World of Warships – Know Your Ship #42 – Colorado Class Battleship

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Episode 42 of Know Your Ship! In this educational video I cover the Colorado class battleships of the United States Navy. These battleships were the first in the US Navy to be equipped with the 16″ guns. The last of the standard type battleships in the US Navy had quite a history being involved in two incredibly notable historical moments at Pearl Harbour and the Battle of the Surigao Strait. Anyways Captain’s sit back, relax and enjoy the story of the Colorado class battleships.

♥♥ The Know Your Ship series is not monetized by me due to these being educational videos 🙂 ♥♥

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  1. Very good video. Thank you iChase.

    BTW, regarding Artillery Plotting Room Modification 2, is this bugged or
    not? Any official answer from WG so far as you know? Just heard you
    mentioned it on last video but so far no answer anywhere…

  2. Talk about a ship that did a 180 in World of warships. Went from garbage
    scow to respectable. Glad I kept her.

  3. How come the japanese had slightly larger guns?

  4. This is such an interesting series iChase. Thanks for putting it together!!

  5. 8:54 Jesus… For all the help the Brits needed from us, the US, they sure
    acted like a bunch of spoiled asshats when it came to the US modernization
    of its Battleships.

    Were I in command of BuORD back then, I would have said “Sure, we will
    stop” – then I would have proceeded with North Carolina and Iowa
    construction immediately.

    IF the British were to raise a stink then? I would simply say to them
    “HAHAAAH! Good luck with dem Nazis! We don’t have the proper landing craft,
    or artillery to help you out right now. Maybe ask the Japanese whom have
    ignored your Bullshit “Naval Treaty” designed to keep you as the most
    powerful navy in the world, from the get go! Besides, you DID sell them the

    “Oh, so the Japanese are working with dem Nazis are they? Well, thanks to
    your treaty, we are still busy building up new equipment. Good luck holding
    the Nazis back, we may be another 2 to 3 years before we can help, Maybe
    ask the Soviets?”

  6. Why did the USN never consider 15in guns?

  7. you might have convinced me to retry the colorado in warships again

  8. Pietari Pastila

    Thank you for the series! The quality of these videos has risen
    significantly since you stopped using pre-existing documentary footage and
    started narrating them entirely yourself!

  9. Peter Andreas Kirk Lossius

    Very interesting!

  10. Why scrap? Since it was the last standard type BB then it should be a great
    museum ;-;

  11. Dominic Peakman

    can we have the iron duke class please

  12. chase i have a question how do you record your wows replay :D

  13. Arturo Quirantes Ros

    I need to pause the video to calculate from inches to milimitres

    Dammit Uncle Sam get the metrical decimal system!

  14. Im on the fence with the lolorado, the 16″ guns make it alot of fun when
    you’re top tier but fires are broken so its a pain in the ass to play

  15. Even though i hate the colorado in game(as i remember her) i love them in
    real life. Damn they are some sexy ships, i wish they coulda kept one.

  16. you should do the New Mexico class. The Mississippi, stayed in service into
    the late 60s and became a test bed for Guided missiles. Making her the
    first BBG (battleship Guided Missile) in the world.

  17. Great info Keep them coming.

  18. Fighterpilot555


    Tier 7 US Premium Battleship


    Armed with sixteen 127mm thirtyeights, forty 40mm Bofors, and fifty 20mm
    Oerlikons, this fiercely armed dreadnought makes any Zuiho or Ryujo captain
    squirm in fear for their crews.

    Also equipped with a much more advanced fire control system capable of
    accurately hitting targets much more consistently than her sister COLORADO,
    this warship would make mincemeat out of any Nagato that gets too close

  19. See i really do like the colorado class, they are a pretty decent class

  20. Outwardpanicjoe

    Hey that picture that said Parkersburg wv is my home town like+iChaseGaming
    great vid it was awesome:)

  21. Thank you for the very interesting video . My 2 uncles were on the

  22. Uscgtanker Whitmore

    Takao class heavy cruiser

  23. One question I have about the battle of Leyte gulf. Correct me if I’m wrong
    but suragao strait isn’t very far from Samar so why didn’t Oldendorf move
    his battleships to Samar in support of Taffy 3 the moment the Japanese
    center force was spotted by Taffy 3? Yes it wouldn’t have been as heroic of
    a story for USS Johnston and the rest of Taffy 3 but it just makes sense.
    The Southern force was devestated and in retreat and I would’ve thought
    Oldendorf as a Battleship admiral would’ve wanted to join in the fight

  24. Josephus Daniels…. to me, a name that should forever be cursed by the
    USN. One other thing he did – he eliminated any type of alcoholic beverages
    on board USN ships, doing away with the crews daily ration of beer or rum,
    being a devout member of the temperance movement which advocated
    prohibition of any type of liquor or alcohol.

  25. In the description you spelt Pearl Harbor with a u in harbor.

  26. Can you please do a video on the South Carolina, Wyoming, Mahan, Farragut,
    Clemson, Omaha, Cleveland, Pensacola, and New Orleans. Just a small list :)

  27. need yamato or musashi

  28. Man, the West Virginia’s story just give me the shivers. She’s almost like
    a vengeful ghost that fought straight out of hell to get her due.

