World of Warships – Kongou Desu!

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Introducing the sisters: Kongo, Hiei, Haruna and Kirishima. Kantai Collection’s got a lot to answer for. Burning looooooove!

Start: History and stats
First Battle: 11:33
Second Battle: 24:06

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System Specs: Core i7 4820-K 3.7Ghz i7 CPU, 16GB DDR3 RAM, 3GB nVidia GTX780 Ti GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution


  1. Hassassin Assassin

    Open beta NOW!

  2. Burning loooove! I always had kind of wondered if you knew of Kantai
    Collection, due to your knowledge of Girls und Panzer, and you didn’t
    disappoint Jingles!

    I’ve been playing WoWS a little bit, but I always have a hard time trying
    to aim at well, any long range really. You seem to pull it off pretty
    reliably though, is there some kind of trick to it that I’m missing? Or is
    it simply something you kind of know, or get through practice?

  3. thank you

  4. honestly, this dark_warsmith player is probably one of the biggest douches
    I’ve seen.
    Nonetheless, great games in the Kongo, can’t wait to play WOWS. I’m mainly
    excited to play the Fuso-class battleships though because of it having 6
    turrets (12 14in guns – 2 fore, 2 aft, 1 X-mounted turret & 1 Y mounted
    turret. (for those who don’t understand the last two turret mountings,
    research pls)

  5. hereLiesThisTroper

    I always snicker whenever Jingles snickers. It’s really infectious!

    Bless you Mr. Jingles, bless you!

  6. so I looked up the kantai collection episode 1 on youtube and it looks like
    someone went around and for some reason chose only this series to beat into
    the dust with the ban hammer and muted all the audio tracks


  8. When ya doing a vid on the Iowas?

  9. Does anyone have an Idea what it would look like in war thunder with
    battleships :o?

  10. Harunyan best Kongoo sister :3

  11. Nagato or Na- Ga- To …. we’ll just call them Dave

  12. Dr. Alisson Gomes Aguiar

    Gratz Jingles! You play this game like a pro

  13. >mfw Jingles shows off Kirishima statue
    >cue Fubuki meeting Kongou in the flesh
    >mental model of Jingles shattered


  14. panzerabwerkanone

    You forget Jingles one of the reasons for the British battle cruiser
    failure at Jutland was that British gunnery crews, in order to keep up a
    high rate of fire (DPM), stored a lot of ready use ammunition in
    passageways and unarmored areas leading to the guns. The blast doors
    protecting the ammunition stowage were left open to transfer ammo to the
    turrets faster. One or two hits to these lightly armored areas set off
    chain reactions that lead to entire magazines in the battle cruisers

  15. Best episode ever!
    you described my shoe situation to a T
    (just ask my wife!!!)

    PLAY BALL!!!!!!!!

  16. Franke first game u forgot to add game voice. Yes yes i like to hear your
    sexy voice but i waan hear game also :D

  17. =.= Some of the higher tiers are typical ‘Strategy geniuses’ like you
    said.They are basically early reincarnations of fleet admirals who don’t
    have nearly one tenth of their brain power.Not to mention just because they
    are high tier,they think they are the emperor of every single person they

  18. wait for the Fuso. It is sooo good! 😀

    Fuso is love. Fuso is life

  19. It’s pronounced Naw gaw toe Jingeru-senpai


    Thank you for introducing that anime to me, Jingles. :D

  21. The chinese version of kancoll (titled : Battleship girls) has collection
    from the alliance, now i can never see world of warship the same again

  22. thx for your sharing! POI~~~

  23. its pronounced na-ga-to

  24. It wasn’t Jellicoe’s ideaa to include the BC force in the main fleet. In
    fact, the BCF was created to keep Beatty happy and the loss of two of the
    three BCs at Jutland occurred in the first duel between Beatty and Hipper’s
    1st Scouting Group. Even then, the loss of Queen Mary and Inflexible could
    have been avoided if the RN had had a proper organisation with a
    scientific method of analysing and disseminating the lessons of the loss of
    HMS Natal and the damage received and inflicted at Dogger bank, and
    improved the magazine flash protection.

