World of Warships: Kleber – Long Range HE Spam

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I said that the you could do the same thing in the Kleber as the Marceau. This time we’re doing the same thing as in the Marceau.

footage of the 0 French destroyer Kleber on the map Tears of the Desert.


  1. Told you that it’s the same in Kleber!

  2. Really early but do not know what to say.

  3. Why did you upload same video as last one? Oh well, nice work anyways.

  4. 0:54 huh “shy-ma-case” ?

    Edit:Appologize for that, it’s spell more like “she-ma-ka-z” or “she-ma-ka-z(a)”

  5. Good video. Works best muted, though.

  6. That was therapeutic. I can’t help but smile when BB players get roasted-you just know most of them are raging because some player is scratching their paint.

  7. I really enjoy the videos and slowly working my way on getting this ship. It looks so fun.

  8. Can you and Zerra play together with Swedish DD ??

  9. That “bug” @2.50 has not been taken out of the game since it left beta! wtf WG if you run into another ship you can’t get off it even when both ships are trying to turn away its Stupid beyond belief after all this time! 🙁 but hey the UI is still as laggy as the day one but hey let’s introduce more lines instead of fixing the basics! Only in Russia I guess……cheers

    • I disagree about the UI. The UI is miles better compared to what it used to be. It’s still not great, but it’s SOOOOOOOOOO much better compared to the past.
      I know what bug you’re talking about, but I don’t think it was really much of a thing here. I just kinda refused to back off in a timely manner because I hoped the BB would just get past me quickly enough.

  10. Sniper, but with a flammethrower, on a race car

  11. Kléber is DEAD!
    As her commander with over 800 battles with her I suggest you to sell her! ^^

  12. Good thoughts, Bad thoughts

    great vid

  13. Yeah it’s boring now and i never play it anymore….

  14. stefanos perivolaris

    genova can sap spam

  15. WTF. The title and description of the video just disappeared. Wat.

  16. Manorscape Gardening

    Problem with HE spam is the buff-ability of the range on the guns. One can stay so far from the ship you’re spamming that it hitting you is more a function of random RNG than anything else.

    Take that out and the spam would self balance.

  17. Gj. I don’t have the Kleber yet. But, I will.

  18. 210K damage and no kills 🙂
    GG though…

    • Frank Dantuono kills don’t equal contribution

    • That was my point dude. I can’t tell you how many carries I’ve seen where the best player has +200K damage and like one kill.
      To the point, I once got 7 kills and only 58K damage and did little to help the team (all luck, no skill).
      That’s why ithis game had a funny result. He carried the team big time and got no kills to show for it.

  19. Who wants Khaba
    if you can spam like this
    without eating full pens

    • Man, Khaba offers twice of this firepower, you just need to dodge, or at least angle as they nerfed the shit out of her rudder

  20. WoWS has turned into a naval arson simulator

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