World of Warships – Kitakaze | Still Kinda Busted

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Kitakaze is and always will be my top pick when it comes to high tier DDs. Whatever it faces, in most cases, it can deal with. A real joy to play.
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  1. Drydock Dreams Games

    Kita is love. Kita is beauty. Kita is life.

  2. 12:00 that evil laugh 😆.. btw robin, thats just 70% dpm of a Colbert without any AR 😁. If you could get your hands on Colbert, I’m sure you can have this laugh every game. Its like 2x kitakaze firepower.😅

    • @The Sailing Robin why are you bothered to get citadeled in colbert anyway though¯_(ツ)_/¯

      you won’t let your enemies mess you 😜

    • Colbert can’t apply its DPM very well though. Even with IFHE it can only pen 26mm (27mm cruiser bow/plating says “fuck off”) while Kita without it already gets 30mm pen and with IFHE 37mm wich takes it over the magical 32mm AKA Bows get melted and Frenchies have to run. Apart from no citadel, also: no smoke, way worse concealment and shit ballistics. I’d take Kita every day over Colbert.

    • @Xirtax i agree to all, but i only spoke of dpm.. not utility

    • The Sailing Robin

      @Xirtax Colbert is a meme ship. Kita means buisness.

    • @Jagat Kiran And he’s talking about Effective Dpm 🙂

  3. Kitakaze completely Colbert with better velocity and torp.

  4. Dude that was fun and engaging mate.
    You should’ve renamed it the Japanese CIWS

  5. Robin that laugh is amazing😭

  6. Damn i love these videos… Do you plan doing a Thunderer, Georgia or Alaska video like this?
    anyway about the Sov. Soyuz, he probably did use both Kuznetsov and a Heal. I did find myself doing it a lot with the soviet BBs, cuz it turns out to be like a semi superheal when you have both at the same time.

  7. I really enjoy you commentaries like no one else’s in the wows youtube community! Pls keep it up 😀

  8. I didn’t know Robin could sing like that… You have a crooner’s voice mate. Album when?

  9. The shown captain must be incorrect when you got 3 consumables each. Apart from that, nice video as usual^^. Kita is awesome, it’s a damn wonder it hasn’t been nerfed yet.

  10. Kids look away

  11. I just met TheSingingRobin

  12. Jutland gets nerfed but Kita is fine 😄
    Good job crushing those Decepticons

  13. Like DIO with that laugh.

  14. That was dirty, love it.

  15. Never thought a rainbow was this disgusting… love it!

  16. “A close game”….. OK robin…..

  17. Would love to see the “Graf Spee” in your Hands, you are so skilled man

  18. This reminds me the harumemes vídeo with the minigun and the laugh lol

  19. That poor Georgia. F

  20. Looks like Robin you don’t like the transformers voice. For me it’s the war hammer one. Also the Russian version of Ovechkin is like him talking at 5 am just woke up after night xD.
    But anyways good replay and again showing how crazy this ship is. GG.

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