  25. so if we get the alaska class it will be put in the battleship line, or as
    a jump from the cruiser to battleship lines, or most likely a premium.

  26. I’ll be fallowing your coverage of wows. great content as always Jingles.
    too bad i can’t get a key otherwise i’d see you in game. 

  27. That three-way engagement between the allied Nagato, enemy Nagato and your
    Kongo leaves me with a question:
    Can you aim your individual gun turrets at individual targets? The enemy
    Nagato was only using the forward batteries against the other battleship,
    while being in a perfect position to fire at your Kongo using the idle rear

    If you can’t as of yet, one decent way to do it would be like this: make it
    possible to lock any gun turret onto a target that you can see, and than
    the turret would automatically aim at center-of-mass of the selected
    target. Then just fire your current selection of batteries, switch to the
    others, give lead, and fire with the rest.

  28. Where do u find all these anime shows? Plz tell me :,(

  29. ThaMightyJangles_RIP_moot

    are you ready for Fubuki on crack?

  30. i simply clicked here cause i saw Kancolle and my otaku senses were raging.
    Love the jingle Poi! 

  31. homosapienssapiens19

    Does anyone know if they send an email to tell you when you’ve not been

  32. Ok the kongo sisters thing and buying the statue was adorable. And awesome.

  33. i want figma of them all h8 u jingles lol plz do a man cave video of it

  34. I want a key real bad

  35. Nice Jingles … u and the Kongo are awesome …

  36. lol some one said ramming speed in chat

  37. Jingles, Haruna is best girl and you know it.

  38. Random Guy Videos

    Kantai Collection FTW

  39. I personally prefer Arpeggio’s version of Kongou.

  40. I respect Kongos too much to get so close to them on my Kuma and Omaha.
    It’s always a long-distance dance when I have to face a Kongo. There’s the
    added advantage that I can put out deterrence torpedoes on the Kuma if the
    Kongo for whatever reason, manages to close the distance to 7-8km. Of
    course, if a Kongo gets within Omaha torpedoes, I’m dead already :P

  41. Holy christ , I thought you are one of Otaku since I saw the page of this

  42. wait did jingles mention an anime to this ship or well warship themed

  43. CardSharkOfficial

    I’m somewhat disappointed, i expected more anime magical girls from this

  44. Stefanos Georgiou

    just whatched the anime . lol super wired, but so good!

  45. Love the Kongo – good call jingles

  46. Fish… meet mr barrel. 

  47. In all of Jingles’ videos. Every time he says “of armor”, the auto captions
    display “Obama” hahaha xD. That accent.

  48. U lied to me i thought you were talking a bought the Haruna from arppeligo
    of blue steel 

  49. Pulemana Phanthadeth

    Japanese Super-BattleShip

  50. Pulemana Phanthadeth

    Jingles u should try out the Yamato

  51. Give that rammer a medal

  52. Can’t wait to get the Kongo class battleship – the Kirishima was the first
    model I built as a kid back in the 1970’s. Glad to hear it’s well
    represented in the game!

  53. Gonna need a video about Cleveland from you, Jingles. Cleve’s a wonderful
    ship. Between Cleve and Fuso I don’t know which tier 6 I enjoy more. Fuso
    is like the KV-2 in WoWS. Tier 6, a bit soft, massive firepower but very
    derpy firepower.


  55. Arpeggio > Kancolle

  56. Jingles its not that your missing, the desync is whats causing the misses
    where you can see the ship visually at those ranges its actual position is
    in front of what you can see. This is noticeable from 15km< trust me it hurts more when you don't compensate it with a Nagato :s

  57. Tyler Hunt-Smith

    Did a plane land on you around the 15 minute mark?

