World of Warships – Know Your Ship #40 – De Ruyter Light Cruiser

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Episode 40 of Know Your Ship! In this educational video I cover the story of the De Ruyter. She was a unique, one of a kind light cruiser built by the Netherlands for service in South East Asia. As the flagship of Rear Admiral Karel Doorman of the ABDA Command she took part in many early battles against Japan in the Pacific. Anyways Captain’s sit back, relax and enjoy the story of the Dunkerque class battlecruisers.

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British Cruisers – Norman Friedman, 2010, Seaforth Publishing

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  1. Chase, would you accept well written reports on a viewers favorite ship?

    If I was to do the research on a one of my favorite ships, and send you a
    written paper with sited sources for review, would you consider doing a
    video on it?

  2. Thanks Chase,

    I love these history lessons. I know it take some time to put together but
    it is appreciated.

    Keep up the great work!

  3. Strange, that all 40mm guns were placed on ONE aft platform. One hit from a
    dive bomber (as example) could have viped out all the AA the ship had. And
    with the remaining machine guns you can´t really do much.

  4. There are 2 kinds of people that I cannot stand in this world; those who
    are intolerant of other peoples cultures and the Dutch.

  5. Wasn’t IJN Jitsu heavily damaged or sunk at Java Sea? Keep up the good

  6. Chase, nice job! While I’ve watched your tutorials and gameplay, I somehow
    missed this series. I don’t know if you remember but we ran into each other
    (so to speak – not a collision) in a WoWs match in December. I was in my
    _PA account. I’ve been meaning to shoot you an e-mail to follow-up.
    Hopefully I’ll get it on its way in a day or so. Glad you made this –
    always interested in learning about historical ships and engagements.

  7. These are my favorites!~ Thank you Chase :)

  8. The intro made me think of the Battlefield series from The Discovery
    channel the only thing missing would be an English accent :D

  9. Thanks Chase, I love this series.

  10. Could be a half decent T5 Premium Cruiser I guess.

    BTW: That ship is really ugly… :D

  11. Yeah, a Dutch ship!!

  12. I think some politicians can be blamed for the tragic defeat in the Java
    Sea and the quick occupation of the Netherlands two years earlier.
    They tried to re-arm shortly before the war, but too little, too late. I
    would love to see the design of a Dutch battlecruiser in World of Warships.
    The German occupation prevented the battlecruisers to be built, we can only
    imagine what would’ve happened if Doorman had these under his command.

  13. Such A Beautiful Cruiser,But Sunk Far Away From His Homeland

  14. how english people pronounce “de ruyter” 😛 so cute.

  15. Awesome video as usual Chase. Great job highlighting little known
    engagements and nations caught up in WWII. You do a great service honoring
    the sailors who served the navies of all nations.

  16. This might make a good tier 4 in a minor powers tree. The Polish DD could
    go into that tree as well.

  17. royal dutch ass kicking

  18. +ichasegaming Houston is not spoken Who-ston it’s spoken Hue-ston.

  19. Always enjoy this series even though I’m familiar with many of the ships
    covered. I know it won’t happen soon but do you see European ships being
    introduced to WOWs like the Pan-Asian series? Do you think that the French
    and Italian fleets have enough depth to warrant their own tech tree? Just
    curious about your thoughts. As always a good video.

  20. Look at the Royal Italian Navy Battleship Class Littorio

  21. Thanks Chase finally a dutch ship. But the big question is will we see De
    Ruyter in Wows? I hope they do include it someday and im thinking at tier 5

  22. Wooot! Know your ship! THIS IS AWESOME! :D

  23. Cool that you picked a dutch ship. Would you play it when they put it in

  24. I love know your ship.

  25. Love these videos!
    Chase, just for fun, could you come with a teir recommendation for these
    ships, fx could you see this as a tier 5 or tier 7 ship

  26. dutch guy here!!!!

  27. Nice video and especially because Im Dutch. I knew all of it allready and I
    feel a bit ashamed for the Dutch navy during WW2 since they were a lot more
    powerfull in the past (Wars with England for instance). Again a nice video
    and thanks for paying attention to the Dutch navy.

  28. hi chase, i suggest “US dd using ap only” as next monday rule challege. i
    was experienting on that at close range with my farragut and got pretty
    good result. i melted a furutaka to 99 hp and killed a pepsicola before i
    died (33000 ap damage total). i think ap isn’t ussr dd’s strength. us dd is
    equally capable using that as a mean of attack. With a higher rate of fire,
    they can do equal amount of dmg compare to ussr dd, despite the fact that
    each shell is weaker, 2100 vs 2600.

  29. you aint much if you aint Dutch. Stoeptegelterreur!

  30. haha they invaded sanur??. it’s tiny. it’s like a tourist retirement
    village now. Surabaya is in Java. it’s a huge dirty port

  31. Nice episode discussing dutch ship
    I would like to see you discus the Dutch Project 1047 battlecruisers and
    compare her to her half sister the Scharnhorst.
    Also how the Project 1047 battlecruisers would have possibly performed in
    the South East Asia theater had they been completed earlier.

  32. as soon as u said those armour values i decided nope not buying that ship
    if its not in the tech tree

  33. Chase thank you so much for this video and ofcourse all the research you
    did behind the scenes, first thing i will do if i come back home from work
    is watch this video 😀

    Atleast i will work harder now to watch this video sooner ;-)

  34. The USS Edsall DD-219 is a good story if you ever get the time.

  35. Chase, Do you think that you could do a Know Your Ship episode on the Dido
    class light AA cruisers of the Royal Navy? Thanks! :)

  36. Such a sad story when you know the story of the name

  37. Can u do an Australian ship please??

  38. Well she sounds like she would be a fun tier 4 or 5 cruiser to play.

  39. Cool stuff, i am from the Netherlands too. Thanks !

  40. See video, press like immediately! More of these!

  41. these ships from the 30s (this ship and Graf Spee)are some of my favorites,
    their bridge designs are all so sleek looking.

  42. Could you do a french battleship? Preferably one of the ww2 era?

  43. Do HMCS Haida or The Tribal Class (WWII not Present day) destroyers

  44. 150mm guns with 10 degree gun depression? She will be an amazing hull down
    tank. Lol

  45. I’m a New Englander, so I can’t speak for Texans, but isn’t Houston
    pronounced “Hyou-ston” rather than “Hoo-ston?”

    I know I’m nitpicking Chase. I still enjoy your work on this series.

  46. Cool! a ship from my home country! Nice video!
    Chase do you think it would be a nice ship to see in world of warships?

  47. Missed these videos, you should do the Italian Zara class sometime,
    interesting cruiser.

  48. Thx for the videos Chase. Love watching them! Got a question for you.
    Have you heard if WG is going to get rid of doubloons and have gold linked
    across all games? I mean they do basically advertise it with this saying
    from their main webpage ” Unified account. Unified economics. Unified
    universe” Thanks

  49. YAY, I Love know your ship and like the De Ruyter

  50. is this going to be added to WoW?

  51. She seems like a perfect foil to the C hull of the Omaha

  52. holy fck, I’m veerry early! the 10th!

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