World of Warships: Klas Horn Says Hi to Red CVs!

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A highlight from Twitch Stream where we were playing the Klas Horn we were able to hunt down some Aircraft Carriers!
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  1. Only 360p ?

  2. Mejash, I am a flight instructor. No, you can not get your entire private pilot certificate by simulator such as Flight Simulator X or the new FS 2020. You can have a small amount of hours in an FAA certified flight simulator like a Red Bird for example. Airline pilots do all of their recurrent training in flight simulators as doing them in actual 737s would be extremely expensive. I will say that I have well over 5,000 hours of time between all of the Microsoft Flight Simulators from FS1 to FSX and airial combat games like Aces High (great game by the way). It made my actual flight training super simple to where I got my private in the minimum hours required by the FAA. I am looking forward to FS 2020 and breaking out my yoke, throttle, and rudder peddals. Oh, and I do recommend getting the rudder peddals. You can get a decent set for around $500-$600.

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