World of Warships – Kongo Comeback

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on moves to assist around A, we encounter a couple enemy ships. A enemy cruiser shows a little bit too much and regrets it rather quickly. We move back east to try and bring the game back, unfortunately our team falls fast. I make a last ditch effort to eliminate some enemy ships and attempt the comeback. Hope you enjoy the game and have a wonderful day!

Tier V Japanese Battleship Replay


  1. hey bud
    i had a break and back now but i have a question. Did they nerf the nikoli
    as it seems to be no where near as good as it was. your feedback would be
    very much appreciated.

  2. Notser, the kool aid man of WOWs. OH YEAH! *gratuitous citadels*

  3. Andhika nur Aulia

    So here I go again.
    Yubari is pronounced Yuu-Bari so the u is long and ba is short

  4. Jake van der Veen

    I’m not use to seeing a Kongo that isn’t black and neon purple

  5. Nice Kongo game Keep them coming.

  6. BT-7 Made from 5% Stalinium

    Burning Love son!

  7. It’s actually pronounced more like Yuubari, not Yubaari ;)

  8. nah, queuing off to another point is a bad idea, because it will take a
    much longer time to reload, it is lonly a good idea if you had AA def setup
    like that guy on the enemy team, if he is the balanced load out, striaght
    reload is the best way, because it can kill any ship quite easily given he
    is the top tier in a T5 game, so no cruiser could disrupt your attack with
    their AA def fire.

  9. Great gameplay, Notser! love your vids <3

  10. I love being pompous especially when im pretty good at something lol.

  11. The problem with not explaining things is you watch them and wonder “how
    can you NOT realise it’s faster to cap B if you cap the earlier point so
    that you’re heading straight to B at full speed?”.
    I really do wonder how some people think because things that seem so
    obvious seem not to occur to them at all. You shouldn’t even need to
    explain it, and if you do it’s probably not going to help a hell of a lot
    unless they learn HOW to think, not just do as they’re asked (although
    that’s better than getting abused in chat for suggesting the most
    advantageous move, which is what a lot of stupid kids seem to do when given
    such a suggestion even when it’s done politely and with an explanation).
    Otherwise you really highlighted how an excellent player with map awareness
    and understanding of aiming/other important mechanics can kick low/mid tier

  12. Can we get clarification around the penetration?

  13. would love to see you use the tachibana with a 5pt concealment captain.
    those torps are soo slow you can launch them at targets near 6.5km range in
    any sort of leashed/chasing/head-on target and theyll have enough juice to
    make contact :-)

  14. Byw u can cit the cv with HE, the shells are big enough

  15. Kongo has good aa.

  16. Teir 8 ussr dd

  17. Nice game and meredith did a great job at taking out the Yubari quickly.

  18. I have 3 suggestions: take the Clemson, Aoba or Nagato for a spin :)

  19. 6:00 Yubari is a TTINY target! Literally smaller than Russian DDs!

  20. Notser PLEZ DO SOME SERIOUS MOSKVA GAMES!! I will love your channel

    That ship is still the most mysterious of the tier 10 cruisers, as none of
    the people I actually follow own one yet. Of course there were videos done
    by pretty much EVERYONE when the Russian Cruiser line was released, but I
    want to know how it stacks up in the game right now, if it is really worth
    the grind!

    Thanks Notser!

  21. I love my arp kongo. Wheels around like a slow cruiser

  22. try North Carolina too Notser. 🙂 just got that ship..

  23. I love your “OH YEAHHH” when u get a kill ?

  24. hey notser!
    on the EU cluster there is an Event running: grand (great) naval battles.
    It’s like the Kamikaze R Event, fulfill Tasks and collect stuff. You can
    select some Treasures while doing this, for example: Ships! Namely the
    Tachibana , Albany, Smith, Katori.
    I`d like some kind of short review about these ships. which do you like,
    which would you take etc.
    Keep up the good Stuff, greetings from germany

  25. you should play the aoba or mogami, its been awhile

  26. Michael Page (Gothicmace)

    No no no Notser. …we asked for a video of you playing the Bongos. …..

  27. Outwardpanicjoe

    +Notser have you done a video on how to New York yet?

  28. Magoskillz Magoskillz

    you said at the beginning of the video that you will use the press account
    for good? does that mean you can use it for evil too?

  29. Oniichan Destroyer

    yyeaaaayyy.. it’s “Baningu Rabu” (Burning Love) xD

  30. Notser you greedy piglet, trying to take your buddy’s kill there with the
    carrier! haha

  31. meredith so useless this match, as a DD should have been capping pts, not
    following you around like a puppy

  32. Thunderblunt LP

    I like to call it the “Karl-R-U-Sure?”