  29. Josh Ballow (Joshuphigh)

    I think based on what west Virginia did, the Colorado in WoW should get an
    optional D hull, which has the 16 5 inch AA and much better dispersion, out
    doing the nagato by alot, so you know, wargaming if you’re listening this
    an make people stop complaining about the Colorado being a steaming pile of
    poop on the open sea, also give it 20 KM range and be accurate at the at
    range pls

  30. iChaseGaming do you think they will have the West Virginia in game with
    upgraded range and AA, kind of like they did with the Texas?

  31. Outstanding video as always chase. Hey if you ever plan to do a know your
    ship video about the Japanese aircraft carriers (Akagi, Hiryu, Soryu or the
    Shokaku class), let me know. I have a book that you can use as a source of
    information for the video.

  32. Is there any chance you could do a warship not from WW2 or 1 era, like a
    modern one from Cold War?

  33. lol, the JILLbert islands

  34. Now I feel bad about selling her for North Carolina upgrades :(

  35. Well done video.

  36. Never mentions that it had 2x single tube 21inch torpedo tubes :p

  37. Husky The Dinosaur

    Pls do the Modified Leander Class Light Cruiser (Please base it off HMAS

  38. Good video. I really enjoy these.

  39. Chase, you should do an “Know Your Ships” episode but on gun caliber to
    help shed some light on why WG thinks it is ok for 6in shells to out range
    8in shell and in some cases shells up to 16in.

  40. 100th Year Anniversary of the Battle of Jutland will be on 31st of May.
    Wargaming better plan something good.

  41. The timing can’t be any better, just waiting for a week or 2 before buying
    it on sale during the month event :D

  42. I was effing pissed that the C-Hull didn’t have the 8 dual 5inch mounts…

  43. Its monday: Booooh!
    A new video by chase: YAY!

  44. of course the west virginia hull isnt available in game -_-

  45. This looks familiar… Oh yeah, live stream…. ;)

  46. Ahhhhh… I needed this. Just finished taking the final from hell and this
    served as a nice cheering up. Great video once again Chase! Very
    informative and I enjoyed all the information in it. Hopefully someday we
    will see the West Virginia in game with her final upgrades.

  47. John She (Aerial Boy)

    Nice vid????

  48. One should wonder that after lessons learned from Jutland what the HELL
    America was thinking with the Lexington class battlecruisers.
    7 inch Belt – 2.25 inch Deck. (some places 1.5 inches deck armor) W-T-F
    Every Tier 10 cruiser in WoW would rape this ship let alone the Amagi that
    was to be her counterpart.

    Lexington was a firecracker waiting to happen and her reconstruction into a
    carrier was the best thing done to her.

  49. Henrik Pilgaard

    Good and refreshing as allways ;-)

  50. The Battle of Surigao Strait…yeah. It was less a battle and more a
    slaughter in the end. Even if Fuso and the other escorts had survived until
    engaging Oldendorf’s fleet, they still wouldn’t have had a chance.

    Either way, great video Chase. The Colorados aren’t as well known as other
    battleships (Warspite, Bismarck, Yamato, even the KGV and Kongo) but
    they’re still interesting. Heck, for a time, it can be argued that the
    Colorados were the most powerful battleships afloat. I didn’t know they
    were the first battleships to be armed with 16 inch guns. :)

  51. Wargaming needs to make Colorado’s sister USS West Virginia a Premium.
    She will be an analogue to USS Texas with devastatingly powerfull AA
    A problem here is that after Pearl Harbor the West Virginia was
    reconstructed so extensively she essentially ceased being a Colorado sister
    (Which would require a good amount of 3D remodeling by Wargaming)
    She received heavy duty anti torpedo blisters which made her wider than the
    Iowa and impossible to use the Panama Canal.
    Her main guns were the only clue left as proof that she is a Colorado class

    What made USS West Virginia so special?
    She manage to land hits with her first salvo on the Yamashiro (Fuso’s
    sister ship) in the dead of night at over 20 KM using radar only.
    Her targeting were so accurate other allied ships with lesser radar
    technology had to target the shell splashes left by the West Virginia to
    find their marks on the Yamashiro and the Mogami.
    She went on firing 93 shells that night.
    Yamashiro was sunk and Mogami barely made it out alive.
    This was the last Battleship vs Battleship engagement ever (The Battle of
    Surigao Strait).

    USS West Virginia is worth to be in WoW.

    Also Wargaming should incorporate and unlockable NIGHT fighting for high
    tier ships. Only for pros.

  52. Hail the USS Maryland

  53. hey ichase, can you (or will you) make a “know your ship” video about the
    French battleship class “Richelieu” ?

  54. christopher tucker

    9 mins and 125 views! nice

  55. Joeseph Hunnicutt


  56. Why can’t we get West Virgina hull for World of Warships.?

  57. About time Chase! I found you trough this vid series ;)

  58. first even tho vid has been out for 3 min?

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