World of Warships – Know Your Enemy

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Sun Tzu: “Know the enemy and know yourself, in a hundred battles you will never be in peril. When you are ignorant of the enemy but know yourself, your chances of winning or losing are equal. If ignorant both of your enemy and of yourself, you are certain in every battle to be in peril.”

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  1. He sold us out! 🤣
    It’s always fun to watch your videos Jingles, don’t worry.

  2. Can’t wait to see Jingles’ reaction when WG adds premium Sub-Carrier hybrids

  3. Me (watching replay): Wow, 33.2 kts when surfaced
    (Checks Wikipedia): Max surface speed 21 kts
    Me: WTAF

    • Ye, though this game has unrealistic mechanics to make the game playable. Just look at DDs, they get only 10% penetration dmg from AP, which makes no sense, but also they can’t get “critical damage” like other ships via “citadel hit”. While larger ships have a citadel armor to protect the vulnerable parts, a Destroyer has vulernable parts, but no citadel. This is a logic, that makes no sense. It’s “Large Ships have more armor, that’s why they take more dmg”, but in realitiy, Destroyer would take massive dmg, when hitting the spots, where other ships have citadells. DDs lack in the protection, not in the vulnerable parts

    • LibraeotequeVer3 PointOh

      BB’s repair party, hydro and radar functioning through islands, and etc.
      The fact is that realism is not a priority in the arcade game known as World of Warships.

    • @LibraeotequeVer3 PointOh Fact!

  4. An underwater duel only happened once ( U 864 against Venturer).
    But there were some subs which were torpedoed on the surface. K XVI for example was sunk by I 66.

    • The Americans figured out how to hunt Japanese subs relatively decently by the end of the war as well

    • And to add an ackshually Jingles it wasn’t accidental either, Venturer was attempting to intercept U-864, initially stalking it and waiting for it to surface, when it didn’t and Venturer was running low on battery power they opted to attempt to attack it underwater. It was known to be theoretically possible, just extremely difficult.

  5. There were a couple of submarines sunk by submarine launched torpedoes in WW2. There was only one submurged submarine sunk by another submarine though.

  6. The only submerged sub vs sub kill in WW2 wasnt accidental but lady luck definitely played her hand. HMS Venturer encountered a german u-boat and the captain did all the math involved in the firing solution by hand himself, no computer or anything. They fired a spread of 4 torpedoes, 3 along the predicted path but the last one was fired along a guestimated trajectory if the u-boat dived. And thats what it did. It avoided the first three torpedoes but the errant 4th one hit home and the u-boat sank with all hands.

    So yeah, it wasnt by accident but a bit of skill and and some serious luck

    • Not the only time a submarine Vs submarine kill in WWII. Spring of 1942, a Japanese submarine caught the Dutch sub O-16 on the surface and sent a single torpedo that sank the Dutch sub.

    • @Fizwalker  my apologies, should have specified submerged. Venturer herself also sank U-771 while the u-boat was on the surface earlier in the war

    • Kristoffer Mangila

      And now the present residents of the nearby island where the U-boat sank are worrying about all the corroding containers of mercury it carried.

    • Rasmus Kragh-Hansen

      There were a number of subs that was sunk by torpedoes when caught on the surface by another submarine, but only the one submerged kill you mention.
      I found a page that put the number of U-boats at 24 sunk by submarines, most in the North Sea and the Med. I know of one Dutch sunk by a Japanese sub near Singapore/Malaysia.
      I haven’t found such a convenient list for the other major navies, but skimming the list of British sub losses, I get 5, with a 6th likely. 1 lost to friendly fire, 1 sunk by an Italian sub (guns/torps) and 3 or 4 by German U-boats.

  7. Solo warrior…….. for surviving a 1 against 4…. Oh Jingles, never change 🙂

  8. Wargaming: “I reject your reality and substitute my own”

  9. “in order to use their homing torpedoes effectively first have to ping the target with their sonar” Well in World of Warships you often want to launch the torps first and then at the right time get a hit with the sonar..

  10. How could he sink so low 🙂

    • 😂 You knew it was going to happen sometime! Why not get it taken care of now! 🤣 What if this becomes a yearly thing like War Thunder? 😮 😱 👍

  11. Jeff Lewis Racing

    Jingles Jingles Jingles, no solo warrior unless it is 1v4 and you win in randoms. But appreciate the entertainment as always!

  12. T MacDonald Watson

    I think it’s a shame Subs weren’t a bit more realistic but were allowed to choose their starting location as a pay off.
    That way they would’ve had the ambush style play, but are also more fragile and sedentary.

