World of Warships – Know Your Ship #41 – Fubuki Class Destroyers

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Episode 41 of Know Your Ship! In this educational video I cover the Fubuki class destroyers of the Imperial Japanese Navy. These destroyers at the time of their entry into service were among the most powerful destroyers in the world. The combination of their guns and torpedoes made these destroyers extremely formidable in combat. Anyways Captain’s sit back, relax and enjoy the story of the Fubuki class destroyers.

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  1. Chase do the Tashkent project 20

  2. Nicely done.
    Fubuki is one of my top two favs in WOWS (Kagero being the other)

  3. Thank you man, great video.

  4. USS Alaska and USS Guam, America’s only “battlecruisers”. That’s what you
    should do next +iChaseGaming

  5. This may be the best know your ship video you have done Bravo Zulu.

  6. Guess the best Fubuki-class, iChase.

  7. Nice! i was literally searching for a Fubuki video yesterday since i just
    unlocked it.

  8. Great work Chase.

    I always look forward to Know Your Ships

  9. Great research as always Chase!

  10. Fubuki class didn’t really have any anti submarine weapons. Designed in
    20s, and Japan didn’t really struggle against submarines like Britain did
    in WWI. Also, wiki said they didn’t really bothered with anti-sub or
    anti-air, well since Japan didn’t really have to fight against airborne
    threat nor underwater threat, so they wouldn’t really have prioritized on
    them.. And it says, they just started to add more AA and anti sub weapons
    during the WWII.

  11. Very nice video again chase, i enjoyed it! Thank you for al the effort you
    put in those videos :D

  12. Chase, do us all a favor and never EVER try to pronounce Kirishima again.
    My poor ears! XD

  13. Built one in Minecraft.

  14. IChase,
    Somewhat off topic, but still on topic with WOW. My computer can’t handle
    the game, and crashes mid game cause of CPU overheating. Was wondering what
    computer you used, cause i need to buy a new one anyway, and want one that
    can handle it.

  15. Brilliant video, cheers!

  16. Oh god, dont let the baBBIes who play WoWS about limited torp reloads!
    There’s enough of there inane complaining about realize to hide the fact
    they suck at the game, we don’t need to have them screaming about how DDS
    should have only one salvo!

  17. the spooky fubuki

  18. Bucky!

  19. Every Japanese destroyer class carried torpedo reloads from the
    Mutsuki-class onward. For the Fubukis, nine torpedo reloads were carried in
    their original configuration and five or six (I can’t remember which from
    memory) after the reconstructions in an attempt to reduce weight. In game,
    you can actually see the torpedo storage containers on the model. I have
    never seen a source which claims they carried no reloads outside of pre-war
    and wartime ONI renderings, which were wrong.

  20. the battle ow endaow? or the battle of endor?

  21. James 'JaguarAyala' Chen

    the Hibiki, the only survivor of Fubuki series and the 3rd of Akatsuki,
    fired the actual last shot (AA) of WWII for IJN on the day after Emperor
    made the speech, since the surrender message had not yet reached to Hibiki.
    After war Hibiki was served to the Mother Russia called “Verniy.”

  22. One of the Akatsuki-subclass ships survived the war the IJN Hibiki she was
    given to the USSR as a reparations ship if i recall 🙂 just something i
    think you should have included Ichase :P

  23. Great video once again Chase! Keep up the awesome work!

    Also, have you heard of a game called “Atlantic Fleet”

  24. 180th like….sorry i had to

  25. next pls do the Bayern class Battleships

  26. FandeSerena (Oficial)

    Mutsuki class Destroyers next video please

  27. Warner Moczulski

    So aim for the aft magazine? Seems to blow up or catch fire a lot. Good
    work Chase.

  28. now i understand why in the anime fubuki alway fall on water (facepalm)

  29. Yuudachi for next plz

  30. Btw we woudnt even know about that Japanese captains actions if an American
    survivor didnt search for him after the war to thank him.

  31. First of all Chase, it’s great that you combine gameplay and historical
    But since it seems you’ll continue to be a supertester, I have a question.
    I was reading about naval mines the other day and all of their types and
    uses and it ocurred to me that maybe there might be some place for them in
    cruisers already have hydroacoustic search which might warn you of possible
    mines in your path, and if say DDs or other cruiser could lay a few (maybe
    instead of carrying torpedoes) it might create some interesting gameplay
    (like in the middle channel of Two Brothers or in the straits tha lead to
    the A and C flags in Fault Line).
    What’s your opinion?

  32. I Love Purple Hazmats

    Chase you really need to reverse the order in which the videos are added to
    the playlist. It is a pain to watch them in the order that they have been

  33. Good video! Thanks for uploading good videos like Know your ship series!

  34. LastOrderProductions

    bucky plot armor didnt hold up

  35. IJN always liked to fake their speed lower than the actual stats. and their
    weight as well of course

  36. Regarding the designation of the USA as the mostly likely enemy in the
    beginning. This was also partially political. The Imperial Japanese Navy
    and Army were competing for funds from the government. By designating the
    USA as the most likely enemy, they were deliberately picking an enemy with
    a big navy, so the IJN would also need a large navy.

  37. Im surpised you didnt mention the Akatsuki class ship Hibiki which went on
    to serve with the Sovit Unions Navy as compersation as Verniy (Верный)

  38. Just a suggestion. Could you do an episode on HMAS Australia, She was a
    County Class Heavy Cruiser that was commissioned in 1928 and served right
    through until 1954.

    Her battle honours are Atlantic 1940-41, Pacific 1941-43, Coral Sea 1942,
    Savo Island 1942, Gaudalcanal 1942, New Guinea 1942-44, Leyte Gulf 1944,
    Lingayen Gulf 1945. Source: RAN Website

  39. Very nice job. This video series is definitely in the top of WoWs-related
    material released on Youtube.

  40. fubuki look so awesome…

  41. Aleksandr Pokrachinskiy

    24 build 22 sunk….one in 1934 accidental.

  42. I’ve heard a story about the loss of the Fubuki in the 2nd Battle of Savo
    Island (Battle of Cape Esperance) that I’ve been unable to confirm.

    The flagship of the IJN force was Aoba, and they came across the Americans
    in the night. The Japanese commander thought that the Americans were a
    Japanese supply formation, and sent Fubuki closer to confirm it. Caught at
    close range, Fubuki got rekt.

    As the Americans were opening fire, the Japanese commander thought it was a
    friendly fire incident, and had her ship flash light signals saying “I AM
    AOBA” (or whatever her identification signal was) to the Americans. Aoba
    obviously came under fire, taking damage. Furutaka came to the rescue by
    replacing Aoba as the flashing ship. Aoba would escape, Furutaka would not.

    Even more hilarious, as the forces met, the American commander also thought
    that the Japanese force were friendlies. However, when one of his ships
    asked permission to engage, the answer was just “Roger” intending to just
    confirm the reception of the message. Instead, the rest of the fleet took
    that as an order to open fire.

    First Google result for “I am Aoba incident” brings up a WoWS Reddit thread
    on Aoba’s path of destruction over the course of the war. It uses a
    Kancolle doujin to illustrate, but no real tangible sources.

  43. christopher tucker

    great job. feminist could learn alot from the amount of research you do!

  44. heyo chase! new sub here! love ur videos and keep up the good work

  45. Hey Chase. Would you consider letting some of your Subs write a episode of
    Know you Ship? If we used accurate resources and sited our sources?

  46. Well done! Thanks for your hard work with this series! Really appreciate it

  47. oh yes, Fubuki!

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