World of Warships – KotS VII FINALS – RAIN vs OMNI game 1

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Here is the 1st match in VII FINALS between RAIN and OMNI
You can check out the whole show on my twitch.
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. More of these please!

  2. what happened to Omni? I mean they are still good but has the king been poisoned and is dying a slow death?

    • +Yebane Brod

      Some of then were and the clan bosses decided that that’s what lost then clan war season 2 but as we all know by now they fucked up in season 3 aswell.

    • +AnEvilJoke that’s just what flambass once said when someone confused him with flamu 😉 He told them that flamu is his son and was trolling them back. 😀

    • You all know that OMNI actually won this kots and flambass is just selectively posting a game that they lost for salt reasons?


      Do I look like someone who cares if a bunch of purple virgins won something that actually does not matter?

    • AnEvilJoke, purple virgins, lmao!!! Love it. ???

  3. They really should rename that tournament into King of the Camp… Like watching a Tier X random… *B O R I N G*

    • +GamingGecko

      So now, that you’re out of “arguments” you have to fall back to insults? Very leftist of you, little NPC.

    • How can you “critique” if you don’t even have content better or equal to Flambass?

    • +Savage

      …one critiques the things one likes to make them even better. What one does not like, one does not watch.

      Simple, eh?

    • +AnEvilJoke look mate I’m done this thread is too stupid you can think what you want I won’t be replying anymore. btw even if I was to the left of center why does it matter? don’t answer that just think about it.

    • +GamingGecko

      And yet, I still can trigger responses out of you. You do realise that I trolled you from the start, don’t you?
      Well, not complitly but from the moment I saw that you can’t grasp the fine nuances of the english language…
      And well…that you try to white knight here because someone said something “bad”…

      Good day to you, sweetheart

  4. Please post more of these I never am around for the streams!

  5. Why not to post every game?
    Maybe on separate channel?

  6. And you guys wonder why players stay at the map border all day long in random i mean hey they see it from the pros
    The OMNI vs OM match was a prime example took them both a while to realise that they are not in random matches and actually have to get their own members to cap something 😀

  7. wow such passive play all most fell asleep after 10 mins

  8. Rain ❤️

  9. The last thing I remember was farra getting shot at. Yeah I probably dozed off for the rest of the match. Seriously, its fun playing with the strategy and teamwork but hella boring to watch. Not your fault though, Flamby.

  10. アドミラルヒッパー

    Living in the history XD

  11. idk why but i want OMNI to win lol

  12. Why no one uses Des Moines in competitive battles?

    • skeletaur skull night

      No tank (-than moskva or stalin)

    • Fragility – a DM can (and will) eat cits from any T10 BB at any angle or range, dependent entirely on RNG.

      There’s a good example in one of this season’s KotS matches (the final one, IIRC, which may or may not make it to a YT vid from Flambass or Flamu), where one team’s DM gets blapped within ~2 minutes of starting the match. It was spotted for only a few seconds between islands, and a Monty from ~20km away just got fantastically lucky.

  13. Lol is same skill of noobs on randoms. No tact at all. No study of real tacts of naval war.

  14. Hashidate perma camo 😉

  15. The Worcester shooting Farah missed like 10 salvos. Must’ve been not paying attention using the free look

  16. It must be great be be focused by a Worcester, a Harugumo and a Minotaur…

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