  13. The single biggest point of ‘ok that’s a load of crap’ for me is when a sub takes a torp or two or gets smothered by HE and just shrugs it off and dives

    • T MacDonald Watson

      Or is over-penned by 18 inch shells. 🧐 that’s an 18 inch hole going into your sub and a 25 inch or more, coming out?
      Yer just gaffa tape that up as we dive underwater. 😂😂

    • Rasmus Kragh-Hansen

      @T MacDonald Watson well it _could_ have hit a diveplane or the periscope or some other purely exterior fitting.. but the shockwave of a ton of shell nicking the hull and hitting the water at 500m/s (yes, supersonic in air) should transmit enouh energy into the hull to in some cases sink it outright.

    • And the way saturation mechanics work on submarines. Damage saturation is supposed to represent a part of the ship being so full of holes that more hits to the same spot don’t do much. Submarines saturate faster than most ships, which makes some sense because they’re not armored. However, being so full of holes that subsequent artillery hits don’t have anything to hit and damage means you’re still A-OK to dive in WoWS.

  14. You missed one piece of odd physics: the Depth Charge. They only deal damage to Subs, even when on the surface but dont leave a scratch at anything else.

    • TBF, I’d say that just goes into the more bog standard, ‘AP pens below waterline don’t cause flooding because gameplay’ reasoning.

  15. Re subs during WWII, in the Pacific theatre USN subs sank 18 Japanese subs (I-boats and RO-boats). _USS Batfish_ is credited with sinking two. Japan sank one US sub, _USS Corvina_ by _I-176_ .

    What was exceeding rare was a submerged sub sinking a submerged enemy sub.

  16. It weould be nice if WG could introduce a tick box option that would allow you to select types of ship that you didn’t want to see in battle, and only put you in battles that didn’t include those ships. Might increase waiting times a touch (like forever, for CVs – perhaps they would get the hint) but I would be happy to wait a bit longer to get in to a non bullcrap battle.

  17. I love the episodes where jingles has a massive axe to grind hahaha

  18. Great video. Also, you can see the sonar ping traveling through the water, like a faster version of a torpedo. The sound also remains focused, instead of spreading out as sound does IRL. Physics be damned!

  19. I was in my Jäger a few days ago and a Salmon player somehow managed to not only outrun me and the other ship on our side of the map, but stay submerged nearly the entire time.

    We won the battle, but I still managed to lose karma points and get called a horrible player by the players that died in the first few minutes. It was great.

  20. I was listening to a YouTube video last night about the Dutch Subs in the Far East during the early days of the War in the Pacific, and one of the Dutch Subs was sunk by a IJN Sub, using Torpedoes. They were both on the surface. And I think that I had heard some US Subs sank IJN Subs again on the surface. But Submerged Sub on Sub was very difficult and really lucky without homing wire guided tropedoes that came well after WWII.

    The one thing I really noticed about today’s Hero, is the fact that he rarely went below Periscope Depth. A Sub is a great scout, if you don’t ping and stay near the surface. No one can she you when you are at Periscope Depth unless they are almost on top of you. It like yesterday WOT video with the Light Tank that sat in the bushes for the first 60% of the game, spotting for his division mate. Like a good DD player, who get forward, spot and don’t use their guns, Subs can be very effective that way. To often I find Sub Drivers to aggressive and only interested in sinking other ships. Those ones are easy to kill.

    Last night while in a Hindy, I assisted 3 other ships (SUB, DD & Cruiser) in surrounding and sinking a Sub who pushed too far forward, too early and without any support. I assisted with my Hydro and even got to drop a couple of Depth Charges on him. (Hindy doesn’t turn quick enough to be a real good Sub Hunter!) The DD got he kill.

    I agree that WOWS is a Game and an Arcade Game at that. Little is anywhere near realistic. Time is all messed up. Sea Battle take hours, sometimes days. Everything is speeded up and WOWS tries (sometime succeeding and sometimes failing) to make playing each ship fun. Very Good Players can make any ship, with any Matchmaking do good. They carry teams and that is why their win rating is so high.

    Average Joes like me, do our best, have fun and occasionally (last night) get shown for being just average. Last night while trying to turn around in my Hindy and withdraw, a BB hit me with Broadside and took me from almost full health to dead. It happens, and he was alert enough to see me in my turn, from half way across the map, and aimed it right and I was dead! That is what Good Player do.

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