World of Warships – Know Your Ship #47 – Shiratsuyu Class Destroyers Shigure, Yudachi

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Episode 47 of Know Your Ship! In this educational episode I cover the Shiratsuyu class destroyers. These 10 ships provided valuable service to the Imperial Japanese Navy during World War 2. Notable ships of the class include Shigure and Yuudachi. Anyways hope you enjoy this episode folks.

Captain Hara’s book Japanese Destroyer Captain:


  1. Brace yourself. The pois are coming

  2. I like most of your stuff… But the “know your ship” is by far your best

  3. I haven’t watched til 7 mins in, but I’m guessing the captain is Tameichi
    Hara (just saw the description 12 mins in xD)

    read the book months ago, an utterly amazing read

  4. do kagerou class too, specially yukikaze.

  5. Really goes to show that war isn’t all about fighting, guns, or explosions.
    It’s about decisions, logic, and objectives. The discrepancies between
    Japanese and US fire control may have been enough for the US to get away
    with a few mistakes, as well as have a fundamental advantage in low
    visibility conditions, but if they had people like captain Hara running the
    navy and calling out the orders, that would be a really scary navy to fight

  6. Something from the soviet navy, please? Just to shut the mouths of those
    ‘op papership’ screaming kids. Maybe the arctic convoys or the Black Sea

  7. Poi poi poi

  8. Funnily enough, I’m reading a book involving the *Shigure* written back on
    ’07, where she (for some reason. The author wrote Captain Hara as a
    Japanese Grand Admiral Thrawn because reasons) was an absolute badass that
    sunk sub after sub, a couple of cruisers, and allied destroyers. It’s
    absolutely ridiculous, even *before* you start imaging the girl as her
    KanColle counterpart, which only multiplies the funny factor.

  9. Bravo Zulu!!! Very well done.

  10. Oh hell no!!!!! Enough with the Japanese DDs

  11. I really love these videos Chase. I trust you get the history right, sit
    back and enjoy!

  12. was half expecting the entire comment thread to be full of poi, also “how
    about we we start the greatest party ever” should be added as the a
    replacement for the Battle start voice line in the shiratsuyu class
    destoryer line xD

  13. Welcome to Chase History Lesson, where everything is relevant

  14. Thanks for giving the link to purchase the book Ichase.

    Great video

  15. Brian Lock (神通)

    Japanese High Command = WG WOWS Game Dev.

  16. Yes! More IJN ships, me so happy. *jumps with joy* poi poi poi :-)))

  17. Read the book guys, It’s a specialty press item, and may be available
    through your local county library system.(or through inter library loan).
    New copies are not cheap But if you like good military history its a “must
    Have” when it comes to naval combat.

  18. I love how the wakeless Type 93 have bigger wakes than the American
    torpedoes in World of Warships.

  19. cpt.Hara deserves a movie

  20. Lord Sylph (Darth)

    7:00 why’d you say you weren’t supposed to bring up Amatsukaze…?

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