World of Warships: Kleber – Ranked With CVs

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Playing Kleber in Ranked with CVs around. It’s not the best , but it seems to work sometimes.
World of footage of the tier 10 French destroyer Kleber on the map Riposte in Ranked.


  1. Steilinggreid ?

  2. Rechtschreibung über alles


    Aerroon: This is where I‘d put my smoke Screen.
    If I had one!!!!!

  3. We were playing together today. You were in HIV and I was in zao. I was this stuck guy ^^

    • Man, we almost had a chance that game. Almost.

    • @Aerroon Yep, we had something like 980 points but 2 bbs died, also it was a nice try to rush me by smolensk but he didnt angle enought and i was able to kill him, also he did it kinda 15 sec too late. But I was pissed off so hard about being stuck…

  4. How can i add azurl lane voice commanders?

  5. “I call haxs!” No comrade, is balans.

  6. Is the warships podcast dead? I have not heard anything for a while.

  7. What would you recommend for a captain build for ranked in the Kleber? I love this DD but it’s really tough in Ranked

  8. Aerroon live commentary always makes me laugh.

  9. stefanos perivolaris

    Are you low at ranks because of playing with a controller? : P

  10. yup, everyone can be a winner. Except for the losers

  11. Ohhhh seems like our Commander is playing DM here (Dread seems like you are a celebrity now :D)

  12. Roon senpai: activates spood beest, goes at 3/4

  13. Aerroon, have you played CVs with a controller?

  14. Turning off AA on a kleber is a bad idea. Your air detection is 3.9km while your max AA range is 3.8km so it is actually worse if you turn it off, since you lose a little bit of DPS on planes trying to attack you.

  15. noooooooo aerroon! the RPF on kleber gang got you too!

  16. IFHE > RPF I think.

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