World of Warships: Kleber – Crazy Ranked XP

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Arms Race gave my team a huge amount of XP in Ranked. I guess everyone must’ve played well!

0:00 Game
16:35 End Screen
18:37 Port – Commander Skills & Upgrades

World of Warships footage of the tier 10 French destroyer Kleber on the map Sleeping Giant.


  1. AgedSwissCheese :

    everybody gansta till Aerroon pulls out the french accent

  2. Tomasz Witosławski

    Second and dandy!

  3. I have never seen these kinds of XP numbers across a team before.

  4. Kleber is by far one of my favorite ships in the entire game, the guns work amazingly well with HE and AP, torps are good for yolo, and the speeeeeeed

    • I love to yolo with Kleber. I have caught soo many people off guard coming around islands aggressively or even using speed boost to get into my opponents corner if there is an island and coming up behind them basically. Soo fun

    • It’s all fun and games until you get a CV match. You are now a cruiser.

    • There is only one DD that can defend against that monster and it is Daring along with his dpm, smoke and hydro and it is usually really bu surprise.

  5. Kleber should have Benny Hill music in the background.

  6. My fav part of all your videos is the start is sped up ~get to the action and you do just that.

  7. Woah that’s crazy i wish i had those numbers mine are 200 XP lul

  8. The team carried the team lmao

  9. Some would say playing ranked makes you crazy

  10. OMG there is a DD on the opposite side that I am firing on, and he is not even bothering with torps yet. I have had the pleasure to burn BBs like that down or torp them when they got frisky turning their turrets, threatening me.

  11. The player in last place on your team had more points than the top player on the red team…..nice game though.

  12. Still that friendly thunderer managed to tank an entire losing flank, pull some of them out and about the entire match, and survive.. just an amazing team all together.

  13. I use the video to improve my English, I’m Brazilian hehehe

  14. About says Estonian but accent sounds almost Irish

  15. 13:25 “We have me – Mario!”

  16. You get xp on getting buffs.. here’s the mistery

  17. Wow, I’ve never seen such broken xp modifier before

  18. I don’t really know. Someone could math it out I guess.

  19. KAB has left the chat.

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