World of Warships – Know your ship in action

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When you know your ship very well and you know how to handle it, when you know what you can expect and what enemies to fight and under what circumstances.

One of my fav tier 10 ships, and a really action packed match.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Love the Vids – Keep it up

  2. Most aviation related deaths are caused by human error: more specifically, it’s pilot error. Inaccurate assessments of atmospheric conditions, over confidence in ability, etc. Kobe’s flight had “special VFR” clearance which, without getting into too much detail, is less than ideal at best. At the end of the day, the PIC (pilot in command) has the final say as to what happens during the flight and more specifically, whether or not the flight takes place. The atmospheric conditions were such that a flight in that area should have been canceled. The pilots involved had twice the experience that I do, but I would have canceled that flight hours prior to lift off. I’m not here to point fingers, but those deaths could be been prevented by one (or both) of the pilots simply saying “no”. It’s so sad, yet I can’t keep myself from feeling angry. In aviation, everyone is taught that life is infinitely more important than a meeting, timeline, or in this instance a basketball game. RIP Kobe and others.

    • @ dave smith, sorry for your loss. I keep hearing the Camarillo was the destination. If this was really the case, then why not take the coastal route from Sana Ana to Camarillo? They could have flown at 500ft MSL on a SVFR clearance over the water the entire way and never had any obsticles or terrain to worry about. Why not change the destination to Van Nuys? It is less than a 20 minute drive to the camp from both Camarillo and Van Nuys. Ultimately, the PIC is responsible for this flight and the unfortunate outcome. He should have said no, period. If it cost him his job, so be it, but you would still have your life and be able to get another job. We are taught, as pilots, that life is far more important than even your job. Also, that the only place you have to be is on the ground. I am seeing a repeat of the JFK Jr. accident with this event. So sad that it could have been avoided.

    • @willi wass As I said above, the PIC always has the final word. I have no idea if anyone was pressured into flying; a big factor in most aviation deaths is over confidence in ability and/or underestimating the weather. There’s a chance the pilots didn’t mention weather to any of the passengers and just assumed it would be fine.

    • I feel the need to clarify; I have no idea if the pilots were pressured into flying that day. When I said that “they just needed to say no..” I didn’t mean to imply that Kobe, or anyone else, directly pressured the pilots. Could that have happened? Sure. Could the pilots have agreed to fly in those conditions without even telling the passengers? Sure. It’ll be a while before NTSB releases their findings from an investigation, so everyone just remember that we don’t know the full set of circumstances surrounding the events from that day. RIP to those 9 souls.

    • @Brett Frashier just so you know, it was one pilot, not two. Not that it really matters at this point. Agreed that we will not know until the NTSB is done with the investigation.

    • @boristhebarbarian Very true, but in the end, the pilot can always walk away, may suck for business, but better to be alive.

  3. Some divisions should be banned… lol. Saw a division the other day of Bismark, Flamu and… Jingles… of course jingles got blotted out pretty early, but still LOL.

  4. look at those match results for both teams…
    unfortunately this the state of most high tier matches these days
    one team gets a few unicums and the other is made up of potatoes and that shit snowballs quick after the 3 min mark
    9 out of the 10 matches I had tonight were defeats with me at the top or near it on the leaderboards smh

    • @Sidian42 And he said the opposite at the bar.

    • @Hal Swan I believe more what he told me in person and what he told everyone else than what a random person on the internet claims he said at a bar without anything to back that up. Especially since the stats and common logic are backing up that the random battle MM only considers ships and tiers.

    • @Sidian42 well thats fine by me, but I dont where you get your common logic since random chance by ship type went out the statistical door long ago. The algorithm used isn’t as simple as you make it sound.

    • ​@Hal Swan “since random chance by ship type went out the statistical door long ago”
      No, it didn’t. No idea where you got that. Statistics support that MM doesn’t take anything but ship class and tier into account.

      And the common logic part is simple: The more a MM algorithm has to take into account, the higher the development cost of said algorithm. Thus the return has to be higher than the investment somehow. Usually, a developer expects a higher retention rate by using a skill based MM and having more equal matches, and more players equals more payers as well. But we don’t see more equal matches. Complaints are piling up, from streamers as well as normal players (as you can see in the first comment of this “thread”).

      The other part of that is that you need a large player base for a MM that takes skill or even more specific parameters into account, but the WoWs playerbase isn’t large enough for that. Ranked does have a skill based MM, but that’s only based on 3 leagues and they even need to funnel players to specific play times to get enough active players to make that work. And even that league system is often critizied for not being precise enough.

      There are simply not enough players playing the game to make a MM that takes more than just the tier and ship into consideration work, and even if there were enough players, the most profit orientated decision would be to make the MM as fun as possible to keep players playing as much as possible to increase the chance of them spending (more) money.

    • @leonard mereigh You know FUCK ALL LEONARD

  5. Flambass and DM a match made in Heaven

  6. YOU SHALL NOT PASS! Basically this match

  7. One of the most exiting and skillfull matches i have ever seen!!! GG WP

  8. Hey @Flambass

    Had 4x Two Brothers today, went MID in all 4 ( in KGV ), 4 wins. It was friggin #EPIC! xD

  9. Love all these videos where you explain your thought process and why you make certain choices. keep em coming!

  10. I love how rng hates you in this match. 80 HE hits and only a single fire 😀

  11. FAA: 80% due to pilot/human error, 20% due to system failure, malfunctions, stress fractures, inclement weather, etc……………..

    • Gordon Goldsteinburg

      @warren lynch civilian helicopters since we’re talking about kobe Bryant……..

    • @Gordon Goldsteinburg I realize that I was using this an example of that they can be fitted on civvie choppers, too.

    • Gordon Goldsteinburg

      @warren lynch but again, not standard. Stephen colbert was talking about this just after the crash. It needs to be standard as it is on planes.

    • @Gordon Goldsteinburg I never implied, nor expressed that position that they are standard; however, I do agree they need to be standardized.

    • ​@WoT Expat RJAA Narita is also another harsh example. As we know, once the “windshear annunciator” warning comes on, immediate Go-Around. Regardless of FAA, EASA, CASA, all are ICAO regulations as mindated for a reason, being safety is the main priority. In this instance with VFR turning into IMC conditions, even if the pilot was “under-pressure because of a vip passenger”, the Captain/Commander of any aircraft has the final say, and the buck stops with them. Sadly it happened how the dreadful outcome came to be. As time goes by their mistakes will not be in vein. Safety of everybody involved is the key.

  12. Rather epic if I may notice 🙂
    More pls

  13. I would have died in 4 mins if I had been in that position. Great game and lesson

  14. 1 of best and Skillfull Matches i’ve seen so far

  15. team pancakes and players getting out played by one of the best players in the game..yeah he’s hacking alright and the world is flat too! Very methodical win Flambass know thyself and know thy ship!

    • It was a Yamato who was giving a full broadside to another yamato 2km away. Probably his first game in one if he thinks that wont be a paddling

  16. I get the Hindy dying at the begining. Just a mistake and couldn’t turn out, but the Zao yoloing in broadside? Dude!

  17. Fine gameplay. Owned them hard

  18. I can not see another cruiser being able to pull that off. As long as you can remain calm and focus with the enemy not lemming yolo all at once. That was a nice example of a very intense game. Well done.

  19. Very well played. With Legendary Mod it would have been so easy to launch forward at various times and get blapped. Your awareness of the threats at all time was a great lesson in advanced play.

  20. Dang love how calm you are when being rushed, and take the risk when it is necessary. Awesome stuff as always!

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