World of Warships: Kleber – Ranked With CVs

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Playing Kleber in Ranked with CVs around. It’s not the best experience, but it seems to work sometimes.
World of Warships footage of the tier 10 French destroyer Kleber on the map Riposte in Ranked.


  1. Steilinggreid ?

  2. Rechtschreibung über alles


    Aerroon: This is where I‘d put my smoke Screen.
    If I had one!!!!!

  3. We were playing together today. You were in HIV and I was in zao. I was this stuck guy ^^

    • Man, we almost had a chance that game. Almost.

    • @Aerroon Yep, we had something like 980 points but 2 bbs died, also it was a nice try to rush me by smolensk but he didnt angle enought and i was able to kill him, also he did it kinda 15 sec too late. But I was pissed off so hard about being stuck…

  4. How can i add azurl lane voice commanders?

  5. “I call haxs!” No comrade, is balans.

  6. Is the warships podcast dead? I have not heard anything for a while.

  7. What would you recommend for a captain build for ranked in the Kleber? I love this DD but it’s really tough in Ranked

  8. Aerroon live commentary always makes me laugh.

  9. stefanos perivolaris

    Are you low at ranks because of playing with a controller? : P

  10. yup, everyone can be a winner. Except for the losers

  11. Ohhhh seems like our Commander is playing DM here (Dread seems like you are a celebrity now :D)

  12. Roon senpai: activates spood beest, goes at 3/4

  13. Aerroon, have you played CVs with a controller?

  14. Turning off AA on a kleber is a bad idea. Your air detection is 3.9km while your max AA range is 3.8km so it is actually worse if you turn it off, since you lose a little bit of DPS on planes trying to attack you.

  15. noooooooo aerroon! the RPF on kleber gang got you too!

  16. IFHE > RPF I think.

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