  58. WoWS needs a Kantai Collection April Fools.

  59. Is it possible to run out of ammo in this game?

  60. Actually, since the battleship is far bigger than a barge, I think that the
    Bigger/Smaller rule would also apply.

  61. Still remember one glorious game where I sunk an enemy kongo my st louis XD

  62. I love how the brits thought that naming a warship “inflexible” were a good
    idea… xD

  63. Ok so,The name of the game is to ram now? i swear if they make that a

  64. i can’t wait to see the Iowa class battleships and the bismarck…probably
    be the only reason for to play

  65. Love your reviews. Very entertaining. Cant wait for this game to be

  66. Was wondering why there was some fucking retarded voice talking in the
    background all the way through this video, then realised I left TS3 open.
    Makes sense now.

  67. Hi Jingles, my great grandfather was the pilot who took Kongou out of the
    dock in Barrow and handed her over to the Imperial Japanese Navy offshore.

  68. cricketer french

    Dear Jingles

    The two British Battle Cruiser squadrons were deployed independently of the
    main battle line at the Battle of Jutland, though as you know they had
    attached the 5th Battle Squadron of fast battleships. They were not
    directly under Jellico’s command, but rather that of Beatty. The losses
    suffered were inflicted by German battle cruisers not battle ship. But you
    knew all of that right?

  69. I do like Jingles’ videos, but his interest in anime and those little girls
    are a bit off putting. He is, what, 50 years old? Still, great vids and
    history knowledge. )

  70. I hate rammers, they can’t play properly and fair, so they ram.

  71. Jeroen van der Zant

    LOLz, Good one Jingles.

    Took me back to my youth in the eighties! Yes, still feel young 🙂
    But I was there when Stock, Aitken & Waterman songs ruled the POPcharts.

  72. I must be the worst alpha test player. I have a hard time playing every
    ship. On a side note I really like the Erie.

  73. Hello Admiral Jingles.

    I wanna know what you are using that allows you to see 5 planes for each
    squad, I can only see 1 and that is making me Little sad. :’o

  74. maybe the other battleship was a War Thunder player since he wanted to ram
    you so badly :P

  75. jighffv

  76. can you do alive stream or something were u choose different people ho ask
    for different ships like carriers…….. never mind

  77. how do you spell the the shows name that you menchen in the beging

  78. Parent are wondering why I was in the bathroom for 40+ minutes. My answer
    Jingles fault. Some people use their phones when nature call I watch
    youtube video’s

  79. well now i have something to watch tonight and some anime after

  80. Nagato (nah-gah-toh)

  81. Great video again. Thank’s

  82. beta me would love to fight by your side in a Kongo

  83. I can haz beta key?

  84. Im really excited to play World of Warships.

  85. damn it jingles i want a best kind of butt sex compilation now thats a
    challenge for you ;)

  86. So Jingles actually watches KanColle. Hillarious XD

  87. beta pls :)

  88. KantaiColle might be the silliest concept since Strike Witches, but it is
    fun to watch. Good recommendation Jingles.

  89. Most entertaining and informative World of Warships video I’ve seen yet.
    Good work.

  90. How Did He Say It With A Straight Face LOL

  91. When can we play world of warship

  92. Jingles what is full release date if you know mate as i have no key lmao

  93. why do you ever bring a video out about a ship that i selled just a second
    ago! :D

  94. MarkusteeSteadfast

    “The Might[y] Has right”

  95. I realy hope the open beta will be released soon! I would love to play
    World of Warships, but sadly didn’t get a key =(

  96. Ive seen bismarck but its weird as fuck the idea

  97. Ahoy, Admiral Jingles

  98. I think that Kongou thought he was going to die anyways and decided to
    kamikaze to try and take out one of the enemy battleships so they couldn’t
    do anymore damage. Its still a dick move in my opinion.

