World of warships – Kitty Cat Harekaze

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  1. I had to honor the gift 😉

  2. I still can’t believe I got Hentai and Runner mixed up in my chat comment. Please send my apologies to Hentai. :-p

  3. Wish someone would gift me a harakaze

  4. National voices overwrite standard voice.

  5. Harekitteh.

  6. What hull were you using?

  7. 10/10 best camo ever

  8. Weeb Hentai will be proud of you

  9. that moment in the stream I was just like “whoa” at the guy who is trying to find the purpose in life. this coming from the bloke who named himself theultimateturd on twitch

  10. Prrrrrr…

  11. Seriously! That Torpedo beats?! Holy shit. RNGesus loves you. If that was me i would have been BLAPPED by that torp. And what was up with that Shima? Streamsniping much? He seemed to know exactly where you were the entire time shooting those torpspreads.

    Great duell with those 2 DDs. I must get better at using AP to DDs broadside, usually so focused at spamming HE at everybody.

  12. MeWow flambass, gg

  13. This was my favorite game replay.

  14. Willcome to the weebs with cute Girls and the best camos ?
    Enjoy your stay ^_^

  15. She going through male sex change therapy, don’t judge lol.

  16. They are all traps… ?

  17. Looks like the Loop map has a big Hard on for your HSF girl. lol. Once you see it you can never unsee it. Kinda like the Arrow in the FedEx name. Sorry had to.

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