World of Warships – Knock knock CV gimme those damn planes NOW !!!

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I was trying to FINALLY finish a mission I’ve been chasing for a while now.

I needed 300 planes in EU DDs of tier 9 and 10. For the last 100 planes I needed more than 10 games. Carriers were avoiding me as much as they could xD

This particular battle was pretty badass. It was close as hell and enemy CV was relentless to not feed me ANY planes. It almost felt like he knew what I needed and really didn’t want me to complete it.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. So funny how the only ship in the game right now that stands of chance of holding its own against the fucking CV is the favourite DD

  2. N’th, yay! /s
    Damn I can’t wait to get my Halland. Currently on Öland and I’ve scared away couple of CV’s with it already.

    • Scare the planes, but you will be focused by cruisers a looot more lol. Planes are dangerous for spotting you only now.

  3. Hey, you’re like Jingles, you have a Portuguese sidekick !

  4. You get what you don’t want in life. Most of the time. Then when you want it, you can’t find any.

  5. Well, CVs are aware of Hallands naturally they avoid them as much as possible.
    You have nice AA, but rarely get to use it , unless you force yourself in such situation.. :’D

  6. When I play the Friesland I will see the enemy planes once at the start of the match and I wont see them again till the end or im dead.

  7. Monkey in a CV, no point in seeing how long he lasts.

  8. playing a Halland to grief cvs better watch out because wg is going to ban you for violating their policy

  9. Streamer getting bullied at his stream come and check out

  10. Alright, if that really is Portuguese then how tf do we share the same language(I’m from the big boy ex-colony)

  11. Monkey is Portuguese? I honestly thought that was a Dutch accent

  12. To get the 300 planes shot down, augh on the level 4 mission was fun. My big question most games, darn, no CV. ONe of the first matches I got 46 planes. Then it took foreverrrrrrrr with all the CV’s playing in ranked.

  13. These titles are creative

  14. What’s with the goofy looking tracers?

  15. What are his HE shells shaped as?

    I saw someone abbreviate it with letters but i dont know what it stood for. Can someone tell me in plain english what his shells are shaped as?

  16. German CVs aren’t really that good against destroyers with their AP stuff right? They’d much more prefer the juicy citadels of light cruisers, which was probably why you were ignored by the carrier. As for torping a destroyer, that’s a lot harder to do than torping battleships.

  17. If the German battleships’ 150mm secondaries were dual purpose, the enormous German battleships would have such an incredible flak and long range AA that they might rival the tiny destroyer Halland!

  18. João Victor Silva Freitas

    I speak portuguese and I didnt even understand what he said there xD
    Edit: Just figured it out
    “Se estiver, vai estar na mesa ou na cabeceira”

  19. I found using hood was good for shooting planes down because no one thinks of its AA. As a plus it has def AA

  20. Everytime, when I play the Friesland, there is no cv.

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