  99. What is the ALT control for secondary btry tgt ? Was told there was not
    one yet

  100. Kongo is FAR from my favorite in the IJN fleet (or Kancolle for that
    matter), but she did contribute a lot to the Pacific campaign despite being
    one of the oldest ships still in service during the war.

    But damn it Kancolle Kongo is ANNOYING to no end. Even moreso than
    stripperific Shimakaze…

  101. Mathew Hoseinzadeh

    that enemy sail across the bloody map just to ram a youtuber

  102. another good 45 mins all i need now is to be able to play world of warship

  103. *Scouting the comments section looking for any reference for Arpeggio of
    Blue Steel’s Kongo instead of Kancolle’s Kongo*
    I am severely disappointed in all of you…

  104. god damn it jingles! i trusted you! :P

  105. please tell us what is the frackin date of this thign i am not being mean i
    really just want to know when this comes out

  106. is there like a secret way to get a beta key? Anything i can do to play?

  107. Here’s a link to a documentary discussing the loss of the British
    battlecruisers at Jutland.

    Sending divers down to the wrecks, they confirmed that extra shells and
    powder bags had been stockpiled in the turrets – in clear violation of
    safety procedures – and the flash doors to the magazines left open –
    because of a prevailing attitude in the Royal Navy at that time which
    “pushed” commanders into achieving the highest possible rates of fire from
    their ships.

    The documentary went on to state that Jellicoe and Beatty knew of this
    practice, and essentially “buried” the after-action report that looked into
    the loss of these ships – and blamed this practice as being one of the
    reasons for their loss – because they ultimately, as the fleet commanders,
    could have been held responsible for allowing this practice to occur.

  108. Umm…. am I the only one that saw a Blimp 6:30 ? And then it turned

    Secret Japanese Blimp Technology Confirmed.

  109. Macedonia !

  110. the pronouncing of the nagato is right how you call it. Love how you tell
    us about the history of the Ships / Tanks / whatsover, shows you really are
    into it and btw, nice kirishima figure ;)

  111. say jingle since you are a guy who like anime , how do you like jojo ? :D

  112. Best World of Warships Replays

    10000 GOLD TO WIN MY CHANEL!!!!!
    2500 Gold for 2nd
    500 Gold for 3th

  113. I can’t wait until the release of this game, watched the whole video. You
    source a lot of information regarding the ships, nice work Jingles…like
    always :)

  114. love the videos jingles keep up the good work

  115. pls, i hope im not to late

  116. I died at the title of the this title and description =w=

  117. Haukur Aðalsteinsson


  118. Hook Me up Uncle

  119. Nice vid again!

  120. I had a dream about you Jingles, i dreamed the we met and player tanks
    together with Highflyer15, does that sound wired ? c:

  121. Spoiler alert!

    Link is a April Fools Joke.

  122. Has 24 hours passed already? Yes? Okay.jpg

  123. @ Jingles:
    Nice video, as usual. Thanks.
    I noticed that none of the “let’s play”-ers I’m subscribed to, who play
    World Of Warships, has featured any carrier gameplay yet. If my memory
    doesn’t deceive me, you mentioned playing carriers once in one of your
    Alpha gameplay videos.
    It would be interesting to see you play a carrier, since it has to be quite
    different from playing any of the other kinds of ship in the game.

  124. I think the version of Kongo as seen in Arpeggio of blue steel is awesome.
    good anime too.

  125. Might have to take a look at Kantai Collection now for the lulz. Love how
    the Kongo looks here, looking forward to getting one when I do get to play
    WoWS whenever that is.

  126. i was laughing at “screw you horatio nelson” and wondered how michael
    wittmann, heinz guderian, patton etc would feel if they knew that their
    (often misspelled) names lived on through all of the dumbest, most arrogant
    players in an online videogame about tanks. 

  127. I aquired Nagato, it was amazing. Got it during Alpha though.

  128. TheNecromancer6666

    Great Video as usual Admiral Jingles Sir.
    I request more World of Warships Content Sir.

