World of Warships – Kitakaze & The Sweatiest Carry Yet

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Grab your popcorn.
It’s gonna get sweaty.


  1. Is it me or are there 30 seconds missing at the end?
    Great job though, my kill record is only 7 x)
    Happy that you are back 🙂
    Edit: the 30 sec are back, it was only the Premiere bugging out


    Yay new vid ?

  3. Wow that game was crazy, thanks Robin for your work!

  4. with so much teamwork and damage you should sent it to Mighty Jingles. It can also bump your channel

  5. The quality of your work is amazing

  6. The beast game I ever see. The most import things is you still humble. Keep the Work going. I can’t wait to see another video.

  7. Talk about a close game! and glad to see you are back again always a pleasure to watch your commentaries 🙂

  8. At the end I jumped up and started cheering like I was watching a sporting event lol

  9. You should send this clip to The Mighty Jingles. I would love to hear his commentary on this battle

  10. Shout outs to Youtube for making the premiere start lagging while he was fighting the Scharnhorst

  11. ggwp. this was a lot of fun to watch. you always do such a good commentary and editing. great work!

  12. Is that what the highest DPM in the game looks like?

    *cold chills*

  13. Jingles would be thrilled to see this, outstanding performance:)

  14. a sailing robin video on a sunday night.
    this is a good night
    love this commentary style

  15. Cant believe what I just witnessed…

    Holy crab!

  16. I guess that one dislike was the Scharnhorst ?
    Awesome video Robin. Good to see you again 😀

  17. Yeah… I learned I need to get my hands on Isoroku

  18. It’s good to see and hear from you again Mate. I have missed you. Rock on. Namaste. D.

  19. i’m already starting to miss your voice already

  20. I watched this yesterday live in the premiere and had to watch it again today. Luck and skill came together and gifted you with this absolutely great game. This is a game worth watching over and over again over the years to come. if not already you entered the hall of fame with this game.

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