking at 100+ already.

  8. You are a better man than me Aerroon… I run out of reports, but rarely complements. 🙂

  9. Котэ Потолочный

    I thought there will be some eurobeat

  10. Why does WG limit compliments? Seems idiotic.

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