  129. Probably a fake Jingles lol

  130. just fire the guns individually at long range instead of volleys

  131. So you’re finally in to Kantai Collection:KanColle! :D

  132. Rutgert van den Noort

    Really like the history behind the kongou Jingles

  133. Kancolle, I approve 

  134. Ramming damage is absolutely ridiculous in WoWs – if a battleship so much
    as taps an enemy ship then it will destroy it (and if that enemy ship is
    another battleship then it’ll destroy both of them :P)

  135. Any Kancolle player would understand just how awesome and well loved the
    Kitakami class torpedo cruiser is, and yet there is not a single WoWS video
    on youtube that does our wonderful KTKM-sama justice!

    Jingles! As a fellow Kancolle player! Please correct this great
    injustice! You are our only hope!!!

  136. Do a Mancave video with that Kirishima, Jingles!

  137. I’ll will you a win

  138. Thanks for the review.

  139. I hate media whores!! he sold out his entire team just to get a ram.. what
    an idiot!

  140. I’m finding this game doesn’t make very entertaining videos. Mostly because
    vehicle stats are about as dry as 100 yr old paint, n about as interesting.

  141. ooohh the Kongo looks like fun

  142. Blind Ol' Tommy McGee

    Really good battle Jingles! It’s funny how many rookies were in this game,
    like you said the real way to play this game is knowing what the other
    ships can and can’t do and use your advantage agains’t them. I like your
    long range salvos! 

  143. I wish I could play this game :(

  144. 55 min. long vid. good thing you edited the gameplay footage, its just only
    45 min now…
    oh come on Jingles, thats why we are here for the longer vids!

  145. You should ram more ships.

  146. ConstantGamer | CGNetwork!

    Can’t wait for this game! Wargaming hurry up! 

  147. +The Mighty Jingles Do you find it as annoying as I do that they do not use
    “inches” to designate the size of the main armament and instead use “mm”? 

  148. Was that really the Ghost of Admiral Nelson? 

  149. You Evil Gnome!…

  150. Comhghall Geraghty

    Why do battleships look like someone is playing a giant game of Jenga in
    the middle of the deck!

  151. Leipzig with the ei pronounced like “I” in “I am” not Liepzig

  152. MrTankRoar Rommel

    This is a beautiful looking boat for sure, also the Japs make some pretty
    weird/messed up stuff

  153. yeeey more beta keys :D

  154. nice link video 

  155. Wargame Exizider

    Test the new event. I think it’s called STA-1 alpha test. It’s a KV-2 T-26
    and T60 welded together on a MECH hull. GO HOME War Thunder. You’re drunk

  156. Cpt_Oblivious_36 -ANVlL-

    Oh Jingles, your in closed Beta, winning, tactics, they mean Nothing!…
    setting up an epic ram on Jingles himself… now THATS Epic Beta Testing

  157. I personally am hanging out for the Yamato class battleship … fond
    memories of Star Blazers and Space ship Yamato with its huge main gun. 

  158. I have a qustion: Could I make Videos of the game too I have a key but i
    don’t know if I am allowed to make videos, have I too ask war gaming or am
    I allowed too?

  159. go kongo

  160. Hey Jingles, where do you buy all your statues from? I like the Kirishima
    one :D

  161. Don’t click the link. It’s a lie! D:

  162. My three favorite battleships are the Kongo, the Yamato, and the Bismarck.
    Anime? PFFT! I read and watch history. Battleships were the pride and soul
    of nations – as long as their battleships floated, so could the belief that
    they could never be defeated. It’s partially why the Yamato was sent in a
    suicide mission against the entire US fleet, and still lasted five hours.
    It took eleven torpedoes and six bombs to finally bring down the tough old

  163. Surprise Kongo sounds like the start of a meme to me…

  164. some real good hits against the nagato there, good shooting jingles!

