World of Warships: Kitakaze – Somebody Is Mad

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I had a decent Kitakaze game, but somebody didn’t like that very much. It was pretty funny.

World of Warships footage of the tier 9 Japanese destroyer Kitakaze.
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  1. Hard C, not soft C. Implackable.

  2. >not play wows for a while
    >see notification with this film
    >read kitakaze and think of kitakami
    >be fookin excited for torpedo queen comeback
    >start the video
    >realise you mistaken kitakaze with kitakami
    >be sad

  3. Giggles is too OP, War Gaming please nerf

  4. Yes because it makes perfect sense to launch torps and then immediately start shooting guns at the same target and letting the enemy know you are there! Then what, you wonder why they so easily doges your torps?

    • No, actually that is the right strategy. You distract people with your guns so they can’t dodge your torps properly. This is how I use my Mogami torps. The problem here is that guy didn’t spread his torps, it was all bunched up.

  5. Love the vids.

  6. unable to be appeased or placated.
    unable to be stopped; relentless.


  8. Once I’ve been reported for using my guns in destroyer instead of torpedoes.

  9. That shima pro at the end xD

  10. Implacable is pronounced “Implacable” not “Implacable”. happy to help

  11. The Royal navy had armored decks on all of their carriers I think. If not, then it was most of them. I’m not sure what the values are in game, but that’s why you couldn’t pen.

  12. Can you post your captain too

  13. That ending chat box was worth the wait to the end LOL
    I usually just close the window once the game was over >_<

  14. I’m on summer vacation and back at my home. Played WoWs for the first time in 5 months. Got Kraken in my Mogami… Hell Yeah!!!

  15. I just call it Kitty-Kaze. :3

  16. Execpt for Harugumo and kabarosk AP shell up to 280 mm can do only overpen with 10% of citadel damage for all dd

  17. with broadside CV I always try to aim in a way that HE strikes the side armor and not the deck (if superstructure is too hard to hit) shells usually don’t shatter on side armor of CV

  18. >I like interactions like this
    >bc they are just funny
    let’s meet at 4chan in /int/ or /b/ …
    *Why you mad? it’s just game.gif*

  19. The Implacable has an armored flight deck

  20. IM PLAQUE ABLE, roll it all together = Implacable

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