World of Warships: Kleber – New Legendary “Upgrade”

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Kleber got a Legendary Downgrade (Upgrade) in the latest patch. It makes her into a torp boat and doesn’t appear to be very good.

World of Warships footage of the tier 10 French destroyer Kleber on the map Mountain Range.


  1. just some guy Yelling at Clouds

    Yaaay no. Very stupid upgrade. Has to much of a downside compared to upsides.

  2. Ah. I missed the chance to call it a Legendary Downgrade.

    • Like most of the LUs/UUs, not Legendary or Ultimate and hardly an upgrade as originally advertised. The good ones got FUBAR like the DesMoines LU slot 5 with all that acceleration now just a shadow of it’s former self…

    • they overnerfed it…just like the shima upgrade.
      the bonus is great but the penalty is too extreme

  3. Stealthy Yolo rush… So we have a French Paolo Emilion with this sidegrade.

  4. Nice game. The cv player committed the classic movie mistake of not making sure the guy is dead.

  5. llljustcallhimDave

    Don’t forget when killing a CV in a DD to tell them “Just Dodge”

  6. Very weird “upgrade” in my opinion. I see what they are going after with this, but 8 km torp boat just doesn’t cut it any higher that T7. If this nerfed guns more moderately (like 40 %) or did something else weird for the better concealment, it would be a fun meme modification, but this is just sad.

    Imagine making the gun range like 8 km so that it would be awful even with AFT. Kleber would be the absolute ambush unit with 6.2 km concealment, but she just couldn’t do the long range gunboating, which is the thing that she stole from Khaba. Radars would make her completely useless but other DD’s and even cruisers would still have to fear her popping from behind an island and gunning them down. Very scary meme build.

    Or the upgrade could go for a proper torp boat build and give +20 or 25% torp range on top of the current changes. The guns would still be a last resort, but she could actually do some torping without having to find super lucky opportunities. I don’t think that would still be too OP but it might just make the upgrade a viable option.

    • You would think after all these years wargaming would come up with something at least fun when you have to basically pay for legendary upgrades . But when you see the current normal upgrades which are all the same for every boats , the captains who are all clones as well , the camo and flags which are just mandatory buffs…it’s not surprise there is so little creativity .

  7. This legendary was flagged do-not-ship when we first looked at it, and as usual, the intern in charge made the executive decision to ignore all tester feedback. This wouldn’t have even passed interaction review, if they actually did any. They don’t even whiteboard stuff over there anymore.

  8. Legendary waste of time. Kleber is a gunboat, it has the speed to get close and torpedo anyway. Useless

  9. Enemy CV made an ”Aerroon” mistake – leaving a low HP ship and focusing to the next 😀 LUL

  10. Every legendary upgrade gets screwed up by wargaming- so same your coin

  11. Aerroon: Kleber Legmod is awful

    Also Aerroon: has an amazing game despite being in a Kleber’s worst nightmare of situations in Legendary Kleber

  12. bru imho this is not an upgrade but a straight up downgrade. Totally garbage.

  13. Jonathan Christiansen

    Hey Aerroon, saw you in a game yesterday. You were playing the new tier 9 Italian DD. I was the Kitakaze and said hello Youtube. Hope to see you around more!

  14. They’re Always After me Lucky Charms. Pink hearts, yellow moons, orange stars, and green clovers. They’re Magically Delicious!

  15. In ranked this happens a lot where the CV let low enemies just slip away, especially DDs. Some CV players do not even bother striking DDs because hard to hit, instead they prefer to strike cruisers. Why? because they want to gain more XP so they don’t loose their star.

  16. Imagine if the upgrade buffed AA by 30% or more for damage, but reduced your rate of fire as well by 15-30%.

  17. Welcome to full on Naval Training Center, they just waited a little until we forgot. I wish Salem gets the Des Moines legendary. She is more affordable to operate with her type 20 camo and has reduced service cost. With a health recovery build and that legendary power mod she would be a true alternative.

  18. This legendary upgrade looks like what happens when you hire bad painters. They get the color on, but they don’t tape around hinges and latches so they get stuck

  19. It feels good to see a Kl’eber moving at Halland torp speed.

  20. This upgrade shows how stupid and disconnected WG are from their own game. Lets turn a Strong DD Gunboat into a shit torp boat. Genius work WG.

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