World of Warships – Konigsberg Replay – Tier 5 Terror

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This replay shows off how dangerous the Konigsberg can be.

And one more thing, once again I get the name of this map confused… Solomon Islands, not Straight… For shame.

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— System Specs —
– Intel Core i5 3570
– 8 gigs RAM
– Geforce GTX 770 2GB
– Windows 8.1
– Logitch G502 Proteus Core
– Razer Chroma 7.1 Headset
– Fanatec CSR Wheel & CSR Pedals
– Madcatz FLY5 Joystick


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  1. BTW Predator458, How you liking the T-62 Veteran? I am LOVING mine!

    I used free EXP to unlock almost everything, I wanted both retrofit slots
    immediately. And I put the advanced thermal sleeve mod, and the Chrome
    lined barrel mod – played 3 matches died once and racked up something like
    9 kills!

    Sure it doesn’t give premium credits, but it is such a great tier 3 MBT –
    like the T62 regular is, that I am MORE than happy to get a free prettier
    version! NTM I have earned 145k profit one game, 120k another and 85k in
    the one game I managed to die.

    Also, I dunno if it is just me, but the with the latest patch, they SEEM TO
    have REALLY lowered the control input lag!

    I know I am NOT the only person to notice how there used to be a rather
    tangibly large gap in time between when you pressed any control button to
    when your vehicle responded to said control input.

    And what REALLY tipped me off as to why I REALLY FEEL like they have all
    but REMOVED any control input lag, was that I played maybe 12 games on the
    11th when the T62 Veteran became available.

    In the past with Armored Warfare, there were MANY times where I had pulled
    the trigger on an enemy before their shell had hit me in situations where
    that one shot did kill me, and EVERY SINGLE TIME that happened, I had
    pulled the trigger a good 50ms AT LEAST before the shell that ended my life
    hit. Also, I was starting to HATE playing my Zhalo-S, as this input lag
    made sniping moving targets IMPOSSIBLE, hell I was getting tired of the
    game altogether due to this, as dogfighting in any tank, but especially my
    MBT-70 was just ANNOYING AS HELL! I would have the target dead center, not
    a single millimeter outside of my reticle, only to have the shell fly a
    MILE behind where I was aiming every time!

    Anyway, I played about 12 or so games when that mini patch was released,
    and I TWO of those games, I had one of those boxing cliche endings! I had
    fired my gun at a target just moments after them, and their she’ll hit me,
    I died – THEN my shell hit them and killed the enemy as well! This sort of
    thing happens in WOT all the time, because the controls are IMMEDIATE! But
    for me at least, that was new for AW!

    Then, I had played 3 games in a row in my Zhalo-S after thinking “If the
    control input lag is low enough that my gun can actually fire out a shell
    within 3ms of my own death, perhaps I will FINALLY BE able to use my
    Zhalo-S like I used to in early access!”

    Well, the results confirmed my hunch! I was NAILING Foxes and Sheridans
    moving FULL SPEED! Of course once I got the lead correct! Which is another
    thing that is AWESOME about the Zhalo-S, it’s shell velocity is 1500
    meters/second – which is 300 meters/second faster than almost EVERY other
    AP type round in the game! Really I have yet to see any other gun/ammo that
    is faster than 1200 meters per second.

    Anyway, I finished TOP of my team in damage and reputation in one win and
    one loss, and for the loss, I actually did more damage than anyone on the
    winning team as well!

    1- 3200 damage 4 kills, survival victory, 2- 2300 damage 2 kills, died,
    victory. 3- 2900 damage 3 kills, survived, lost.

    That second kill in that second match was one of those moments I was
    talking about! A Sheridan on 240 HP popped up over a ridge, fired RIGHT
    before I pulled the trigger, and due to the very low shell velocity of the
    Sheridan, we died literally within a few MICROSECONDS of each other!

    So AW is STILL improving!And even though my lag is still higher than it
    should be, they all but fixed the packet loss, so now I get 92 to 112ms
    lag, instead of 97 to 400! The 400ms jumps were due to packet loss, and it
    has yet to happen since the mini-patch!

  2. To be fair, they DO have significantly less chance for fire, but for damned
    good reason!

    They fire so quickly that they put enough shells down range that fire is
    VERY likely!

    Kinda like comparing the Gearing to the Khabarovsk. The Khabarovsk has a 3%
    better chance of fire, BUT even despite its having 2 more guns – the total
    combined round per minute with base stats is just 104 on the Khabarovsk
    where it is 120 for the Gearing!

    If both ships were given a chance to just unload – somehow identically,
    like they are both shooting the exact same model of ship in the exact same
    areas from the exact same distance with the exact same hit % from all
    shells fired.

    If such a setup were even possible, I would be willing to bet my left nut
    that the Gearing would cause either equal or at most just 1 or 2 less fires
    total. Despite the 8% fire chance that the 130mm guns on the Khabarovsk
    have versus the 5% on the Gearing. Which is why Demolition expert will be a
    priority RIGHT after I get advanced firing training and Concealment

  3. These mid-tier German Cruisers CAN be real nightmares to deal with! But
    usually only when the captain has advanced firing training, as the ships
    don’t have very good concealment, or armor. But they DO have quite long
    range guns! And as they are 150mm advanced firing training REALLY stacks
    well, as this ship has, what, 15.6km fully upgraded?

    Before these ships NOTHING could touch the range of the Murmansk, but now?
    While still great, the range of the Murmansk doesn’t feel NEARLY as special
    as it used to!

    Also, Notser showed that these cruisers REALLY benefit from firing AP
    almost exclusively! Even against higher tier BBs Notser was able to land
    salvos of 2k to 8k with AP!

    He didn’t even get a SINGLE citadel, but racked up something like over
    100th damage with ease!

  4. I really hate playin’ WoWS, where there’re German cruisers on enemy team,
    because of their range 😉
    And usually they are the first ships which I shoot at with my BB 😉
    Btw, the replay was on Solomon Islands not Strait ;-)

  5. Solid match! 300 hits on the nose 😛

    I think my highest number of hits was around 250’ish. Pretty sweet. Also
    praise the AP patch fix o/

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