  33. +Notser do the farragut nextt…

  34. Your aim is flawless. 07

  35. BBs are jsut useless … its either u hit them or u dont

    and AP is just useless(unless u are 5-8km away)…the amount of citadels u
    can get per geme is nothing to the amount of fire damage and module damage
    u can do with HE

    and ya need to fire HE on low tier CVs, AP just won’t cut it unless it’s

  37. Play the Aurora next!! There are barely ANY videos on the Aurora.

  38. seriously having a dd on hand to protect you from other dds and to do what
    you want when you want is *really* useful! I want a pet dd…

  39. Gareth Fairclough

    That shot on the FishySushi (My 5 year old cousins name for the Ishizuchi)
    was *beautiful*.

  40. diogo magalhaes

    Kongo main guns range, 21 knots XDDDDD sorry but that just killed meh.

  41. Notser, of which low-tier German cruiser would you be willing to do a

  42. i’ve been watching your videos for a couple of weeks now, but i still dont
    understand what you’re saying around 0:18 .
    i can only make out the words reduced …. chance, but whats the world in
    the middle?
    anyways, nice video as always. Keep it up :)

  43. So you said something about the carrier playing anti-air being a jerk. I
    guess that would mean you prefer players to run strike carriers? I’m just
    curious Noster. I prefer strike carrier builds as the whole anti-air thing
    just doesnt seem to be worth it in XP or Credits.

  44. Please take out the Pensacola (or the Pepsi-cola) the American Tier 7
    Cruiser. Its been like 8 months since you have had it star on the channel.
    Please hit that like button if you agree with me. :)

  45. Notser, why do you bother with the Gun Fire Control System/Accuracy Mod
    when it does so little to improve dispersion? A 100 m dispersion will drop
    to 93 m dispersion. Whoop-ti-doo!

  46. I take the turret speed increase over the main gun accuracy. The kongo is
    the one ship i’ve played that turns way faster then its turrets can move.
    If you get ALL the bonus’s that you can possibly get including the captain
    skills and ship mods, they are able to keep up.

    The one downside is that you get +3 second reload time on the main guns,
    but really the difference between 33 and 30 seconds isn’t that big a deal.
    Being able to track a dd when its close and you are actively turning is far
    better in my opinion.

  47. 3:13
    21 knots is the distance the shells can travel!!! Notser is the maker of
    REAL logic.

  48. made I laugh GG Notser.

  49. Play the Mahan

  50. Do the New Mexico please!

  51. Saharat Roongtim

    l like your videos , plz make more guide videos !

  52. That Nicholas was sweet. Completely oblivious to DD jobs, sticking to his
    big brother’s side trying to protect him. He will get there eventually

  53. Play the ugly duckling next! The riot shield Izumo!

  54. hmm the shot for that Konigsburg was 18 ticks lead. still don’t think the
    method works

  55. ? no ishizuchi

  56. And ive got one more question to people who may do this on the T6 japanese
    carrier ( i dont know how to spell it ) why would you choose the AS flight
    control instead of strike i mean why dont you then just go to the americans
    theyve got better fighters im sry but that just makes me mad sometimes

  57. great work notser. thanks for playing with the Kongo. keep up the fantastic

  58. Notser could you play the Amagi and tell how bad it is at first but when
    you get the hull upgrades she is a beast the other day I got 3 citadels on
    a broadside Yamato from 19KM with one volley she is not a noob friendly
    ship you need to know what you are doing when using her.

  59. Notser are those the first battles of the day of were your playing all day
    to find such idiots (almost always broughtside) everytime i drive my Kongo
    i get the feeling the whole enemy Team consists out of seal clubbers . Or
    is there a trick?

  60. Talk about a blast from the closed Beta past..

  61. Kongo is still one of my favourite battleships. Her speed and guns are
    really quite wonderful, and that same success is being channeled into my
    current battleship, Amagi. Kongo was a much better battering ram though,
    and I got more ram kills with that than any other ship by far. Good times,
    gooood times.

    I’d still like to get a game or two in with you sometime, but you never
    appear to be on when I am, haha.

  62. I kinda want to hear the lobster joke now.

  63. Ekaterina Kurae

    Kongo is fun when you shoot citadels at 20km just 1 min into the game :D

  64. “The range of Kongo is extreme range for its tier, about 21 *knots*.” –
    Notser 2K16

    oh notser xD

  65. kongo bongo

  66. Range of Kongo is 21 knots? Have you been watching Jingles again, Notser?

  67. you’ve never done an Amagi gameplay

  68. hey notser give me access to your press account

  69. Ultimate Shifter

    Please do North Carolina in 0.5.6 PT. I’ve read some topics in forum that
    the ship has an accuracy improvement as well as the 3rd turret became
    usable in about 30 degree angle

  70. BURNING LOVE!! Kongo is love, Kongo is life. tier 5 fast battleship is a
    fantastic ship. keep up the golreat content notser.

  71. Hey Notser, I finally managed to unlock my 1st non-prem tier 8…the
    Admiral Hipper (woo) got any tips on how to play her effectively? Hope all
    is good, and one more question, just out of curiosity…what part of the
    USA are you from?

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