World of Warships – KotS FINALS VII – RAIN vs OMNI game 2

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Here is the 2nd and probably one of the best games to watch from KotS VII finals.
You can check the rest of KotS VII FINALS games on my twitch channel
Enjoy and have watching 😉


  1. First view, like, and comment. 🙂

  2. skeletaur skull night

    14min and 0 add compared to 10:02 min and 6 add and a good gameplay love you flambass

  3. Lol, I’m from Holland and kots in Dutch means vommit. Still like the video??

  4. 4:35 Consider the location and direction of the planes are going, most of those torps got very lucky to slip by right after the planes passed the area.

  5. Simon Leichtmetall

    It was 3 vs 2 fighters. There are 4

  6. Who won the tournament?

  7. Максим Шишлов

    Ok, Harugumo totally in balance…

  8. I love to see these kind of videos flambass

  9. this is very entertaining, thanks flambass and the other guy

  10. @Flambass.. you should drop a lawsuit on youtube for fukn with your videos. They keep kicking them downto 480p..try to play at 1080 they freeze. But Dem Vote video plays perfect at 4000k!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Harugumo, the T54 ltwt of WoWs.

    Great play by those two, but they really should nerf or limit the Harugumo in tournament play.

  12. I want omni to win

  13. Harugumos really need a nerf imho. They are just too much. When Khaba had imba torps they took them away from her aswell, and now she is kind of okish, but Harugumo is just ridiculous as she is now. having only one launcher does not hamper her at all with torpedoes, because of dat reload booster. Shima is by far outclassed by the Harugumo, since she is not even near at being the package the Harugumo is right now.

  14. Where is T33kanne? o.O

  15. How stupid piling three capital ships in one smoke. Big fail. Plus, no spotting by air for torps. Wow. A complete bust.

  16. first game rain had 9k more now omni has 52k lets see how that plays out

  17. Love the vids but really only need one person talking at one time. Two guys talking on top of each other gets hard to listen to at times

  18. Cant WG make a spectate mode so they dont have to ram?

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