  165. Nice video as normal jingles I’m really looking forward to getting into
    this game when I get the chance.

    I can’t believe some of the awful play from other players there. Like you
    say clearly wot fools with blinkers on driving into everyone at the start
    of the game.

    Wish that I was lucky enough to get a key to replace these lot with decent
    gamers, I do play wot tho but also arma and wargame. Still looking forward
    to this so much that you were the only April fool I fell for. Good work
    good sir 

  166. as in the like buttton

  167. you pronounce hiei like thishi-e~~~~~~~

  168. decoy twofivesix

    By your best guess…when will rest of us scrubs get to play warships?
    As when do you think jingels warships will go live?

  169. Sacharissa Himawari

    Jingles can you do a NC-31 review? I recently bought that tank and been
    having fun with it, got 10 kills on this thing (the maximum kills across
    all games on this account). Couldn’t wait for your in-depth analysis on
    this tank. 

  170. Any chance we will get to see the New York class soon? Or as I will always
    call it, the USS Texas. I am lucky enough to live here in Houston, Texas
    and have visited many times! I am really hoping WG give us a special skin
    or premium just so we can have it!

  171. Damnit jingles hurry up and get the camaro already

  172. dear jingles,. come on are in love with the guys who are always complaining
    about the team :D

  173. Richard McCarthy

    nice one jingles

  174. jingles, i’ve been up all night playing world of tanks and watching some
    YouTube. and to keep everything simple you need to have a RAMMING contest
    that we can send in our replays:D YouTube really lacks videos of proper ram
    kills 😛 would be something nice to have along with the herp-derp videos 

  175. Japanese pronunciation isn’t difficult once you know how it works. There
    are 5 vowel sounds pronounced as follow, a = ah as in the a in arse, i = ee
    as in the first i in idiot, u = oo as in the oo in soon, e = eh as in the e
    in smeg, o = oh as you pronounce the o in orange. then just slap those
    sounds behind the consonants and away you go. :D

  176. It would have been perfect if Jingles had used a sound bite from “Ben-Hur”

  177. If it’s any interest to you, Jingles, Nao Toyama (one of the Voice
    Actresses for Kancolle) did a twenty minute long audio story solo, where
    eight of her characters (Kongou, Kirishima, Hiei, Haruna, Atago, Maya,
    Takao and Choukai) interacted with each other. It’s hilarious.

  178. Absolutely beautiful with the April fools jingles, but jokes on you! I
    actually won a key today in a livestream!

  179. Hey everyone I’ve looked through the comments and I havent seen anyone ask
    this sooooo do we have any idea how long it’ll be till it goes into open

  180. Cannot wait for open beta.

  181. Sparkleshy Starswirl

    Don’t complain about tanks players derping it up in warship matches and
    then give out beta keys to your fans who are mostly tanks players.

  182. Can’t wait for the game to come out way to go jingles.


  184. So there’s no way to make a King Kongo joke if we refer to ships as female
    is there? Say, why do they refer to ships as female anyway? (Also, send me
    one of them beta keys! Eh?) :)

  185. UltimateCraftStudios

    Nice video again Jingles

  186. I appreciate Jingle’s effort to say the correct naval terminology for every
    naval thing in the game. Likr Joining the T.

  187. jingles do you have any more codes? id truly love to play this and i cant
    beleive you got me!

  188. 2:54 je je je what? i heard falklands?

  189. Hay jingles wot is get tire 11 tanks now the T-90 and m1 Abrams and leopard
    1a5 and the challenger 2 modern tanks and they said This is not a joke

  190. Jingles you tricked me, tempting in an innocent anime fan with a Kantai
    Collection image and then not giving really any Kantai collection content,
    Unforgivable! Off to the salt mines with you. (sobs) lolz

  191. Nice video Jingles…I really should break down & go after the Kongo
    sometime, but I’m having too much fun in my Omaha right now.

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