World of Warships: Kitakaze – Ranked Solo Warrior

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My team became a bit too overeager and decided to throw. Luckily, I was a bit more cautious and was able to pull out a victory still.

World of Warships footage of the tier 9 Japanese destroyer Kitakaze in a ranked match.


  1. I liked playing the Seattle… In a 1vs1 it outperforms any cruiser because of its massive DPM

  2. I just finished 1st rank tier 7 Sea, kinda inspired by your Kitakaze video before. Hmm, when the tier 9 began ?
    I started t7 with Akatsuki, then Myoko, Indianapolis, and the last battles with New Orleans. I liked the last two ships. For t9 i may try Kitakaze, Yuugumo, Georgia. I have Alaska but not the captain.

    Congrats for the solo warrior. Your team derped but at least some enemies also doing the same. The FDG made a mistake to cap or trying to chase a DD idk which one or both, when he has already spend the sonar. Judging how bad his reaction to your decisive torp salvo. In combination with enemy Yuugumo whos trying to encircle you or getting the other cap instead the closest one.
    Im not saying because of that, your win was purely luck tho. I enjoyed the video. No matter how good a player, it is normal to do mistakes like the FDG did. Plenty of factors came into play. Like exhaustion, toxic team chat, idk which one, just guessing.

    • This was the last full season, not sprint. Ended about a month ago.
      I think the FDG was fine. You can’t expect to avoid all the torpedoes. The one who did poorly was the Yuugumo I think.

    • @Aerroon Oh i see. I dont even know when the season start lol.

    • @Aerroon So he was trying to put you under his secondaries range, and it would be successful if Yuugumo agreed. I makes more sense, i need to apologise to FDG.

  3. Hey Aerron. I cannot decide what should I buy T-61 or Z-39. What do you think if you take into account current MM of tier 6 and 7 ships?

    • I don’t know about T-61, sorry, but Z-39 is an incredibly strong DD. It’s the tankiest T7 DD and it has good conceal and hydro. Its only downside is DPM. But I don’t know about the T-61.

  4. That Jean Bart apparently wasn’t all that loved by your team!

  5. I wonder if your teammates know what the objective of rank battle is ^_^;;

  6. Wait, when did this ranked season start?!

  7. Do a game in the Ibuki!

  8. Committing sodoku?

    I don’t think the Roon had enough brains to play sodoku

  9. Ah kitakaze, my most loved and most hated DD in the game

  10. hahahaha the enemy retarded BB roaming around cap A blames their DD 😀

  11. Thomas Uhre Pedersen

    I was playing the Roon..
    The reason for me sailing away in the begining was not to show side after being spotted.. Later in the game I wanted to help the guys at B, therefor I moved towards B and attacked the F.Der.Groge..
    I think I did okay. I was second on the list in the end (for our team).

  12. stefanos perivolaris

    Turn cc on xD

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