World of Warships – KotS VIII Best of Qualifiers

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Here are few from KotS VIII which stand out in how good/bad/weird they were.
KotS VIII resumes next week and it will be done in the week after that.
It’s the WoWS biggest so check it out my on twitch if you haven’t already.
ENjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. Here we go may the best team win Good Luck

  2. Kenny broothaerts

    were i live Kots means barf lol

  3. Did that Grozovoi not have last stand? Was his rudder broken?? So weird.

    • I have LS, but both engine and rudder got broken by that salvo and I already started the turn. I think it would have made the turn if the rudder wasn’t broken or maybe im just retarded?

    • KuroPyonyo ya, quite the pickle indeed. We’re all a little retarted when we play this game lol. GG.

  4. Flambass ma friend

  5. why do you use the hashidate it would be faster to use the Orlan as it is much faster.

  6. MajesticDemonLord

    When are we going to see a Flamu/Flambss dual casting on the KotS tournaments?

  7. 7jahrekastrupbrauxl

    IMPORTANT ADVISE: love you flambass for sure, but keep in mind to let your buddy also finish his sentences and thoughts, either you do man show or not, if not dont always cut Rogue short and give him some space too, you are not SPECIAL!!! or? 😉 That way it would be more interesting and Rogue has a “pleasant” voice, so you two would have a good combo. Think about it. Anyways keep it up Flambass. Love ya man bye

    • kinda agree but to be fair i think its first time commenting for Roguemonkey ? maybe he was a little shy too. Of course Flambass loves to talk 😉

    • this is not easy, when you are familiar with doing a one-man-show 😉 but you are right

  8. 30:45 Commit Sudoku??? ?

  9. you pronounced codekidd wrong and now I must destroy you

  10. Nice vid. Little unpolished, but I liked it and it was fun. That last battle, great reactions from both of you. See ya next vid.

  11. That UFR Paraz game was pretty epic

  12. I love your commentary Flambass. However, you dominated the commentary. Watched the whole thing and loved it and this is my one critique of your performance. o7

  13. Aw, if it isn’t my boy playing or talking about himself I kinda don’t care. =(
    No hate. Just love for my boy.

  14. No Sudoku here (SHEN), just finishing quicker to take a break 😀

  15. Wow hindy is back in competitive

  16. Is OMNI in this? I’ve found TWA under a different name and I can see Rain in the KotS discord so I assume they’re under a different name too but the only (ex) OMNI player I’ve found was Strangers and he’s with a new clan

  17. Flambass & Roguemonkey is by far the best caster duo, had a blast watching this on stream!


    Funny how this are the teams with French bbs or dds that won the most ?

  19. That last fight couldn’t stop giggling with you was wtf lol.

  20. Is Creed, your clan going to be taking part?

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