World of Warships – Know Your Ship – The Other Scharnhorst/Shinyo Class Carrier

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Episode 38 of Know Your Ship! In this educational video I cover the interesting story of the SS Scharnhorst. The Scharnhorst started her career as a cruiser ship for Norddeutsche Lloyd but at the start of World War 2 was trapped in Japan with no way to make it safely back to Germany. Instead she was sold to the Japanese who ended up turning her into an escort carrier the Shinyo. The carrier conducted a few escort missions before being sunk by the USS Spadefish. Well Captain’s sit back, relax and enjoy the story of the other Scharnhorst.

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  1. I am so glad to see more of these videos. They were the reason I subscribed
    back in the day and it is nice to see more of them. Not that I don’t like
    WoWs gameplay, but I missed these.

  2. The USS Becuna, which is mentioned as sinking a transport, protected by IJN
    Shinyo, survives today in Philadelphia as a Museum ship. Just throwing that
    out there.

  3. More “Know Your Ships” videos pleeeeaaassseee.

  4. really interesting video chase. The ship probably served more use in the
    Japanese navy than she would have in the German navy, though it would be
    interesting to see her as an escort carrier in the German navy and what she
    might have done. Also if you’re going to make a know your ships video on
    the Dresden i can email you a video of her and her amazing war story and of
    her sister ship Emden.

  5. Great video, would never have guessed that thats how her life would go.
    Kinda sad really.

  6. +iChaseGaming Another idea for know your ship if you want could be the USS
    West Virginia I know most people sent fond of the Colorado class of
    battleships but they where an important part of the navy in the bringing of
    the war and in the interwar periods 🙂 but it’s just an idea I know you
    busy so I just though I would share my thoughts.

  7. Thanks chase

  8. fantastic with these know your ships episodes I’ve learned so much thank
    you for doing these!

  9. The Hungry Wolf 足柄

    I am hoping that you will do an episode on the Myoukou class, the
    Richelieu, York-class (the actual British one, not the German Yorck
    papership)and the de Ruyter class at some point.I can’t get enough of these
    vids, it is a great format for a quick (or 40 minutes) general overview of
    ships. Keep up the awesome work!

  10. The Shinyo is a pretty unpopular ship I guess, you must have done a lot of

  11. An interesting story I had never heard of before!

  12. Good job, I know they must be a lot of work, but I sure enjoy ‘Know your
    ship’. Keep up the good work!

  13. Yaaay! More “know your ship” videos 🙂 These are awesomesauce :)

  14. Thanks chase I was so hyped to see this

  15. You said sank in 43 Meters of water and the position is known. Easily
    within divers reach, has anyone done so ?

  16. excellent work.

  17. This looks like the teir 5 Japanese cv

  18. Great video and very interesting… Thanks iChase

  19. Great vid again. Its a lot better when you narrate the whole thing imo.

  20. Well i didnt need that much of imagination, great vid chase!

  21. This should be called “The other, OTHER Scharnhorst”, since we all seem to
    be forgetting what was likely the most famous Scharnhorst of all, the
    flagship of Admiral Maximillian Graf von Spee’s Eastern cruiser squadron in
    World War 1, winner of the battle of Coronel (where the armored cruisers
    Scharnhorst and Gneisenau plus a couple lighter units beat the Armored
    cruisers Good Hope and Monmouth and lighter units) and lost at the battle
    of the Falklands (Where both armored cruisers were sunk by a British task
    force whose main strength lay in the Battlecruisers Invincible and
    Inflexible – the first action by Battlecruisers doing what they were
    designed to do, hunt and kill armored cruisers).

  22. Hi I Chase
    Can You Play With Another YouTubers
    Make New Know Your Ship Series With Renown Class BC Or Something Like That

  23. upon further examination i have noticed a distinct lack of videos on the
    Shokoku class carrier, which was the Japanese equivalent of the Yorktown
    class, i hope you rectify this, as it was one of the only class of Japanese
    carriers to serve throughout most of the war

  24. Please make one video for IJN destroyer Yukikaze (Kagero class), it has a
    lot of story to tell =D

  25. Is this a sign of new things to come to WoWS? :)

  26. I have a really awesome book on my Kindle called Shadow Voyage about the
    sailing of the Vaterland (I think, it could be Imperator) from New York
    back to Germany as she did her best to evade the allies right as war broke
    out. It’s a really cool story.

  27. Didn’t know that one, interesting.

  28. You forgot to talk slow. But, more! More!

  29. Great job, as always :)

  30. It has been too long since the last Know Your Ship video.

  31. Thanks for another awesome video Chase!

  32. kasheriey banquillo

    looks like ryoujo … :p good job chase

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